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Tuesday, November 29, 2022


At the end of the day, we ALL deserve to be loved! However, it’s not something that everyone is guaranteed to find. As we all know, dating can be tricky, frustrating and often times filled with too many games. Dating the opposite, or even the same sex can be very difficult. Especially in todays society of social media, with there being so much access to different options — both locally and far away. So imagine all of that, now throw a bisexual man into the mix. Bitch, it just got way more the fuckcomplicated. Dating comes at it’s own risk. But dating a bisexual man is a different type of risk (and that is by no means to try and single out my bisexual brothers in the community). But if we’re being honest, their baggage can take up a bit more space. Here are six things you should know about a bisexual man before you decide to fuck or date him.


Now, I’m not insinuating that every relationship deals with infidelity, but we’d be naive to think that the temptation of cheating isn’t present in relationships. There are so many gay men, pretty much in every state now — where you don’t have to travel too far to get your dick wet or ass creamed, by some random stranger that you met at a bar, the gym or on an app. Now imagine dating a bisexual man, who has the (taste for), best of both worlds. You mean to tell me that not only do I have to be aware that he can step out with another man, but with women as well?! Oh hell no! It takes a very confident and trusting individual to be able to date a bisexual man. Whether it’s a physical or emotional connection, the chances of your bisexual man encountering that has literally doubled.


There’s no guarantee your bisexual man will be interested in housewives or drag race. Maybe he doesn’t care to frequent the gay bars either. That doesn’t mean he’s chugging beer, beating his chest and has the TV permanently fixed on ESPN — but his interest more than likely will be different from yours. Not completely opposite, but bisexual men tend to have a more eclectic type of personal interests. Your individual interests socially may lead to you spending more time apart, to nurture your own needs.


Don’t assume that just because he fucks some pussy from time to time, that he’s looking to ravage your asshole. Yeah, that works in scripted television shows but from my personal experience - bisexual men and down-low men (aka trade) are the first ones throwing their legs up. In the air and spreading their ass cheeks, in anticipation of being anally pleasured. And there’s noting wrong with that! But often times, what they won’t get from one place, they seek in another. So clear communication is probably the best way to navigate this. Sure, it can be uncomfortable to ask upfront what you are seeking sexually — the dreaded “are you Top, Vers or Bottom?”, question. But bitch, somebody has to ask. Especially when it comes to dealing with a bisexual man. Ya’ just never know.


Whether it’s from your friends or family (or theirs), dating a bisexual man can come with a lot of unsolicited opinions and judgment. Whether they think he’s not the right guy for you based off of a preconceived notion or maybe they think you can’t handle the lifestyle or maybe both of you are wasting your time — you have to be cognizant enough to know that you may (and most likely will) encounter this. You may even receive random shade and steers in public. But if you know this is what you want, then to hell with what anyone has to think. While a bisexual man may technically have the best of both worlds, he also has the judgment from both parties as well. And you’re simply looped into that as well.


Staying dedicated to a relationship or situation can be difficult for anyone. But as a gay man, you know you are solely seeking to be committed to another man. Be it short or long term, you know what the situation is. But straight men typically have problems with commitment (trust me, I’ve spent many a nights lending my shoulder to crying girlfriends of mine). That can be a trait that is embedded in bisexual men as well. Simply because they may have so many options and there’s no need for an immediate commitment on their end. Or, they can role play essentially. They can be one character in this relationship and then another in that relationship — and the two worlds would never collide.


Now, I’m not being cynical about love with a bisexual man. But it is a unique situation to find yourself in. The one sure thing that you know you’re getting when you date another gay male is that there’s an unspoken commitment to only dealing with men. But when dating a bisexual man, it can be a bit more peculiar. They can be into men one season, then the next have a sudden change. Maybe they’re only into women now. Maybe they’re undecided. And to be honest, they are allowed that right. But I think if you enter into a situation with a bisexual man, you are taking that gamble. You have to know there’s a chance that your bisexual partner may desire something different, at any given moment and time. And you don’t want to deprive them of their right, to find what they consider their true happiness.

So in conclusion, dating or fucking a bisexual man can come with a handful of issues. It may not be what you have expected, but if you’re willing to deal with any and everything that may come your way — then you may be suitable for that type of a scenario. But if this is your first time at the rodeo, there’s a lot to learn chyle. You have to be mature enough to know that things may change at the drop of a dime. There are things to consider. If you feel you’re not emotionally equipped to date a bisexual man, chyle just fuck him and keep it as a one-and-done, brunch story to tell your friends. 


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  1. Its not easy but fun on the otger hand if i can put it that way, theres no attachments of sort unkess one is a jealous type an wants to have one plate to themselves, what concerns me is exposer as to being seen in public by the other partners friend without realising that they are friends with Mr or Miss or Mrs B as people travel to different places and theres no privacy at all.I did try to date and was discovered by the otger partner and she liked oh no loved me so much cause I was dressing her without her knowledge as I would do shopping for the husband for her clothes. A request from was she needs R20000 for me to be with her husband cause she would know that the husband is safe with me, the husband refused.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