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Friday, November 25, 2022


The retail giant will carry the only condoms approved by the FDA specifically for anal sex.

ONE, a condom and lubricant company, is distributing the first and only condoms approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in anal sex. After the approval, ONE partnered with Walmart on new packaging to highlight the FDA clearance.

Walmart stores in the U.S. will exclusively carry the ONE Backdoor pack, a condom kit that is a “butt stuff approved” sampler of the different styles available from ONE.

The pack will feature products like the ONE Vanish, which is 25 percent thinner than the standard ONE condom and is coated with the ONE Move lube, according to the company. The ONE Super Sensitive line — thin, smooth condoms with 50 percent more lubricant — will also be included in the kit. 

The Backdoor Pack's Vanish and Sensitive condoms come in standard sizes. Additionally, MyONE Custom Fit, a separate condom style, features 52 sizes and one of those sizes will be included in the Backdoor Pack. For the pack, the company chose a size chosen based on popular purchasing habits and is slightly shorter and wider than a regular condom. The included FitKit measuring tool will also help buyers find their perfect cut.

Walmart will also carry 12-count packs of ONE Vanish and ONE Super Sensitive condoms, both with packaging that highlights “FDA cleared for anal use.”

The popular ONE Move silicone lube and the Oasis Silk lubricating lotion are also available in Walmart stores.


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