I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007


From the moment we are born, our souls may feel heavy because they are carrying the weight of all we have lived, loved, and learned in our past incarnations. It is only when we actively seek to work through our issues that we can lighten the load and our souls can evolve. Divesting ourselves of what no longer serves us, such as unwarranted fear, the inability to feel empathy, or self-limiting behaviors, are just some of the many challenges we may face in this lifetime. While some issues we face are easier to deal with because they are the final remains of residue from a past life, other issues offer greater challenges because we are meant to work through them throughout this lifetime. Often, we expect ourselves to recover quickly from difficult or painful circumstances. When we do not or cannot, we may feel emotionally inept or hopeless. The evolution of the soul, however, is an ongoing process that can take many lifetimes. It is a matter of accepting that even when we do our best there are going to be situations, people, and outcomes that we cannot control. It is also important to remember that your experiences now may be setting the groundwork for future healing-whether in this lifetime or the next one. The more you release in each time, the more you grow and the more your soul will evolve. Although it is not always possible to work through all of our issues in a single lifetime, it is important that we confront what we are called to face in this life and do the work we need to do. It is also important to remember that the most effective way to let your soul grow is to be an active participant in life. Be present in each moment and your soul will do this work for you.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Is…RIGHT IN FRONT OF U! When it comes to the things we want, there always seems to be an endless list. No matter how many times we get something off that list, we add new things to replace it. In life, this drama of wanting and getting and wanting is all part of the dance. The things we want motivate us to get up and get them. And yet, at the same time, we can torment ourselves with our wanting, especially when we want something we can't have or can't find. It is in cases like these that it might be fruitful to entertain the idea that maybe what you really want is right in front of you. Maybe you are using this desire you can't fulfill to distract you from truly engaging the blessings you already have. It may seem like that doesn't make sense, yet we do it all the time. It may be easier to see in other people than to see it in ourselves. We have all heard our friends wishing they were more this or less that, and looking at them we see clearly that they are everything they are wishing they were. We know people who have wonderful partners and yet envy you yours. We wish we could give these people a look at their situations from our perspective so that they could see that what they want really is right in front of them. It's not too far-fetched to consider that we might be victims of the same folly. It can be scary to have what we want. We get caught up in the chase and forget to enjoy the beauty right in front of us-like a child who never wants the toy she has in her hand but always the one just out of her reach. Take a moment today to consider the many things you are holding in the palm of your hand and how you might best play with them.

Monday, January 29, 2007


My friend, Change Starts Within! One of the biggest problems we face in our world today is the failure to make changes for the better. When problems arise on your job, how do you handle the situation? Are you quick to complain and gossip or do you walk away and begin to pray? In your home, when something needs to be done, do you take the initiative or do you wait for someone else to do it? Change Starts Within! Before we can expect someone else to change, we must begin to change ourselves. Change is not always a bad thing. So often we become complacent in certain areas and situations. We stop expecting the sun to shine. Change Starts Within! Today, what are you going through? In your life, where have you given up? Within yourself, if you believe that things can and will get better, they can and will. If you trust in the Sovereignty of God, you will see His glory manifested for you. Many people have given up on you. They do not believe you can change. Your situation seems unbearable. The vision God gave you appears to be unreachable. Change Starts Within! You must begin to speak life to yourself. You must change the way you walk, talk, think and live.

Thought to Remember: Self-evaluate yourself, before you criticize someone else.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Don't wait for some distant day to come,
it may be too late before you've even begun.
Not everyone will agree with all you decide.
Be true to yourself first and foremost.
The only important thing in life is what you do
with the time you spend here on earth.
Don't be afraid to follow your desires,
they are not silly nor selfish.
Take the time and do what makes you feel alive.
Leave your fears and regrets in the past,
for this is where they belong.
Don't cloud today with things that can't be undone.
You have no more control over yesterday or tomorrow,
than you do the raging of your passions.
Do not quiet these dreams nor quench your desires.
For if you do, your journey is ended.
You have only today to begin anew and follow your dreams.
For in the end all we have are our memories.
When the twilight comes to us, let there be,
No excuses, no explanations, no regrets!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


