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In many of my entries about religion, I GO HARD! When I ‘bash’ religion, I start with the assumption that religion is responsible for the negative perception many persons hold about the world. But today I’ve been wondering how/why people choose to follow one religion over another. What element(s) go into how some people commit to a religious following? Do they think about the benefits and the risks? What makes them commit regardless of the consequences? And then I wonder, why do others never commit to a following, no matter what?

If I put myself in the shoes of those that commit to a religious following, I can get why they would do such a thing. But if I am to accept the notion that it is evil NOT to subscribe to a religious following, I HAVE TO wonder how can one base his/her life on a premise that doesn’t really serve the greater good of all? Are we REALLY a society full of things ONLY black or white? Now I know that we are individuals and we are not responsible for each other, but I have to say that when an individual cast another aside because he/she does NOT believe in the ‘rain god’ they serve; didn’t they commit to the drought they are trying to prevent? How do they commit to something that supposedly makes them ‘good’ and/or ‘holy’ and that same thing makes them leave non-believers like me behind? Doesn’t their commitment make them EXTRA vulnerable to faith healers, charlatans and frauds of all stripes?

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule where religious commitments are concerned. There are individual people and individual faiths that are tolerant towards people of different faiths and towards people with no faith at all. But whether we accept it or not, the rule in religion is intolerance toward those who don't commit and I can’t wrap my mind around this defense mechanism, but then again, don’t you have not to think and or question things in order to fully commit? 



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"Colors of the Wind" by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz was the 1995 Oscar-winner for Best Original Song from the Disney animated feature filmPocahontas. It also won the Golden Globe in the same category as well as theGrammy Award for Best Song Written for a Movie. The song poetically presents theNative American viewpoint that the earth is a living entity where humankind is connected to everything in nature.

The song was performed within the movie's narrative by Judy Kuhn as the singing voice of Pocahontas. Singer/actress Vanessa Williams recorded a version for the end credits which was successfully released as a single and became one of Williams' biggest hits in 1995, earning a Gold single for sales of 500,000 copies, and reaching number four on the U.S. charts. For her version, Williams received a Grammy nomination as Best Pop Female Vocal Performance in 1996 (she lost to Annie Lennox's "No More I Love You's").[1]
Described as a "stirring anthem to animism",[2] this song is Pocahontas' exhortation to John Smith about the wonders of the earth and nature, including the spirit within all living things, encouraging him not to think of them as things he can conquer or own, but rather as beings to respect and live with in harmony. She also urges him to accept humans who are different in appearance and culture and to learn from them.
The first line of the chorus tells of the wolf crying to the "blue corn moon"[3] with the second line varying with the verse context. The second time the chorus is sung in the single version, the second line becomes "Or let the eagle tell you where he's been" from the original "Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned," likely because the latter phrase refers to imagery in the movie of a fictitious constellation which resembles a bobcat. The third line tells of singing with the voices of the mountains, as the fourth line concludes with the title imagery of painting with the colors of the wind.



"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is a song from Disney's 1994 animated film The Lion King,[1] composed by Elton John with lyrics by Tim Rice. It was described by Don Hahn (the film's producer), Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff (the film's directors) as having "the most diverse history" in the film.[2] It was a chart hit in the UK, peaking at #14 on the UK Singles Chart, and achieved even more success in the U.S., reaching a peak of #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was a number-one hit in France.

The song was performed in the film by Kristle Edwards, Joseph WilliamsSally DworskyNathan Lane, and Ernie Sabella, while the end title version was performed by Elton John. It won the 1994 Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. It also earned Elton John the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

In 2003, a remixed version of the song was included in the Special Edition soundtrack of The Lion King, again sung by Elton John.
In the midquel The Lion King 1½, the romantic scene where the song was originally featured also had the song playing, but with a difference: interspersed with the romantic scenes were short comedic shots of Timon and Pumbaa trying to disrupt Simba andNala's night out.
he song was once planned to be sung only by Timon and Pumbaa, but Elton Johndisliked the comical nature of the concept, as he had wanted to make a wholly romantic Disney song.
Disney didn't even plan on using the song in the movie originally. It was only at the insistence of Elton that the company included it in the movie.
Later, the song was planned to be sung this time only by Simba and Nala but in the end the idea was scrapped again and the final result was the song mainly sung by an off-screen voice (Kristle Edwards) with short lines from Simba (Joseph Williams) and Nala (Sally Dworsky), and the beginning and end parts by Timon (Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella).[2] It also included African vocals, that while mostly muted in the on-screen version, were much more prominently featured in the audio-only releases.

