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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Saturday, October 31, 2009


Michael Jackson's Thriller is a 14-minute feature-length movie and a music video for the song of the same name released on December 2, 1983 and directed by John Landis, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jackson. It was the most expensive video of its time, costing US$500,000[1], and Guinness World Records listed it in 2006 as the "most successful music video", selling over 9 million units.[2]

Often referred to as the greatest music video ever,[3] Thriller proved to have a profound effect on popular culture,[4][5] and was named "a watershed moment for the [music] industry"[6] for its unprecedented merging of filmmaking and music.

BACKGROUND: "Thriller" was the first Michael Jackson music video to feature the logos for Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Epic Records Productions at the beginning. It was less a conventional music video and more a full-fledged short subject or mini-film: a horror film homage featuring choreographed zombies performing with Jackson. The music was re-edited to match the video, with the verses being sung one after the other followed by the ending rap from Vincent Price, then the main dance sequence (filmed at 3701 Union Pacific Avenue in East Los Angeles[7]) to an instrumental loop, and a climactic dance segment with Jackson singing the choruses. During the video, Jackson transforms into both a werecat and a zombie; familiar territory for Landis, who had directed An American Werewolf in London two years earlier. The video was also a crossover because MTV at the time did not regularly air black musicians. Jackson became one of the first African American musicians to prominently feature on the station.

Co-starring with Jackson was former Playboy centerfold Ola Ray. The video was choreographed by Michael Peters (who had worked with the singer on his prior hit "Beat It"), with Michael Jackson. The video also contains incidental music by film music composer Elmer Bernstein, who had previously also worked with Landis on An American Werewolf in London. The video (like the song) contains a spoken word performance by horror film veteran Vincent Price. Rick Baker assisted in prosthetics and makeup for the production. The red jacket that Jackson wore was designed by John Landis' wife Deborah Landis to make him appear more "virile".[8]
Jackson, who at the time was a Jehovah's Witness, added a disclaimer to the start of the video, saying:

Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult.

To qualify for an Academy Award, "Thriller" debuted at a special theatrical screening, along with the 1940 animated motion picture Fantasia.

PLOT: It is the late 1950s. A teenaged Michael and his unnamed date (Ola Ray) run out of gas in a dark, wooded area. They walk off into the forest, and Michael asks her if she would like to go steady. She accepts and he gives her a ring. He warns her, however, that he is "different". A full moon appears, and Michael begins convulsing in agony – transforming into a horrifying werewolf. His date shrieks and runs away, but the werewolf catches up, knocking her down and begins lunging at her with his claws.

The scene cuts away to a modern-day movie theater (exteriors filmed at the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles[9]), where Michael and his date – along with a repulsed audience – are actually watching this scene unfold in a movie called "Thriller" starring Vincent Price. Michael's date is scared, but he is clearly enjoying the horror flick (part of the dialogue of the unseen film contains Landis' signature line "See you next Wednesday" before the audience screams again). Frightened, his date leaves the theatre. Michael hands his popcorn to the stranger next to him, and catches up to her, smiling and saying "It's only a movie!" Some debate follows over whether or not she was scared by the scene; she denies it, but Michael disagrees.

Michael and his date then walk down a foggy street, and he teases her with the opening verses of "Thriller". They pass a graveyard, where corpses begin to rise from their graves as Vincent Price performs his rap. Michael and his date then find themselves surrounded by the zombies, and suddenly, Michael becomes a zombie himself. Michael and the undead perform an elaborate song and dance number together, followed by the chorus of "Thriller" (in which Michael is changed back into human form), frightening his girlfriend to the point where she runs for cover.

The girl is chased into an abandoned house (filmed in the Angeleno Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles at 1345 Carroll Avenue[10]), where Michael (who reverts back to zombie form) and his fellow zombies back her into a corner. As Michael slowly reaches for her throat, she lets out with a blood-curdling scream, only to awake and realize it was all a dream. As a human Michael calmly asks "What's the problem?", he offers to take her home. As the two depart, Michael glances back at the camera, grinning and reveals his yellow werewolf-like eyes (accompanied by Vincent Price's one last haunting laugh).

After the credits, when they concurrently show the zombies dancing again, the disclaimer humorously states, "Any similarity to actual events or persons living, dead (or undead) is purely coincidental." Landis' An American Werewolf in London likewise offered this disclaimer. After the warning the zombies dance back to the grave then another zombie comes into view and gives a horrifying grimace to the camera that freeze frames before blood runs down the screen and the screen turns to black.