…U NEVER KNOW WHO U'LL MEET. Our individual journeys take us into many unexpected situations where we encounter a wide variety of people-some quite like ourselves and some very different. We cannot anticipate these meetings, but we can make the most of them when they take place. When we are courteous as a matter of course and open-minded in our assessment of the individuals whose lives briefly touch our own, we are more apt to stumble upon surprising gems of wisdom that open our eyes to new worlds of possibility. Every person we meet can affect us profoundly, just as every situation we find ourselves in can teach us something new. To fully embrace this fact, it is essential that we acknowledge that everyone is valuable in their own way and capable of expanding our horizons. Since we never know when we will happen upon those individuals who will unveil truths before us, we should extend to all people the same generous level of kindness, care, compassion, and understanding. When we assume everyone we meet is special and treat them as such, we can develop a strong rapport quickly. By making an effort to adopt a positive attitude toward others at all times, we ensure that our emotions do not blind us to wisdom that may be lurking in difficult or distressing situations. We are accordingly receptive to knowledge that comes to us in the form of examples, advice, and direct teaching. These brief relationships ultimately have the potential to enrich our lives in a very concrete way. But the wisdom we gain is proportional to the attention we pay to the world around us. The responsibility is on us to maintain a state of awareness that allows us to recognize when we are in the presence of someone consciously or unconsciously in possession of knowledge that will change us significantly. When we are cognizant of the potential for unexpected enlightenment, we make a habit of turning strangers into friends, thus ensuring that we are never without a font of wisdom from which to draw.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Arched Across The Sky
-=-=-=-=-=-= -

Rainbows created my imagination
As it arched across the sky
On one end there sat you
At the other end, there sat I
Imagining I could slide across
Over the rainbow to the end
There would be my pot of gold
The sweet love of my dear friend
The rainbow is a connection
Like a bridge from me to you
It appears joined by sunlight
Then the grey skies turn to blue
Arriving after the rainstorms
It became so evident to me
Thoughts of love follow rainbows
They arched right across the sea
A colorful arching rainbow
It has no gate, it has no door
It reaches from friend to friend
It arches from shore to shore
I smiled up today at the sky
How far would my loving smile go
It slid right over to the other side
The other end of the colored rainbow

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I find it so very interesting how the RHYTHM OF LIFE gets us, talk about universal vibrations. Now as if life isn’t complicated enough I arose out of my bed @ exactly 4: 47 am with no rhyme or reason; it was as if I’d never been asleep. Crazy how when I ask questions, answer soon follow and amazingly I got the answer to something that has been plaguing my soul for some time now. I’d met him about a year ago and from that moment something inside of me knew I wanted to date this man but I held back. At the time I knew it was because I loved another and knew that I couldn’t and wouldn’t fully commit to him. So as anyone could expect he got frustrated and our communications with each other ended and in scheme of life ALL things left opened will soon find themselves closed. So said so it was done only I didn’t know it yet and I think that I talked this man back into my life because I felt that he was someone that missed out on, someone that I could take a journey with. Hence I promised myself that if given a chance I wouldn’t let it pass me by, funny I should have because it was obvious that it wasn’t meant to be. We connected and I really that we both have a genuine LOVE for each other…only our definitions of that concept isn’t the same. So back to awaking in more ways than one, I soon came to realize that this man was on a hunt and his lust lead him to my door; only it wasn’t me he sought it was one of my room-mates. Now the F&CKED UP thing about that situation is I don’t have a problem with him getting his but the problem comes when he knew he was outside of the house that had me in it. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the only that separated us was the walls of my sitting area (I HAVE THE INTERNET CHAT MESSAGE TO PROVE IT!). So me being the MAN I am I couldn’t believe that this man who seems to possess principle and integrity decided that his SEXUAL APPETITE was more important than the feelings we had for each other…guess that means that things aren’t what they seem. So it was up to me to inform him that I knew about what he did and of course I did. He almost died, apologized profusely and begged for my understanding; the thing is I understood completely I only wonder if he does? How can he think that I didn’t know he was getting his? I mean he is a man and needs to get his. I can’t understand why come to my place? Why bring that energy to my place? Why show me such disrespect? Guess in grand scheme of things this is how it was meant to be, I can stop wondering if this man and I will be, I have to let go him, I have to dig deep into my soul and remember the signs. I can’t let him take LOVE away from me, I can’t let him make me HATE him, I can’t let him take me for anything less than a MAN. For my sanity I say thank you, raise my glass and tip my hat I no longer will pine away for this man. I know that we met for a reason; I get it now…I wonder if he gets it? So on behalf of my future happiness, I will remove myself from this situation, I know that I am meant for better things…a better man than he! I am seeking that REAL man, that true LOVE; you know that LOVE that never dies?…that LOVE that is from GOD? So now when I think about him I allowed myself to feel whatever emotion I was feeling when I thought of him. Be it anger, love, sadness, etc. No matter how many times I said "get over it!" I had to process it in my own way and this is my first step. I own the fact that we will always have a connection and now I understand why I cried the last time we made LOVE…I understand why I didn’t fall into your soul…I understand why I you are so lost…U DON’T RESPECT YOURSELF & NOW I KNOW WHERE THAT LEAVES ME…