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Melanie Fiona's debut album "The Bridge" was released in 2009. This Canadian soulful singer first caught my attention with her single "Give it to me: Right" I really like quite a few of the other songs from the album but my personal favorite is "It Kills Me:" [not featured in this post]

"Bang Bang" fun song about being free-spirited, strong, independent & again having fun

"I don't want it all the time, but when I get it I better be satisfied or I'll find someone else to the the job. RIGHT!"
That's all she's saying - I love the sassy attitude of this song.

When you're in first don't forget the last - this song is about being optimistic and believing that whatever situation you're in there will be better for you as long as you give it all you've got

Melanie's second studio album "The MF Life" is set for release July 2011

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The study, carried out by the Kinsey Institute and published in journalAIDS Care, sampled 180 gay men in the UK and 180 in the USA. The men’s ages ranged from 18 to 74.

Most agreed that penetration qualified as “having sex”, but there were differences between the UK and the USA respondents’ to other practices.
In the UK 84.9 per cent of those surveyed agreed that oral stimulation of the genitals constituted “having sex”, compared to only 71.6 per cent of gay men in the USA.
Oral-anal stimulation was counted as “sex” by 78.4 per cent in the UK, while only 61.2 per cent in the States agreed.
Mutual use of sex toys was regarded as “having sex” by 70.9 per cent of gay Britons, against 53.4 per cent of the gay Americans surveyed.
The results of the survey are important because they can affect the estimated number of sexual partners a man may claim to have had, when discussing their sexual health with a doctor.
Kinsey researcher, Brandon Hill, the author of the report, said:
“It is important for researchers and clinicians not to assume that their definition of ‘sex’ is shared by their participant or patient, and to use behaviourally specific criteria when conducting sex-behaviour assessments, especially when assessing risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infection transmission.” 

SOURCE: Pridelife


It is a well known fact that when you see/hear the words THUG GAY PORN, you IMMEDIATELY think of black tough and hardcore looking models with f&cking abilities {according to the porn industry} second to none! But lately, I’ve been wondering if white porn actors can take on the role of ‘thug gay porn stars?  I know most people LOVE seeing the white man being the submissive power bottom taking on the black thug’s giant gay cock, but can’t that very same submissive white bottom take on a white thug’s giant gay cock? Why does the skin color of a man determine his persona in the porn industry? Moreover, why does the THUG BLACK GAY PORN Stereotype keep perpetuating itself?

Now I know there are black people that have this is our thing and that’s their mentality, but in hind sight aren't they all ‘pretending’ in this world we call the porn industry? I find it AMAZING how some might get upset thinking about white porn ‘actors’ as thugs but have NO problems perpetuating the "black men are thugs,"’ stereotype that permeates the industry and society on a whole. I get that black porn actors are classified as potent sex gods, but does it REALLY make them more erotic when they take on the thug role?
I know it is hard to imagine a white man as the ‘thug’, but the next time you watch a video of a big dicked black ‘thug’ totally dominating a smooth ass, try to picture a white man in that role and if you can’t well…Cause if you put both a white and black man side by side with the same demeanor does his skin color determine if he gets the role or not? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Most ‘straight’ people hate Gay people. The reason that most ‘straight’ people hate Gay people is because they are not Gay people. If you know this about ‘straight’ people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about ‘straight’ people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission is to investigate gay-only hotels for possible breaches of equality law.
The body said it needed to establish an “objective balance” after investigating Christian-run hotels which bar gay couples.
Last month, a couple who own a hotel in Cornwall were ordered to pay £3,600 to a gay couple they refused a double room to.
The EHRC says it has not received any complaints over gay-only hotels but is looking for evidence of potential discrimination.
Two gay hotel owners told the Daily Telegraph that being forced to accept straight people would damage their businesses.
John Bellamy, who runs the gay-only Hamilton Hall in Bournemouth, said that equality legislation was a “double-edged sword” and claimed that forcing gay bars and hotels to accept straight people was killing gay culture.
Mark Hurst, a gay-only guesthouse owner from Brighton, said his customers felt more comfortable in gay-only atmospheres.
The EHRC said: “As discriminatory issues concerning ‘Christian’ bed and breakfast establishments and hotels have been officially brought to our attention, and as we are testing the law in this area, there is a need for the Commission to establish an ‘objective balance’.
“We are, therefore, looking in to the matter of ‘gay-only’ hotels’/B&B establishments and the potentially discriminatory policies towards heterosexual couples that some of those ‘gay-only’ establishments may hold.”
The EHRC funded the case against Christian hotel owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull.
A judge at Bristol crown court ruled that the Bulls had directly discriminated against civil partners Martin Hall and Stephen Preddy on the grounds of their sexual orientation.
Mr and Mrs Bull argued that they barred all unmarried couples from sharing rooms but the gay couple claimed that a straight couple could pretend to be married.
The Bulls are now set to appeal the ruling, with the financial backing of the Christian Institute.