Best Video Album
Making Michael Jackson's Thriller


100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made[11]
Best Overall Performance in a Video
Best Choreography (Michael Peters)
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Friday, October 30, 2009


I know a number of persons who are single OR in relationships, and they and can't seem to cement that personal connection they seek with another OR themselves. Some of them are totally ok with being single and others are depressed by it because they REALLY want to find a partner to share their life with. Thinking about this subject, a few questions come to mind: why is it SO difficult to find persons that make a conscious effort to celebrate being single? Does being single represents loneliness and being in a relationship doesn’t? No matter what answers you come up with, they leave many of us with VERY little room to recognize that if you are single OR partnered, either WON’T work if we don’t learn to LOVE, HONOR N’ CHERISH either situation. I find that many of us are plagued by our horrible views about either choice; and while those feelings are both are valid AND acceptable, I say we short-change ourselves by embracing such thoughts. So if you had your way, would you be single OR in a relationship? 

Thursday, October 29, 2009




Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Why do we fail to practice sex? Is it because we don't know we are @ risk? Is it because we forgot to buy a condom? Or is it because we don't know how to talk to their partner about safer sex? Are porn films encouraging us to put ourselves and our partners at risk?

From I knew about HIV and sex, the use of a condom was NEVER far from my mind; and HIV prevention workers have conveyed the message that condom use can be sexy and fun. But what is keeping us from exercising this tool in our sexual play time?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


How can I reach out and touch you?
How I can I hold you and tell you that it will be okay?
I want you to know that I will be there when you're in distress
ll be that place where you can find sweet rest.

When the world seems like its coming to an end.
ll be there holding your hand cause Im your friend.
When the world strives and all left is small meat
ll me there feeding you making sure you eat.

When the gods deny you happiness and love
ll I lead an army and wage war in the heavens above.
If they tear the earth and make the land hotter
ll be wetting your lips with cold water.

When the sands of time deny us our youth
ll lay besides my friend in my last black suit.
So never feel laden, carry that load to the end
ll be right besides you helping as your loving friend.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Everyday in LOVE is written long ago,
LOVE is our story,
We are characters in it,
We living our roles
Facing each with patience and courage
Preparing for a better tomorrow
For it is our shining sun
Everyday in LOVE is…YOU!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


"Lovin' You" is a 1975 hit single by Minnie Riperton. The song became a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 on April 5,1975, #2 in the UK, and #3 on the R&B charts in the US. The song is especially noteworthy due to the unusually high pitches that Riperton reaches during the song. One year after the song's release, Riperton was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She died on July 12, 1979. It was the fourth single from the album Perfect Angel (1974).

The song is notable for Riperton's use of the whistle register. While it is believed that "Lovin' You" was the first song to reach number one without the help of a percussion instrument, "Yesterday" by The Beatles accomplished this feat ten years earlier. According to the liner notes from Riperton's compilation CD Petals, the melody for "Lovin' You" was created as a distraction for her daughter (Maya Rudolph) when she was a baby so that Minnie and her husband Richard could hang out. Maya was in the studio with her mother on the day the song was recorded and Riperton can be heard singing her daughter's name at the end of the song.

When it comes to my relationship with Noel, I am ALWAYS in an affectionate mood; and with this being our anniversary weekend, I find myself swept up by the romantic feelings and fascinations I felt when we connect on this day 2 years ago. Most days I can’t believe that he actually here with me and this song makes me realize that HIS LOVE is deep AND constant.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Realistically, the future is anything but bright. Today, a small minority of people in the modern world has achieved a kind of paradise; and realizing that NOTHING in our world is perfect while this planet continues to spin in the universe; can someone tell me where does one draw the line between direct adaptation, random drift and serendipity (unintended consequences)? Since so much of our lives is based on OUR need for perfection AND control, can we ever be masters of the world? Whether we realize it or not, we're actually on EQUAL footing with everything else in this universe (i.e., there's no such thing as “inferior” OR “superior”). Human existence has no more cosmic significance than, well, anything else. In that sense, everything's the same, and nothing's really “meant to be”. Therefore, life does NOT require any explanation because we already know why it is, we just have to make PERFECT sense in a perverse sort of way that life will NEVER make PERFECT sense. We don’t have to puzzle ourselves about why a father may kill his wife and his children before killing himself. Nor do we have to devise reasons for or find meaning in a million other oddities that exist on this planet. Why can’t we seem to understand that LIFE AS IT IS, won’t ever give us the answers to the whys as long as we perpetuate the ills of this world?  I know it may seem like a cynical thing to say, but why not ask why NOT instead? Isn’t the joke on us really?  I'm well aware that this is a form of nihilism, but maybe its time has come. Aren’t we really worried MOSTLY about the seven or eight decades of life we have @ most? How many of us REALLY care about what happens to each other when an eternity of oblivion is our one true destiny? Since there’s NO afterlife, and death is followed by eternal oblivion, then what's so bad about the way this world is? We all stand on our soap boxes and judge each other based on what criteria? Spewing shit like ONLY the WEAK commit suicide, but maybe, just maybe the truly smart people are the ones who just kill themselves and get it over with. Why should people struggle and suffer when they can have quiet oblivion instead…it isn’t like we REALLY care to help them…right? I once saw a book in a bookstore that describes life as an entropic (increasingly disordered) process. This made me see the basic fundamental unfairness of life and why there's NO REAL “justice” in the universe. Why no one gets what they “deserve”…things just happen to both good and bad people alike. Yet we can’t seem to shake this belief that life should be fair; or that we have a destiny of some sort or that there should be some guarantees. Who can really embrace the notion that life isn't quite a random accident, but that for all practical purposes, it might as well have been? Who wants to believe that all of us can die @ any time and that anything) can happen? Who wants to believe that @ any time, a new plague or a meteorite from outer space could wipe out humanity; and that it could happen as meaninglessly as an anthill being stepped on by someone walking aimlessly down a road? Is it any wonder that we belief in UFOs, celebrity worship, gambling, alcohol, drugs or all of the other hundred forms of escapism out there? Doesn’t life feel arbitrary and deranged? Doesn’t it feel as if our lives and everything else that goes on in this universe are just the universe's way of killing time? So isn’t time that we realize that the REAL challenge of life won't be in building the infrastructures of the Information Superhighway like SO many of us believe. But it will be in us caring enough to provide food and drinking water for everyone on this planet. When are we REALLY going to deal with environmental ruin, unemployment, AIDS and the like? When are we simply going to deal with life? How about we start by taking the plastic covers off the couch and sit in it for a change? You know break out the china that we’ve been saving for years on end? IT IS TIME THAT WE ASK OURSELVES, DO WE WANT TO LIVE WHILE WE ALIVE OR ARE WE TOO FIT FOR OUR OWN GOOD?  