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


If Not For You
-=-=-=-=-=-= -
by James Kisner

Early in the morning . . . as I lie awake in bed,
Thoughts of you run rampant . . . with the last words you said.
You always know the things to say . . . and know just what to do.
I guess that is one reason . . . why I feel such love for you.
My life has not been easy . . . with the problems that I've had,
It seems that situations for me . . . always turn out bad.
The little joy I seem to find . . . is always temporary,
And life comes crashing down again . . . with burdens that I carry.
It seems that others go through life . . . so happy and alive,
While it's a constant struggle for me . . . only to survive.
I see the happy faces . . . as I walk along the street,
My life just seems so empty . . . while all others look complete.
If not for you to cheer me up . . . I'd live in gloom and doom,
And probably sit alone and scared. . . inside some darkened room.
But when I sit and contemplate . . . and feel such emptiness,
I wonder if some other people . . . go through life like this.
It seems like all the others . . . have someone to call their own,
And I sometimes feel like I am . . . the only one alone.
But every time I reach a point . . . of sinking to such depth,
You come to me and touch me with . . . a little happiness.
The words you say to pick me up . . . and make me understand,
Gives me hope to carry on . . . and try to find life's plan.
Whenever life seems hopeless . . . and it's more than I can bear,
You always know the words to say . . . and you are always there.
I sometimes feel so guilty . . . when you say things will be fine,
It seems you draw on positives . . . while all I do is whine.
It seems I'm weak and negative . . . and everything is wrong,
While in your constant struggle also . . . you are always strong.
I know that I complain a lot . . . and live in deep despair,
And even in my pain and sorrow . . . you are always there.
I envy you, your strength and wisdom . . . while I seem so weak,
You remain steadfast and strong . . . and don't accept defeat.
I know that life is full of problems . . . others have them too,
And in their pain and sorrow . . . I just wonder what they do.
Does everybody go through this . . . or do I make it worse,
Magnifying pain and sorrow . . . or is it a curse
I only know that life goes on . . . regardless of the pain,
And every day it is a struggle . . . even to stay sane.
I will deal the best I can . . . with things that come along,
And hopefully, one day, I too . . . will feel like I am strong.
But as for now and days to come . . . I must take day by day,
And cling on to the precious words . . . that I know you will say.
I love you for your honesty . . . and all you say and do,
I do not know how I would cope with life . . . if not for YOU.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


…IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER! The devil's brew that they have
seasoned with our dreams, with our lives, is about to spill out into the fires
of justice -- the fire that rages in the bosom of each one of us here. We have
taken the worst that they could give, and we have endured. The poison fed to us
only purifies our body, cleansing us through a healing fever. Their lies tried
to blind us with, only made us see clearer; now we see with the third eye, we
understand the method and the madness…WE
Even though we are oppressed we understand that OPPRESSION is the systematic,
societally-condoned mistreatment of who we are simply because we live a life
that’s same-sex-prone. We are mistreatment and have to live with a
whole heap of propagation and misinformation about OUR lifestyle. This kind of hurts us in more ways than one, we
have men that are forced to become sub-human and co-exist in world that doesn’t
allow them to embrace their sexuality. Like I’ve said before, ‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ 
I have found that, for many bisexual men, the concepts of gay
and straight are fluid; they tend to identify themselves simply as men who like
sex with other men. This happens because we live in a society that often
discriminates against people who are different. We all have been taught to
believe that to be "straight" is to be normal. Hence they
try to oppress us, keep up caged but that can’t hold us for long. How can anyone deny who they are? To
do something like poses a bigger problem to society in ways they won’t be able
How do you live with
yourself showing such hate?
 When you do this you force unnecessary lies and you further
perpetuate the notion that GAY is BAD and STRAIGHT is GOOD…‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ I
just wish that women would open their eyes and see what is really going on,
they are the ones that reinforces homophobia and forces men to always treat
each other as if being a MAN means
you have to be tough and hard, never showing any affection or caring about
another man’s existence…‘THE MELTING POT
So to the world I say, ‘LISTEN & LISTEN GOOD, WE ARE THE NEXT

Monday, January 22, 2007


When were we are liberated, there exist a FREEDOM deep inside of us that we can’t ignore. When we are liberated, there is an abundance of LOVE that surrounds us. When we are liberated, there is PEACE & HARMONY in the world…Don’t get me wrong, I know we have the ability to come and go as we please, but when are we really able to just let loose and be ourselves, without the consequences of being mocked at or not respected due to the life style we choose to lead?