It was a celebrity free-for-all on "RuPaul's Drag Race" when the queens had to assume the position of some of our favorite stars.

Before we get to that, RuPaul played a game of "$#*! RuPaul Says." The winning queen would get a phone call. The game could only be explained as "Wheel of Fortune" on crack. In the end, Delta turned it out for a win. But how could she fully enjoy the prize with Shangela pouting in the corner, her fro, with a life of its own, all frayed and looking crazy. So, Delta gave the phone call to Shangela and all was well in RuVille for a hot second.

Next, Ru presented the main challenge. The contestants had to come up with their best celebrity impersonation. Guest judges actress and comedian Aisha Tyler and Amber Rose completed Ru's sentences and the queens in celeb drag were to match their answers. To be clear, no one was keeping score and the queens only pretended to play. It was their job to be hilarious and stay in their celebrity personas while doing so. 

Our favorite? To tell you the truth, they all lacked that extra something. If we had to choose a winner, though, we'd go with Manila as Imelda Marcos. We do have to give props to Raja for capturing some of Tyra Banks' cray. And Alexis gets honors for playing Alicia Keyes as a lesbian. And our least favorite was Mariah as Joan Crawford. She kept saying she "got this" with her Joan Crawford. After we saw her performance, we kept wondering if she even knew who Joan Crawford was.

In the runway walk, the queens were to give us their favorite look. Our favorite was Raja in Serengeti chic. She proved fashion is primal. We'd have to say that our least favorite on the runway was Alexis, which pains us because she felt really pretty in that princess dress that looked like a 5-year-old made it.

In the end, the ultimate winner was Stacey and we totally think it was a pity vote. It's like when the failing sibling gets a "C" on their report card and the whole family overdoes the praise in order to encourage him/her to continue. We don't think she popped in the challenge as Mo'nique and her runway outfit was like something our grandma would wear to bingo on New Year's. The winner should have probably been Raja, because her Tyra impersonation had some life and she worked that coconut bra on the runway.

Delta (for her Cher on valium impersonation) and Mariah (Joan on payday loan) were left to lip-sync for their lives. And we instantly knew that Delta would be sending Mariah home. Delta is an old-school queen and she knows when it's time to be a "werq-horse." Mariah is a "show pony" and we were happy to see RuPaul set her loose.

Did you think RuPaul and the judges got it right? Should Stacey have won? And should Delta have gone?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A gay man's journey towards self-acceptance is something VERY few can appreciate. So when I think of a gay man that has managed to overcome all obstacles of his youth, rising above and beyond the pain of physical and emotional abuse to firmly realize his place as a gay man in today's world; I can’t help being bothered by headlines that read, Gay producer found dead after suspected drugs overdose’ and ‘Gay intern credited with helping to save Giffords’ life following Arizona shooting?’ Now I know that I don’t know these men personally, but is it fair or right to label them the ‘gay’ this or that? 