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Watching people I care about traverse a path littered with stumbling blocks is immensely painful. I instinctively want to guide them toward a safer track and share with them the wisdom I have acquired through experience. But I know that ALL human beings have the right to carve their own paths without being unduly influenced by outside interference. To deny them that right is to deny them enlightenment, as true insight cannot be conveyed in lectures. Rather, they MUST earn independence AND illumination by making decisions and reflecting upon the consequences of each choice. In allowing others to walk their paths freely, I honor their right to express their humanity in whatever way they see fit. Though I may not agree with or identify with their choices, I understand that they MUST learn in their own way and @ their own pace. Though it is VERY difficult and I CANNOT intervene when watching them make their way slowly and painfully down a difficult path, I try to empathize with their need to grow independently and make their own way in the world. The temptation to direct their path is a creature of many origins, and I’ve learned a LONG time ago that the overactive ego that tries to convince me that mine is the one true path is NOT what life is all about. And my light burns a little different from everyone else on this planet…so theirs should as well…

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Of course it's one of the last things you take off right before getting down to business but are men's underwear really all about sex? Men's underwear do serve as function to provide support under clothing, they add a sanitary barrier and it protects a very sensitive area of the body.  But, has underwear evolved into being more about the sexual allure?  It wasn't to long ago that men's underwear was nothing but 'function'... PERIOD!  So what do you think? Does today's more sexually fueled underwear still provide function?  Or do you just want your underwear for the sex appeal?

Monday, October 19, 2009


Performing an erotic dance or a strip tease for your partner can be a great way to spice up your love life. You don’t need to be a talented dancer or install a pole in your house to master the art of the strip tease. All you need is to work up some courage and have some fun. Getting dressed up and showing off your sexiness can be a huge turn on not only for you but also for “your audience”. Here are some simple steps that will help when planning your erotic dance: 

STEP 1: Think it through – A lot of us have body image issues. I can hear you saying “I am not hot enough to do this” or “I’d look like a baby elephant grinding to the music, that wont turn my lover on” Wrong! You are hot and your lover thinks so too. Drop your inhibitions and love your body. Imagine yourself dancing to the music, showing off your assets and how hot that will make your partner. 

STEP 2: The Music – What music do you love? What turns you on? What’s your lover’s favorite music? What moods do what to convey with your dance? These are all questions to keep in mind when choosing the right music to accompany your routine. If you want a fast paced, action packed number pick something up beat and fast or maybe you want to be slow and seductive then find something to go along with that. If you and you partner have a song that represents your relationship you may want to dance to that song and make the song represent even more happy memories for your relationship.

STEP 3: The costume - Start with the bottom layer first and work your way out. The bottom layer is your “show stopper”. What does your partner like? Black lace teddies? Stockings and suspenders? Make this your show stopper. Then start to think of the outer layers, you can pretty much wear anything you like on the outer layer but sometimes a costume is fun. Both also have props which you can use like the tie from the sexy doctor out fit (loop it around your lovers neck and bring him close, then release). Try to find clothing that will be able to be taken off easily. You don’t want anything with to many buttons or hooks. You may also want to add accessories; a long neck lace, a feather boa or a hat can really add to the overall effect and make for perfect teasing items. You can go all out on your costume and have real fun with it.