I am liberated because I am more about substance and quality than physical attributes. I am that inner man whose speech you ignore with qualities you can vibe with on all levels. I believe in putting out good energy and having it come back to me. I know that enlightenment is a REALITY and to think any other way is just a mind set. I DON’T WAVER LIKE THE WIND. I DON’T COMPROMISE MY BELIEFS TO MAKE THE WORLD HAPPY. I DON’T TURN MY BACK ON INTEGRITY & I LIVE MY LIFE BASE ON PRINCIPLE…

So to you I say, ‘Trust the light…The hidden door within the door!’ You could feel the love and peace of something great as the heavens echoes it’s cries as the darkness whispers into your soul. You will know that pure love and peace isn’t an illusion, the universe speaks peace to your SOUL preparing you for that which was to come. Every fiber of your being tells you the only way to become LIBERATED is to trust in self-love, trust in inner-peace…trust in hope...

May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand.May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them.

Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love embrace you as you go into the world. May the teaching of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished. It is the content of the encounter that is more important than its form. May you not become too concerned with material matters, but instead place immeasurable value on the goodness in your heart. Find time in each day to see the beauty and love in the world around you.

Realize that each person has limitless abilities, but each of us is different in our own way. What you may feel you lack in one regard may be more than compensated for in another. What you feel you lack in the present may become one of your strengths in the future. May you see your future as one filled with promise and possibility. Learn to view everything as a worth while experience. May you find enough inner strength to determine your own worth by yourself and not be dependent on another's judgments of your accomplishments.

PLEASE REMEMBER…U r smarter than u think and do not settle for anything less than completeness. PLEASE REMEMBER…U r growing nice in the life cycle and that is the first step to LIBERATIONPLEASE REMEMBER…The of us that’s liberated the better our world will be…

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Forgiveness is letting go
of the pain
and accepting what has happened,
because it will not change.
Forgiveness is dismissing
the blame.
Choices were made that
caused the hurt;
we each could have chosen
differently, but we didn't.
Forgiveness is looking
at the pain,
learning the lessons
it has produced,
and understanding
what we have learned.
Forgiveness allows us to move ontowards
a better understanding
of universal love
and our true purpose.

Forgiveness is knowing that love
is the answer to all questions,
and that we all
are in some way connected.
Forgiveness is starting over
with the knowledge
that we have gained.
I forgive you, and I forgive myself.
I hope you can do the same.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Start Where You Stand

-=-=-=-=-=-= -

by Berton Braley

Start where you stand

and never mind the past,

The past won't help you in beginning new,

If you have left it all behind at last Why,

that's enough, you're done with it, you're through;

This is another chapter in the book,

This is another race that you have planned,

Don't give the vanished days a backward look,

Start where you stand.

The world won't care about your old defeats

If you can start anew and win success,

The future is your time, and time is fleet

And there is much of work and strain and stress;

Forget the buried woes and dead despairs,

Here is a brand new trial right at hand,

The future is for him who does and dares,

Start where you stand.

Old failures will not halt, old triumphs aid,

To-day's the thing, to-morrow soon will be;

Get in the fight and face it unafraid,

And leave the past to ancient history;

What has been, has been; yesterday is dead

And by it you are neither blessed nor banned,

Take courage, man, be brave and drive ahead,

Start where you stand.

Have you ever had a heavy heart? No matter what you say or do, people refuse to listen. Have you ever cried out to the Lord? Life become more challenging as each day went by. Have you ever questioned whether the sun would shine again? Currently, all you see and experience are storms. Have you ever felt handcuffed in life? So often in our lives, we spend so much time trying to figure out where things went wrong. We begin to do self-evaluations. We begin to point the finger at ourselves. Even when you know you did nothing wrong, you find yourself accepting the blame. Have you been there? Are you there now? Do you have unanswered questions running through your mind? You sit back and notice how different people are now, notice how…once friend…now back-stabber, once confident…now complainer and once joyous…now jealous. You find yourself surrounded but you still feel alone. My friend, LIFE (IT HURTS) SOMETIMES! You watch the news and everything sounds negative. You watch television and everything seems degrading. You walk the neighborhood and everyone seems afraid. People have changed. LIFE (IT HURTS) SOMETIMES! It is during the toughest times in your life that God draws closer to you. It is during your challenging and overwhelming times, that you must know who God is. You must understand what He can and will do. You can never doubt His abilities. LIFE (IT HURTS) SOMETIMES, but God can heal all the time. In your life, there are no problems, dilemmas, burdens, worries, concerns or circumstances that God cannot handle. Even when friends and family forsake you, God will never leave you alone. Remember, earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal…Thought to Remember: Yes, Life Can Hurt Sometimes, but God will be there all the time.