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Every morning men wake up to this catch-22: you desperately have to pee, but you have an erection, which makes it hard to urinate, but the hard-on won't go away until you empty your bladder. It's almost impossible to aim at the toilet when your penis is pointing the wrong way, so you end up peeing on the wall, the floor, or yourself. You may have developed your own technique for dealing with this catch-22, but if not, here are some methods to take care of the aiming part, customized for the angle of your dangle.

The Flying Wallenda
If your erection angles up acutely, pointing at the ceiling, you’re out of luck. Your best bet is to install a trapeze over your toilet so you can hang upside down and let gravity do the rest. Warning: Attempting this maneuver using the shower curtain rod may result in head injury.

Strong Arming
This is the brute force method. If your penis points straight out or up, you may have to bend it to your will. Grasp the shaft or press down on the top gently but firmly so your boner bends downward, pointing toward the bowl. Keep the pressure on and don’t let it slip, or you may end up spraying the wall or squirting yourself in the face. Note: In some cases this won’t work because bending constricts the flow of urine too much. If your erection is too hard, don’t force it down – you could break something, seriously.

The Lunge
If your morning wood slopes at a downward angle, consider yourself blessed. All you need to do is lunge forward so your stream of urine angles into the toilet. This prevents you from overshooting the bowl. Toward the end, as your stream gets weaker, you can deepen the lunge to avoid dribbling on the floor.

Downward Dog

This position will work for just about anybody, but it is a little difficult to get into, and – if someone walks in on you – potentially kind of embarrassing. Stand facing away from the toilet, with a foot on either side of the bowl. Bend forward at the waist until you’re touching the floor (or the opposing wall, or the tub, depending on your bathroom layout). Adjust your stance so your junk is well inside the bowl - you don't want the pee to run down your front. If you get caught, claim that you like to wake up with a morning yoga workout.

Note: This position may encourage you to take better aim in general, since it will bring you face-to-face with the residue of near-misses and splatters that coat the floor and outer bowl surface.

The Plank
Another one for guys who point straight out or slightly down. Stand a foot or two away from the toilet and lean forward, supporting your weight by putting your hands on the wall above the toilet. Take aim and hold your body rigid. This position also strengthens your abs and core muscles.

The Girly Man
Sometimes you just have to suck it up and sit down to pee. Sit on the john with your legs apart and lean forward so your penis points down into the bowl. You may have to press down on your erection slightly to make sure you don't pee out and down the front of the bowl. And no, sitting down doesn’t make you any less manly, especially if there are extenuating circumstances. What? You say it’s so long you can’t keep it from dragging in the water? Oh, alright then.

Leg Up

It’s not uncommon to have an erection that curves to one side or the other. If yours does this, you’ll need to compensate accordingly. Use the bathroom walls to brace yourself as you balance on one foot and tilt your body until your curve is pointing down toward the toilet bowl. You might want to install a grab bar by the toilet if you do this regularly.

The Superman
If you're a man of steel in the morning, you might as well be a superhero. Tie on the bedsheet for a cape, mount the bowl in a single bound, and make like you're flying. Hopefully the pressure relief will be like Kryptonite for your boner.


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An extraordinary young man, John Smith, is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri, John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events -- his first love, powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny. (Source:

It was with great anticipation and excitement that I journeyed to the movies yesterday to see I AM NUMBER FOUR-that based on the trailer seemed it would offer an exhilarating and thrilling ride. Was I exhilarated and thrilled by the experience,continue reading to find out.

What's Good about the movie:

The Last 30 minutes of the film is the best thing about the film.This is where we are introduced to #6, who along with #4 are a few of the remaining 9 specially gifted youngsters from planet Lorien who are being hunted by the Mongadorians ( an invading race who destroyed their planet).#6 totally steals the show with her sass,attitude and acting and  last but certainly not least her super ass-kicking abilities. I totally believe that the producers and casting directors missed an opportunity here as #6 should have been cast as #4 which would have really made this an awesome movie.#6 (played by Teresa Palmer who has been in the Grudge 2, Bedtime Stories and The Sorcerer's Apprentice) totally stole the show and had a much bigger impact than #4.

The fight scenes and special effects were also commendable due largely in part again to #6.