STEP 4: Practice – You’re not auditing to be Madonna’s next back up dancer or for a role in Grease the musical so no need to whip out some major dance moves. Keep it simple and leave the fancy dance routines to the professions. Just pop on the music you have chosen and get familiar with it. Move to it and see where it takes you. When you have some ideas in place do a trial run with your costume and accessories on. Think about when and what you will take off. This will give you a chance to find out what will come off easily and what wont so you can modify your costume to suit. 

STEP 5: Showtime – You may feel a bit nervous at first this is only natural but remind yourself that you are sexy and try and ooze sexuality. When you feel sexy you look sexy. There’s an old saying “Fake it till you make it” which can be applied here. Dimming the lights or turning them off and lighting candles can create a romantic setting and also help you to feel more comfortable then dancing under stark light. The main point to remember with the strip tease is to have fun. This may well be a high point in your sexual relationship; you may want to do it again and again. You never know until you try it, so what are you waiting for!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Organized religion was already in trouble before the fall of 2008. Denominations were stagnating or shrinking, and congregations across faith groups were fretting about their finances. The Great Recession made things worse; and with so many of us feeling protective of our resources due to the lack of security about the economy today, religious life WON’T be the same. The financial resources of many congregations, seminaries and religious schools have disappeared. In areas hit hardest by the recession, worshipers have moved away to find jobs, leaving those who remain to minister to communities struggling with rising unemployment AND uncertainty. Religion has a long history of drawing hope out of suffering, but there's little good news emerging from the recession. Long after the economy improves, the changes made today will have a profound effect on how people practice their faith, where they turn for help in times of stress and how they pass their beliefs to their children. The meltdown has destroyed our financial buffer and though we are inclined to hold onto our various religious outlets to gain a greater sense of safety, how can one do that when the church is affected as well? I ALWAYS tell others that in ALL things in life, it is IMPORTANT to remember that the only thing we can be certain of is change. And because of this FACT, shouldn’t the church should serve as a reminder that change will always happen because it is a NATURAL part of life and use this time to revolutionize the world? If the church REALLY believes in their message, wouldn’t/shouldn’t they use this time as a way of starting from the ground up and I don’t know…maybe doing what they preach? Even I believe that @ some point the church will find itself overcome with the desire to become better @ its job…crazy huh? MAYBE NOT! They have all proven their unique capability of navigating this world, so as things get worse, can’t they get better? There is an innate need for evolution but the way forward is NOT clear because we need a REVOLUTION! SO AS WE ENDEAVOR TO CHANGE AS CHANGE TAKES PLACE, WE NEED TO ENSURE THAT PLACES WHERE WE WORSHIP CULTIVATE THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS THAT WILL MAKE THIS WORLD A MUCH BETTER PLACE, SO WE COULD START TO EASE THE FRUSTRATING UNCERTAINTY OF THE WORLD & COME TOGETHER AS ONE…

Saturday, October 17, 2009


"Save the Best for Last" is a 1992 song written by Phil Galdston, Wendy Waldman and Jon Lind. It is considered Vanessa Williams' signature song. The lyrics' redemptive themes resonated with Williams' story, as she had put together a successful recording career following her earlier Miss America resignation scandal. The song is about a person who stands by and watches as the object of his/her desires dates all of these different women, and then he finally decides to consummate a relationship with the singer. The single was Williams' third number one on the Soul singles chart and topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks in 1992. "Save the Best for Last" was ranked fourth in the Billboard Top 100 hits of 1992, becoming the biggest success of Williams' music career. The song also went to #1 on the U.S. adult contemporary and R&B charts; it remained atop these charts for three weeks apiece. Internationally, the single shot to number one in Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada, and to number three in the United Kingdom, number two in Ireland, and number three in Japan. ASCAP named it as its Song of the Year, meaning it was performed more than any other song in 1992, and it was nominated for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Record of the Year in 1993.