Live For Today

Have you ever wished, when a day went wrong

a wish that's quite in vain

that it were only possibleto live that day again

You'd start out in the morning

with the prayers you should have said

and through the days your actions

with tolerance be led

The many little instances

that tried your patience, true

if only you could start again

you'd know now what to do

You'd kneel and say your evening prayers

and thank the lord above

for all the pleasant hours past

your heart at peace with love

But since this is a wish in vain

and never can be true

there's only one alternative

just one thing you can do

To live today in such a way

that when tomorrow comes

the memories of yesterday

will all be cherished ones.

Friday, January 19, 2007


A "STEREOTYPE" is a generalization about a person or group of persons. We develop stereotypes when we are unable or unwilling to obtain all of the information we would need to make fair judgments about people or situations. In the absence of the "TOTAL PICTURE," stereotypes in many cases allow us to "FILL IN THE BLANKS." Our society often innocently creates and perpetuates stereotypes, but these stereotypes often lead to unfair discrimination and persecution when the stereotype is unfavorable.

When we judge people and groups based on our prejudices and stereotypes and treat them differently, we are engaging in discrimination. This discrimination can take many forms. We may create subtle or overt pressures which will discourage persons of certain minority groups from living in a neighborhood. Women and minorities have been victimized by discrimination in employment, education, and social services. We may shy away from people with a history of mental illness because we are afraid they may harm us. Women and minorities are often excluded from high positions in the business world. Many clubs have restrictive membership policies which do not permit Jews, African-Americans, women, and others to join. Yet despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, there are people who maintain that their own race is superior to all others. These people, known collectively as "racists," are the most likely to engage in discrimination, persecution, and violence against those they deem to be members of "inferior" races.

The concept of equal rights for women is as old as the ancient Greeks; the Greek philosopher Plato advocated for equality between the sexes in his Republic. Few civilizations have even approached this equality, however, and it has only been in modern times that women have been granted legal rights which were routinely applied only to men. Actual equality in society has lagged far behind legal emancipation, many believe. Although sexual discrimination remains a problem at all levels of society, women have risen to leadership positions in government, business, and the professions, but not to the same degree as their male counterparts. Women have run for President (Rep. Shirley Chisholm in 1972) and have been nominated on the ticket of a national party (Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro in 1984). Here in the Bahamas we had our very first Deputy Female Prime Minister and in America we see Senator Hillary Clinton throwing her hat in the ring for a chance to destroy that stereotype.



Thursday, January 18, 2007


In our youth-oriented culture, the process of aging is not honored as it once was. There have been societies that looked to those who were older for leadership, understanding that their life experiences must have brought some wisdom with them. Our society tends to put more value on looking youthful, so when the time comes that we don’t look, move, or feel the way we once did, this causes a sudden jolt to our perception of ourselves. We can look at this shift as a crisis and fight against change, or we can take the opportunity to transition smoothly to a new phase of life. We spend our youth learning who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. As we set and reach our goals, it is easy to identify ourselves by our roles. At some point we may feel very comfortable in the idea that we have a complete understanding of ourselves. This is, inevitably, when things change and we get to see ourselves from a new perspective. Those who have reached their goals may wonder where to go from there, feeling uncomfortable with the new choice of parts to play. Others may have to let go of an identity that was built around a goal that was not reached and decide from what foundation to rebuild. Although it can be challenging to shift into a new expression of self, we may find that we’re better suited for this fresh path of self-discovery and the new perspective it brings. Whether we find ourselves facing a midlife crisis or any life transition, we can take the time to get in touch with our inner selves. From the unchanging spirit within us, we can accept and embrace the changes that come with the human experience. Examining where we’ve been and what we’ve learned can point in the direction of all that we would like to do now and in the future. When we anchor our identity in our spiritual nature, we understand that physical change does not change who we are, but only offers another perspective from which to experience, understand, and celebrate life.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