What's Bad about the movie:

#4's acting:

We are introduced to relatively newcomer Alex Pettyfer who more looks like he belongs in a CK underwear ad than as the lead in a feature film. He doesn't connect to the audience and is less than believable in his role as #4 but I'm sure teenage girls and tweens everywhere would beg to differ.

The quintessential boy meets girl love story:

This to me felt very forced and unnecessary but may be due largely to the #4's acting.

Overall Grade:

In the end I loved the last 30 minutes of the film again due mostly in part to #6 which somewhat salvaged the almost 2 hr experience. 

I'll give this movie a C. I know teenage girls would be lined up around the block screaming to get in to see this Sci-fi take on the Twilight series and may just have enough fight scenes,effects and action at the end to appease the young male.


When it comes to music thegayte-keeper & I are of opposing views. He believes that there is hardly any good music out there; I believe there is tons of great music/artists it's just that much of it doesn't make it to the main stream. I also like a lot of the stuff that is popular - maybe sometimes with a bit of a twist... So if you've notice thegayte-keeper always posts a throwback video [reminiscing of the days long gone]. Well I've been commissioned to share what's good now - hopefully I'll be able to change his view on the music of today & hopefully you will love it too and share your favorites.

Clare Maguire is a British singer/songwriter; her debut album "Light After Dark" is set for release February 28, 2011. The first single "Ain't Nobody" is a declaration of love to the one that does it so right. 23 year old Clare has a voice that seems to carry the experience of someone twice her age - it is quite unique and I can only compare it to Annie Lennox.
"This is not the end" performed at St. Luke's Church couples Clare's haunting voice with powerful lyrics - the perfect song for a Requiem or maybe just for those who just love a sad song at times. The song does offer a happy ending - so it's not a total sob fest. This is my favorite of her work thus far - it seems to draw you in and hold you - excellent work here.
I truly agree with the optimism in this song, for Clare, this truly is not the end; this is just the beginning.
Visit Clare's site:


So I've decided to add two segments to this blog and they are ENTERTAIN US (MUSIC) & ENTERTAIN US (MOVIES) and I've decided to pass those tasks onto two persons that I consider to be an honest voice in those areas. So look out for entries from ®‡ø and KACION & give them a warm welcome to the blogging world!

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"Not Gon' Cry" is a 1996 single by American R&B singer Mary J. Blige from the soundtrack to the film Waiting to Exhale; the song is also featured on Blige's 1997 album, Share My World. The song was written and produced by Babyface and became a major hit for Blige in the US, where it peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks, where it became her fourth #1 single on that particular chart. The single was certified Platinum by the RIAA where it has sold at 1.5 million copies in the United States.
The lyrics of the song are inspired by a storyline in the movie Waiting to Exhale revolving around one of the movie's main characters, Bernadine (portrayed by actress Angela Bassett), who gets abandoned by her philandering husband who tells her he is in love with another woman and chooses to be with her.
The music video, which incorporates clips from Waiting to Exhale, was directed by Wayne Maser and Elizabeth Bailey.
The song was later sampled in 2004 by rapped The Game for his own song "Don't Need Your Love" from his album The Documentary. In 2009, R&B singerMonica covered the song at "The BET Honors 2009" as dedication to Blige, who was one of the honorees at the program.
Rapper 2Pac poked fun of the song on his song "Bomb First (My Second Reply)".[1] The reason that he dissed Blige, was that she appeared on a song byDJ Clue?, featuring The Firm, in which The Firm dissed 2Pac.[2] Blige denied that she had anything against 2Pac. The feud was ended shortly after "Bomb First", But he could not remove the song from his then upcoming album, because he died two days before it's release, but Blige was featured on 2pac's song "When Thugz Cry", before the Makaveli album was released.


"Sittin' Up in My Room" is a song by American singer Brandy, written and produced by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds for the soundtrack of the 1995motion picture Waiting to Exhale. The track was one out of five singles the album spawned and reached number-two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, becoming Brandy's most successful single on particular chart up to that point.
In the video, Brandy is swimming in thoughts of a guy, keeping herself penned up in a very trippy retro, cartoonish room after her friend (Kim Coles) told her that her love interest is joining the party, which is going on downstairs. Actor Donald Faison played her love interest in this music video, directed by Hype Williams.

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