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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I am back again to share with you on a topic that I am sure some tops here can relate to. Please share this post with your bottom friends, because it is very important that we highlight the issues concerning tops and bottoms and how we can unite on having better and improved sex. This article will explore 10 things tops wish bottoms knew about good sex. It is very important that we clarify what good sex is. Good sex as defined by this blog is sexual intercourse so good that you feel relieved, satisfied, pleasured and loved after the top cums. This sex is the kind you wish you would have until the end of time. This is not the sex you regret having or wish upon your greatest enemy. 

1. It Is About the ass
Let me break it down for you. As a top, it is never about your face, how great your personality is or how much money you have. It is about the ass. For many tops, it is about the shape of the ass. When a real top has fucked a nice bubble butt, he never returns to the flat ass. That is why Kim Kardashian and every big butt is celebrated. When you fuck a big bubble butt it feels different from a skinny boy’s ass. That ass bouncing off your abs while you fuck him deeper and wetter is heaven in a bed. 

2. Sucking dick is just as important as reading and writing.
I will cover sucking dick in another blog post but for God’s sake stop biting on the dick. The only thing you bite and the right word is nibble and that should be on his nipples. Learn how to suck the dick. Ok, I get it you don’t know how to deepthroat and your mouth and skills aren’t that developed. Go fucking slow. A top would rather you going slow than fast like a porn star who turns out sex scenes by the dozen with a big studio. Go slow and wet, a top will always appreciate that. 
The nastier, wetter, sloppier you make your mouth, he will return to that mouth and man and ass. Trust us. 

3. We are jacking off means we really want the ass
If a top texts you or says to you “I am playing with my dick,” he means he wants to play with you. If he didn’t trust you, he wouldn’t be telling you. Act accordingly. 

4. You get the dick hard, you take all the dick. 
A top can get hard on his own yes, but if you are in his presence it means you are helping the process. Until that dick dies, satisfy it, make it welcome.

5. There’s always time for a blow job
A blow job says, I love you with the mouth on that dick. A top who refuses the blow job doesn’t want your body in the end. If he craves you, he will want your mouth on the dick. 
More blow jobs please.

6. Never Run from the Dick
Very few time in history has a dick killed anyone. You are more likely to be killed naturally - die of a condition, gun or terrorist act. Understanding that, a man’s dick is to pleasure you not kill or hurt. If you find a dick is hurting you, you are to be blamed, not the one feeding the dick. Bottoms should never run from the dick. I test any bottom to try this technique. When you feel your body forcing you to run from the dick, engage the mind and force yourself to take it. If you are seriously doing this, immediately your body goes into another mode that accepts the top’s sexy thrusts of good dick down your tight pussy. Use your skills of the booty to force your ass out on the dick. This will make the top go crazy because you have relaxed the ass so much it gives him more sensation that he now wants to nut. 

7. A Top is Never Interested in How Cute you Can Be in the Bedroom
Some bottoms believe that to keep a top coming back he only needs a clean ass. No! A top wants to know most of all that you are giving your raw soul when he fucks you. A top can tell if the bottom is fucking another man, if he’s holding back the real pussy and if the bottom is being boring. Your energy is being interpreted as a prospect in the future. If you aim to date the top, give him everything. Give him the best riding skills you have.
The top is also holding back. A top doesn’t eat every ass the same way. He doesn’t fuck the one night stand the same way he fucks the man of his dreams. 

8. Learn how to ride the dick 
Please, learn how to ride the dick. The only way to ride the dick is by putting your feet flat beside his legs. Any other way to ride the dick and the top you are fucking is allowing you to cheat riding the dick.

9. Talk to the TOP
What is worse is a bottom that says nothing. Make it your point of duty to look at him, grab his chest - tops love that, slap his chest, play with his balls, grab your ass and spread it wider. The point of this subject is to become a slut. Let him know that you can be the man in the streets, the professional at work but his bitch in the sheets. A top does not want to take home the professional man to fuck with. Instead, become his fantasy. If he likes a dirty talker, give him. 

10. Make him CUM

Never end a session without him cumming. The bottom may not have to (he should but). All I am saying. If you intend to keep that top, get to shoot his babies. 



  1. Awesome inventory my friend! Things that all of us should know but few really practice. The wilder we are, the more pleasure and happiness we find. Much love and many naked hugs!

  2. Replies
    1. Because u just can't handle,,,,sorry but this is stuff for men

  3. Wow I understand a lil bit better!

  4. Ok ok i didnt really know how ride the D

  5. Yep, you hit the right notes with this one. I will be referring my new bottoms from now on to these gems.