ONE MAN'S 'INHERENTLY DANGEROUS' IS ANOTHER MAN'S HO-HUM ROM IN THE HAY! I think that SAFE SEX IS A WAY OF LIFE and that it’s up to US to see to it that we LIVE to F&CK another day. First, I think that most adults need not justify their sex lives except to those directly involved. I am talking to those of us that F&CK around and play Russian-roulette with their life. I know SEX is exciting and fun, but Why mess up a good thing? Why place yourself in harms way and get a terminal disease? If you know that RAW SEX is treacherous and there is a thrill to being unsafe, why risk the thrill? But all in all I am just curious as to why the non-condom user still justifies not using them. What's their rational? I really would like to hear how illogical their story is. I know that CONDOMS take away most of the pleasure that CUMS with intercourse isn’t PENETRATION the final act? My opinion is that if you’re having SEX just to have an ORGASM then the point is totally lost. Shouldn’t SEX be about the person you are with? Shouldn’t SEX be about the expression between two persons? Shouldn’t SEX be about taking oneself to another place? I sit and wonder why that is some many of US come in contact with AIDS? We know it’s out there, we know it can happen…YET STILL WE IGNORE IT! I myself don’t like condoms but hey its effective and safe, I know that if I was in a COMMITTED, LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP that I would feel safe and free to express how I feel without one. However in the meantime I know what the harsh realities are and I am not about to ignore them for someone that is just a FOR THE MOMENT person. Can you imagine how silly you feel allowing yourself to go there when afterwards you regret it? Can you imagine having SEX and know this person is giving some disease? I mean most if not all of US don’t even want to kiss the person, so why get up in there without protection? THINK STRANGER = DANGER! Place HEAVY stock in the use of condoms and think of it as your weapon against A. I. D. S. and some other S. T. D.’s or S. T. I.’s. The most important message to get across is personal responsibility. I advocate learning how to protect yourself. How you do that and if you do that is another issue which is a personal one and is best made after receiving quality information and support. People need to be made aware of locations online and/or in their area where they will receive the possibly life-saving information they need. Support groups, testing, and counseling are usually available or easy to find. Armed with information, people can choose what they feel is best for them in terms of taking care of themselves.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


There are times in our lives when all the signs seem to be pointing us in a particular direction. Our thoughts and dreams are echoed in the songs and stories we hear and the media we see. Maybe the message we are getting from the universe doesn’t even make sense in the “real” world, but somewhere inside, these urges feel right. Maybe you feel you are being told to move to a new city although your life where you are is just fine. Or maybe you feel the desire to pursue a new direction in your career when it never really interested you before. When we spend time getting in touch with our higher selves, our intuition sends us directives to lead us to become our best and most fulfilled selves. And when we are open and listening, the next step is to take action and go for it. Once we make the decision to pursue our inner urgings, the universe sets into motion the means for all sorts of details to fall into place. A sense of peace will come over us, because we know that any questions will no longer make us wonder if our dreams are possible, but how to make them happen. Instead of deterring us from our goal, these questions only serve to clarify our focus to move us forward. We need not throw caution to the wind to follow our dream. The positive shift in our energy affects everything around us. Like a rush of water, it goes ahead to clear debris from our path so that we can go forward. Our new attitude also attracts likeminded people. Sometimes even the most unlikely angels arrive to help us along our way with the information and support we need. Wherever your dreams are pointing you today, take a step. Take action and manifest your inner urges and soul whisperings.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Many of us know the feeling of being stuck in a particular role within our families, as if we are wearing masks whenever we see the people we love. Maybe we are the good daughters, expected to always please others, or perhaps we are the family clowns, expected to be jovial and make everyone laugh. This same scenario can play out within a work situation or a group of friends. We may be so good at our role that we hardly even notice that we are wearing a mask, and yet, deep down, we know that we are not free to simply be who we really are. This can leave us feeling unseen and uneasy. There is nothing inherently wrong with wearing a mask or playing a role. It is a natural part of any social dynamic and it can even be creative and fun. It only becomes a problem when you feel that you have no other choice than to wear that mask, and this is especially challenging if you realize you are never without one. Perhaps you have forgotten who you really are—a vast and unrestricted being of light—and have identified yourself completely with a role. You may be the dutiful, caring son who keeps his parents’ dysfunctional marriage intact. You may be the angelic wife who enables your husband to continue on a destructive path. You may be the cheerful daughter to a deeply depressed mother. Whatever the case, knowing the motivation behind your performance—the function of your mask—can help to uncover your true face. Anytime we find ourselves stuck behind a mask, it is an indication that we are entangled in a dysfunctional dynamic in which our true self cannot be seen. We have been placed in this situation for the purpose of our own healing and, in some cases, the healing of others. From this perspective, life can be seen as a series of situations that call us to remove our masks—gently, and with great compassion for all concerned—to reveal the beauty underneath.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

¡I DO!