Thursday, October 15, 2009



Enter the number of points next to each question depending on the severity of each item: Never: 0 points/Rarely: 1 point/Sometimes: 2 points/Frequently: 3 points

__ My partner teases me in a hurtful way in private or in public
__ My partner calls me names such as "stupid" or "bitch"
__ My partner acts jealous of my friends, family, or co-workers
__ My partner gets angry about clothes I wear or how I style my hair
__ My partner checks up on me by calling, driving by, or getting someone else to
__ My partner insists on knowing who I talk to on the phone
__ My partner blames me for their problems or bad mood
__ My partner gets angry easily, leaving me walking on eggshells
__ My partner throws or destroys things when angry
__ My partner hits walls, drives dangerously or does other things to scare me
__ My partner drinks or uses drugs
__ My partner insists that I drink or use drugs whenever they do
__ My partner accuses me of being interested in someone else
__ My partner reads my mail, goes thru my personal space/items
__ My partner keeps me from getting a job or cost me my job
__ My partner keeps money from me, keeps me in debt, or has "money secrets"
__ My partner sold my car, made me give up my license, or won't repair my car
__ My partner has threatened to hurt me
__ My partner has threatened to hurt close to me
__ My partner has actually hurt those close to me
__ My partner has threatened to hurt my pets
__ My partner has actually hurt my pets
__ My partner has threatened to commit suicide if I leave
__ My partner has struck me with hands or feet - slapped, punched, kicked
__ My partner has struck me with an object or threatened me with a weapon
__ My partner has given me visible injuries - bruises, welts, cuts
__ I have had to administer first aid to myself due to injuries from my partner
__ My injuries have been serious enough to seek treatment - doctor, hospital, clinic, paramedic

__ My partner forces me to have sex when I don't want to

__ My partner forces me to have sex in ways that I don't want to
__ My partner has been in trouble with the police
__ My partner acts one way in front of others, and another way when we are alone
__ My partner is secretive or lies about past relationships
__ I feel isolated and alone and have no one I can really talk to
__ I have lost friends because of my partner/partner's actions
__ I no longer see some of my family because of my partner
__ I have thought about calling the police because of an incident of violence
__ I have actually called the police on one or more occasions
__ I am afraid to call the police because of threats from my partner

0-17: Generally Non-abusive: These are likely to be the sorts of strains that are not unusual in relationships. Do NOT, however, make the mistake of brushing off any incident of violence or threat of violence, no matter how isolated!

18-58: Moderately Abusive: This is a home experiencing some violence at least once in a while. It may be that this is a relationship where violence is just beginning. In a new relationship there is good reason to expect it will eventually escalate into more serious forms and may occur more frequently.

59-95: Seriously Abusive: Scores in this range indicate a seriously abusive relationship that can, under outside pressure, or with the sudden strain of a family emergency, move into the dangerously severe range. Serious injury is quite probable if it has not already occurred. Please consider finding counseling, getting help, even leaving.

96 and up: Dangerously Abusive: If your scored in the top range, you need to consider even more seriously the option of leaving, at least temporarily, while you consider your next move. The violence will not take care of itself or miraculously disappear. Over time the chances are very good that your life and/or the lives of your children will be in danger.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Hello, friend! My name is Gregory. Excuse me, that I cannot address to you your name because I have not this possibility. I ask to read everything to the end - this is very important for you. I was a gay. But I am free now! For me all changed, when Jesus Christ - my Lord Gad, entering for everybody on earth on a cross, to atone the sins of everybody, became reality for me, by foundation of my life. I plead with you, brother, correct a way it, lay knees before That, Who humiliating Itself to the level by man- God, creating Heaven and earth and creating a man "man on appearance to It, on appearance God created him; created a man and woman them" (Being 1: 27), came on earth in a human body, that dead on Golgotha cross, to become expiation for sins still human, and, being revived third day by His Celestial Father, to sit to the right from Gad-Father on His Throne! More 2000 years ago "Jealousy of Lord Savaof did make it!" "God so has loved the world that has given the Son only-begotten that everyone believing in Him was not lost, but had the Eternal Life!" (The Gospel from John 3:16) That there is a love! "The love does Suffers a long time, creates favor, love does not envy, the love is not extolled, is not proud, does not commit excesses, does not search for the, is not irritated, does not think of harm, does not rejoice to a lie, and Rejoices to true ; all covers, to all trusts, all hopes, all transfers. The love never ceases, though both prophecies will stop, and languages will stop, and the knowledge will be abolished". (1 Message of Apostle Paul to Corinthians 13:4-8) The LOVE has been crucified for you on Golgotha! Jesus has told:" There is no more that love as if who will put the soul for the friends. You are My friends, if execute that I give a precept to you. I any more do not name you slaves for the slave does not know that its mister does; but I named you friends because has told to you everything that heard from My Father. "(The Gospel from John 15:13-15) I Beg you, friend, incline your knees in the Face God," cry and be distressed "," go in beggar tear clothes and strew a head ashes." "You are not deceived: neither fornicators, nor that serve idols, nor adulterers, nor effeminate by perversion, nor men, which have sexual intercourses with male, thieves, nor the covetous, drunkards, nor reviles, predators — Lord's Kingdom do not inherit!” (1 Message of Apostle Paul to Corinthians 6 9-10), for the muscle of Dominical Hand was not reduced to rescue subdued by Spirit!" It is blissful, to whom lawlessnesses are released, and whose sins are covered! The person to whom the Lord will not make a sin is blissful, and in whose spirit there is no slyness!" (David's psalm 31:1-2) the Way on which there is now you and went earlier I, conducts straight in the Hell to eternal torments and sufferings and I do not want, that you were comprehended by this malicious fate.  

What reasons of that, friend, what occurs to you? Whether you know it? And they are that:" For the anger God from the sky on everyone dirty and a lie people, suppressing true lie opens. For that it is possible to know about God, it is obvious for them because God showed to them. For invisible It, Its eternal force and the Deity, from world creation through examining of creations are visible, so they are meek. But as they, having known God, have not glorified Him as God, and have not rendered thanks, but they have fussed in the their speculations, and their foolish heart was saddened; naming itself wise, have gone mad, and glory of imperishable God have changed in an image similar to the perishable person, both birds, and four-footed, and a reptile, - that and was betrayed by their God in lusts of their hearts nasty things so they have profaned bodies. They have replaced God's True with lie, both worshipped, and creatures instead of the Creator Who is blest in eyelids, Amen. Therefore their God to shameful passions has betrayed: their women have replaced the natural use unnatural; Similarly and men, having left the natural use of a female, were kindled by lust against each other, men on men doing shame and receiving in to itself due punishment for the error. And as they did not care to have God in reason their God to has betrayed dirty mind- to do not correct dirty actions so they are executed any lie, fornication, slyness, a self-interest, rage, are executed envy, murder, conflicts, a deceit, having evil customs, Filled with malicious speech, slanderers, God haters, offenders, self-praises, are proud, inventive on harm, are disobedient to parents, are reckless, perfidious, ignorant love, are irreconcilable, ungracious. They know just court God that doing such affairs are worthy death; however not only them do, but also doing approve." (To Romans of Apostle Paul 1:18-32) - I have passed the message through it. In spite of the fact that I was not the atheist, I was very far from God, did not give a proper attention to the God's Word. Therefore have comprehended, was, me the same problems, as at you now. But not god has created you such, and a sin of disobedience to God. I will try to explain to you, friend, still some moments. Whether you understand the reason of what you pulls to unisex relations? How you understand the fragment of the Writing resulted above? All reason, I wrote, that people, having known God, "do not think" to have Him in the heart, leave Him. It can result as personal recreancy of the person when results, so to say, "do not keep itself waiting long, and also deviations of ancestors. Here the two first Precepts which God gave still to Moisey "works ": "I the Lord, your God Who has deduced you from the earth Egyptian, from the slavery house; yes there will be no at you other gods before My person. Do not do to itself an idol and that any image that in the sky above, and that on the earth below, and that in water below the earth; do not worship to them and do not serve them, for I the Lord, your God, God the adherent punishing children for fault of fathers to the third and fourth sort, hating Me, and creating favour to thousand sorts loving Me and observing My precepts. Do not say a name of the Lord, your God; it is vain, for the Lord will not leave without that punishment who says Its name in vain". (The Outcome 20:2-7 and 5 Moisey’s Book: Reiteration of Law 6-11) It occurs not because God malicious as can seem at first sight. Simply receding from the Lord, the person makes room for a devil in the life which perverts all fine in the person. Accordingly, people cease to follow the decision of God:" Set the young man at the beginning of its way and he will grow old and will not get off! "(Parables of Solomon 22: 6) Cease to learn their children to love God! But “only I know intentions what I have about you, the Lord, intentions in the blessing, instead of on harm speaks to give you future and hope.”(Book of Prophet Jeremy 29:11) as "God is Love!”(John's 1 message 4:8) Both that aspects are take place in my case. 

Anyway, the brother, at you is possibility to interrupt this damnation which has hung over them come "to bear worthy fruits of the Repentance" to the Lord: to confess sincerely and to leave this nasty thing of one hollow relations as I have once made! Sodom and Gomora have been wiped off the face of the earth because of that nasty thing that their men created, "being raised by a flesh" on each other. It has so absorbed inhabitants of these cities that the Lord has not found among them and 10 righteous persons, when has descended to ruin these cities! Avram before it begged about mercy for these people. The necessary quantity of righteous persons for the pardon of cities with initial 50 has decreased gradually to 10 in the course of entreaty, and their God has not found! The same fate expected also Nenevia after a while, but she "has confessed from the sermon Iona" and has been pardoned! On True I speak to you, the brother:" everyone who will call the Name of Lord will escape! "(The Gospel from Galatians 11:12) Is written:" the Celestial Kingdom undertakes by force and putting efforts admires Him! "(The gospel from Galatians 11:12) Force in the Sacred blood spilt for you on Golgotha, but is necessary to struggle much to win," till it bleeds to battle to a sin, "-" winning God willing to taste from the Life Tree that among Paradise God! "(John's revelations 2:7) Jesus has told:" Truly, Truly I speak to you if who is not born from above, cannot see God's Kingdom, (….) truly, truly I speak to you if who is not born from water and Spirit, cannot enter in God's Kingdom "(the Gospel from John 3: 3, 5) It is very important, the brother, - is written also:" the Spirit of the person transfers its infirmity; and the amazed spirit - who can support it? "(Solomon's Parables 18:15) - spirit amazed with a sin can cure parables of Solomon can only God -" All I can in Jesus Christ strengthening me "(the message to Philippians of Apostle Paul 4:13) and" there is no other Name under the sky, given people to which had for them to Escape! "(Acts of Apostles 4:12)" Appeal to Me and I will hear you both I will answer you and I will show you that great that you did earlier not see!" (Book of prophet Jeremy 33:3) speaks Lord. - sincere the repentance before God when the person recognises the negligibility and powerlessness before God, recognises the sinfulness and asks It to be the mister of all his life, - there is a birth from God's Spirit , the Birth is more exact there is a result of a sincere repentance.