Getting married is another way of showing how deep u love each other and want to take your relationship to a whole new level. I am a same gender loving man and I strongly AGREE with GAY MARRIAGE. I am aware that there are A LOT of ISSUES in the GAY community that affects us in the way of RELIGION, the DL syndrome, and HIV/AIDS. Yes these elements are factors that goes against MONOGAMY, but there are persons that fighting against all of that and besides these factors affect those that are allowed to take that commitment. As far as religion and bible goes, GOD himself NEVER brought up nor talked about homosexuality. HE only taught love. Ask yourself this, how can GOD damn us or forsaken us when HE created us in his image? Why would GOD give us a choice when there is no choice? I feel that choice for SAME-SEX-COUPLES taking the vow should be up to that COUPLE and not anyone else. The CHURCH, GOVERNMENT NOR SOCIETY should have an input in that situation. This makes HOMOSEXUALS second-class citizens. It denies us all the rights and responsibilities that heterosexual people take for granted. We see on television on many ‘REALITY’ shows i. e. THE BACHELOR, WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, FOR LOVE OR MONEY just to name a few. These shows demonstrate how the rest of the world feel about LOVE & MARRIAGE and these shows don’t show any ounce of respect to that institution. The world @ large needs to know that when any group is discriminated against because of any reason it has to do with Civil Rights and anyone should know that WE are GOD’s people and you can’t hold us back…As it stands WE are the minority that are seeking equal rights. If all humans are created equal how is it we have to fight for what is rightfully OURS? Shouldn’t we exercise OUR inalienable rights to pursue happiness? Why should ALL same gender loving people suffer the lack of legal right to mate/partner because of the "issues" of others? Would you want to revoke the right to free speech because of the irresponsible rhetoric of those who say/promote things that seem contrary to public interest? HELLS NO! I said it before and I will say it again, ‘I think being able to married anyone you choose whether gay or straight is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue, it is about equal rights. Gays have a right to pursue happiness, and the rights that come along with marrying whomever they please. No one can tell another person who they can love and can't love (once they know what love is), whom they can live with and whom they can't, and whom they can have sex with and whom they can't. It is about filling a longing and making yourself happy.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


To find peace as a single person is a great challenge by many. Our hegemony suggests that we are nothing and in fact are incomplete if we cannot find and stay in a successful partnered relationship. In this country, we are bound to find that there are literally a handful of beautiful black men who could possibly be PNBs…that's POTENTIAL NEW BOYFRIENDS. You meet one who presents unlimited potential. He's beautiful, charming, intelligent, and he has the uncanny ability to keep you smiling. And the sex…IT'S PHENOMENAL! It seems you have found someone with whom you could definitely get serious. BUT THEN REALITY HITS AND THIS IS WHEN THE REAL RELATIONSHIP STARTS… Each of us has traveled different paths/journeys in life to evolve to where we are today. I think that LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP are a big force in lives; it takes us back the life’s basic things. This EMOTION, this DRIVING FORCE has shaped and impacted our lives in so many ways; through LOVE we learn something new everyday. It makes us realize that we are not complete without it. It gives us COURAGE, STRENGTH & A REASON TO GO ON.

Now the sad thing is that most if not all MEN are products of each other; meaning that they are programmed or imitate each other. How many times have u seen or met a MAN that isn’t a carbon-copy of some other man? How many times have you seen or met a MAN that subscribes to the same things that everyone else believes? How many times have you seen or met a MAN that isn’t BALANCED or ALIGNED SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY & MENTALLY? How many MEN have you come across that isn’t HONEST, REAL or WORTHY? GOD KNOWS THAT I HAVE, HENCE I AM STILL SINGLE. I know what kind of MAN I want, I what kind of LOVE I want…I WANT THAT LOVE MAKING, SOUL SHAKING…HEART BREAKING KINDA LOVE. I WANT A MAN THAT KNOWS HE’S A MAN ACCEPTS ALL THAT COMES WITH THAT. I WANT SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THIS IS MY LIFE AND THIS IS FOR REAL. I AM IN LOVE WITH an HONEST ‘REAL’ man WITH AN OPEN MIND & HEARTI WANT A MAN WHOSE KNOWS THAT FINDING TRUE LOVE ISN’T HARD, IT’S OUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND OUR LACK OF POWER WE PLACE ON COmmittent THAT HURTS OUR RELATIONSHIPS, THUS RENDERING US SINGLE…

I want a man that can actually appreciate my heart, soul & mind. i want him to know that from the moment I was born until my fading light and with the turn of every season, its LOVE that gives me the will to live, that’s the measure of the life I lead…I am here to LOVE. I wouldn’t be single if I found a MAN that knew that I am an emerging, human being. My life is all about living authentically, I want him to see the true and outstanding beauty of my mind, the fullness of my heart and the grace of my soul. I want him to understand that I am in no way about the superficial materialistic things. Do you think he understands What I value the most can't burn with a match, including the flesh…i am single still because I AM THAT STRONG AND SENSUAL CREATURE WITH A FAST ARRAY OF QUALITIES and i haven’t found a man that EMBRACES THE INNER AND OUTTER BEAUTY OF THE MAN I AM…