The birth from water this water christening - contract signing good luck to live and serve It with pure and kind conscience. To you I will not say to you, the brother, what to you becomes easier at once and will not be and there will be no temptations - the Satan will be faster is not interested in that you have won a sin - it will throw the big forces against you even more difficult - but what you will do – will have fights with a sin or to obey it? - God speaks: "Arrive on Spirit and will not execute flesh desire!" (The message to Galatians of Apostle Paul 5: 16), that is, executing the Dominical Word, you will not sin. I can tell that probably there will be also falling, that is a condition when the person not in a condition to cope with a sin. I endured it, but you despair surrender, admit before God the offences and the best friend - the person to which you can trust completely that it will not incur it as a gossip another and not begins to do anything such that you have again sinned, and to do the utmost to help you to stand: it is written: "Admit the friend before the friend offences and pray the friend for the friend to recover: the strengthened prayer of the just much can." (The message of Apostle Jacob 5:16) because "if we profess our sins He (God), being it is true and just, will forgive us our sins and will clear us of any lie." (John's 1 Message 1:9) - "the righteous person seven times will fall and will rise, the sinner once will fall in death!" (Parables of Solomon 24:16) God tells: "search for Me when it is possible to find Me, call Me when I close!" Listen to a good advice: search sincerely for believing people in Lord Jesus Christ in Nassau, where do you live, to be with them in the general prayer and dialogue, studying of the God's Word - Bibles, - that your Belief became stronger: "the Belief from hearing, and hearing from the God's Word " (the Message to Romans of Apostle Paul 10:17), the Belief Prayer cures spirit, soul and a body of the person. God speaks: "there where two or three are collected in My Name (for the sake of dialogue with Me), there and I among them!" (The Gospel from Matthew 18:20) And still, the brother, I ask you: "darings from itself all dirty" - break off any acquaintances to people which push you on a sin, get rid of all your house, connected with a pornography of any sort if is, differently it will be more difficult to you to be pulled out from all it: there are three things on which all sin human is based:" Lust of a flesh, lust of eyes and pride everyday "I Beg you, friend, make a correct choice! Not be indifferent to the future! Learn Lord's fear to find wisdom, and having found wisdom, you" learn True and the True will make you free! "(The Gospel from John 8:32) Jesus has told:" I am the Way True and the Life; nobody comes to the Father, as soon as through Me! "(The Gospel from John 14:6)" Be firm and courageous!" "With fear and trembling make the Rescue!" (The message to Philippians of Apostle Paul 2: 12) Force of BLOOD of the CHRIST is perfect! Strengthen the brothers when you will be screwed!" "So, if the Son releases you will be truly free!" (The Gospel from John 8:36) Lets the Lord will bless you! I will pray for you!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Because, much like learning a man’s astrological sign, his underwear speak volumes about what kind of guy he really is, and what kind of equipment he’s working with. You could read his tea leaves, or consider the following:

TIGHTY WHITIES: They say he’s a real classic guy, the kind who owns a Golden Retriever (or at least grew up with one) and likes long walks on the beach and skiing in the winter. Just make sure his underwear isn’t too tight, or he could be a real piece of work who works out for two hours every morning and asks you, “Are you sure you should eat that?” when you order dessert.

BOXER SHORTS: Here’s the kind of man you can bring home to mom. He’s an all-around good guy who’s into sports and likes to let it all hang loose. But beware of his cousin, the one who wears silk, paisley boxers. That guy is way finicky and he will judge your own undie collection, so you don’t wanna be caught wearing frumpy undies around him…

BOXER BRIEFS: This man is a “closet stud” who likes to walk a little on the alternative side. His penis needs all the tender caressing support of a tighty whitie, but he’s laid-back and easy breezy like a boxer guy. He’s not trying to impress anyone, and he likes what he likes. He’s probably kind of a player too, but you won’t know until after he’s serenaded you and the next morning explains how you’re beautiful but he really just can’t “be in a relationship right now.”

COCK SOCKS: Run do not walk away from the guy who busts one of these little numbers out. Insecure and overly macho at the same time, here’s a guy who’s compensating for the fact that he has something to hide by barely hiding anything at all. It’s the male equivalent of a rhinestone g-string. There’s just no way to wear one of these with any semblance of class or dignity, got it? Note to men: Speedos and the like are like kryptonite to those wanting to have sex with you until you pulled your pants down.

MANTIES: Before you freak out and have a heart attack, consider that the manties man is not a full-on sexual deviant, but just really kinky and sexually confident. This rock star will fully blow your mind (and that’s not all) in the sack. On the flip side, he’s a total hedonist who’s likely to steal your best lingerie while he’s waiting for his next man panty order to arrive. Proceed with caution, but do strap in and enjoy the best sex of your life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Faith makes people want to kill each other, but it's the best thing we've got. Israelis and Palestinians are killing each other by the hundreds in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Hindus and Muslims are slaughtering each other in India, herding neighbors into house or trains then setting them afire. Catholics and Protestants continue to kill each other in Northern Ireland. Sunnis and Shias have their arms wrapped around each other's throats throughout the Islamic world. And of course, on Sept. 11, 19 Muslims were so determined to murder helpless Christians and Jews that they were willing to die to shed the blood of other religions. Not a terribly good reflection on faith, is it? If religion makes people want to murder each other, maybe religion is bad for the world.
Religion has certainly been bad for history. In recent decades alone, Hindus and Sikhs have been slaughtering each other, blowing up airliners and firing artillery shells into temples. In the fighting over Sri Lanka, Tamil Hindus have fired machine guns at school buses full of Sinhalese Buddhist children, and the Buddhists in turn have firebombed Hindu schools. Thousands of Chinese grew up as orphans because their Buddhist parents were murdered during World War II at the urging of Shinto priests.
Looking further back, huge numbers of Eastern Orthodox Armenians were murdered by Muslims at the turn of the century. Much of Europe's history has been a nightmare of Christian-on-Christian killing, including the 30 Years' War, in which an estimated 7.5 million people--one-third of the European population at the time--died owing to Catholic-versus-Protestant slaughter. England's history is full of Protestants murdering Catholics; France's history is full of Catholics murdering Protestants; Spain's history is full of Christians murdering Jews. Pretty much all of Europe is to blame for the Crusades, in which Christians murdered Muslims. This inventory could go on at considerable length. King Olaf Tryggvason's declaration from about the year 1000--"all Norway will be Christian or die!"--sums it up. So is faith bad? The fact that religions preach love, but often generate violence, cannot be dismissed as a minor imperfection. CAN IT?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


"Mr. Wendal" is a single released by influential rap group Arrested Development in 1992, from their most commercially successful album, 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of....The song was written about the plight of the homeless and encourages people not to ignore them just because of their status or how they look. The song reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, which is one of their highest positions and, a month earlier, reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart, continuing the group's string of hits in both countries. How many of us have seen our fair share of Mr. Wendals? So many of our fellow human beings are living on the streets simply looking to make it to another day. While I know that we can’t simply help everyone, it doesn’t serve us the right to ignore these persons either. There are SO many ways to be of service to others, yet we act as if those in need deserve to be living a life without the basic necessities. I am of the opinion that we grow richer every time we give of ourselves…ESPECIALLY when we give of ourselves with no thought of return. Giving selflessly to others is an act of love that can fill us with satisfaction beyond measure. Not only do we have the opportunity to see how our gifts benefit others, but we get to experience the priceless sensation that comes from offering our care and concern to others. The fact that we are in a position to give allows us to appreciate the overflow of abundance in our lives that allows us to give freely. Give what you can today in service of others, and your efforts will carry a handsome return. I am sure Mr. Wendal would appreciate you…

Thursday, October 8, 2009


When you’ve struggled all your life,

Working towards a dream;

You have been dealt all kinds of obstacles,

Never knowing what they mean.

They say what doesn’t kill you,

Will only make you stronger,

At times it feels you’re getting no where,

And you start to wonder how much longer.

How much can one take,

Before he decides to let go,

As a champion you must keep going,

Because if you quit you’ll never know.

You have to stay determined,

Especially when times are rough,

If you do, you will become stronger,

If you do, you will become tough.

The people who are tough,

Will make it to the top,

They continued to push forward,

When everyone else decided to stop.

So if you want to achieve your dream,

You must continue to believe that you can,

Just remember this one thing,

Never give up on your game plan.