Nevertheless i know that i am on this quest to find the man for me! i am sure i’ve mentioned that concious man god hand picked just for me. he takes my breathe away…he is the mate of my soul, the kinda man that goes against all odds being himself and not trying to be someone society wants him to be. My warrior will be strong minded and not intimidated by my outspokenness and can handle it when I let him know he is slipping. He will not question me and accuse me of not being faithful; he will know that he is all the man I need. He will not try to control me…Think of me as being less than him. Could you be the one for me? Could you be my find? The one to help me forget the man that broke my heart and hurt my soul? I know it won't be an easy and I know that the road is long and rough but I know that as long as I have you I know that WE can make it. Make me believe that my future is no longer as uncertain…as the distant sunrise, yet still it is farther than the set. I want to find a MAN whose presence in life is POWERFUL to deny. I want him to seize my heart, lock my soul and give me all of his LOVE.

Call me crazy but I can see him now, I know he is out there waiting for me. He has eyes that are truly the window to…PERFECTION & FLAWLESSNESS. He makes me want to watch the sun rise in them…leaving a longing impression on my HEART & SOUL. In the chambers of my heart, I behold the extremity of HIS ‘BEAUTY’ and he is protecting the one he so loved… I beheld human love for a second. He touched my heart with tenderness; fill my cup with love…He shares my dreams and you know we are going to reach the stars above. THIS MAN cares without hesitations…THIS MAN remembers without limitations…THIS MAN give without expectations…OH LAWD! THIS MAN LOVES…until HE comes I will be SINGLE…

Friday, January 12, 2007


Every human life is defined, to some extent, by limits. No one person is capable of fulfilling every possibility. We are all born with unique aptitudes and sensitivities, and it is these qualities that largely determine the paths we will travel in life. What invigorates, excites, and inspires one individual may exhaust or overwhelm another. When we understand what we as individuals are capable of reasonably handling, we gradually learn to accept that we have control over our wellbeing. Yet determining where our limits lie can be difficult, as it is likely we have been told time and again that the discomfort, fatigue, and stress we felt while engaging in activities outside the range of our comfort zones was all in our heads. If you have never before given thought to the notion of personal limits, creating a list of those tasks and situations that leave you feeling drained can give you insight into your own. You will know definitively that you are operating within your limits when you have the necessary energy and drive to address your personal and professional commitments. This is not to say you should not push yourself or work to extend the range of your capabilities. The wisdom you gain through dynamic self-examination will give you the tools you need to create an individual life strategy that allows you to achieve your goals without compromising yourself or your needs. The limits you honor by focusing your energy on what you can do rather than what you cannot do will not interfere with your ambitions unless you allow them to interfere. You can thrive within your limits, actively shape your circumstances, and avoid anguish by simply recognizing that certain aspects of life nourish you while others drain you, and doing your best to perceive the fine line between applying yourself diligently and overworking yourself. You may be surprised to discover that your limits change over time. Your willingness to accept these limits as they reveal themselves to you can smooth your passage through life and give you the means to flourish.

Thursday, January 11, 2007



The Flow Of Life

-=-=-=-=-=-= -

If the sky above seems cloudy,

And you are left out in the rain,

If you are searching for a rainbow,

But the colors bring you pain,

If your world is not revolving,

And there is no end in sight,

If you are looking for the sunshine,

But all you see is night,

If all around are smiling,

But all you can do is frown,

If you are tired of all this living,

When life just brings you down,

Then look beyond your teardrops,

At the wonders of this land,

The beauty of a flower,

Like velvet in your hand.

Feel the air around you,

The smell of new mown hay,

Laughing children in the park,

The innocence there at play,

Imagine floating with a butterfly,

As she flutters between the trees,

Or the whispers of the ocean,

On warm hot summer's breeze,

Think of the taste of candy floss,

As it melts upon your tongue,

Or the melody of morning birds,

As they greet each day with song,

Remember words of beauty,

Told in your mother's embrace,

Feel the gentleness of her touch,

As she softly kissed your face,

Seek the good within you,

Cast the clouds from your sky,

Don't look toward the pavement,

But hold your head up high,

Think not what life owes you,

But of all you have to give,

Forget about tomorrow,

Then you can start to live.

So Bless this age your are living in,

With the gifts you can bestow,

Don't disregard the stream of life,

Go gently with the flow.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


WE ARE MANY, but in solitude I stand, waiting for an answer if anyone can grant. If I can get an answer, to the world I will shout, THIS IS WHAT OUR COMMUNITY SHOULD BE ABOUT!” We breathe and respond. We should share a loving bond; we share the same ground and same heart in all of us pounds. But I can’t help but feel that we I am alone; I came to the realization that WE will never rise because we don’t believe in OURSELVES. I came to the realization the other day that our community we never be where it should because the persons in it don’t believe in themselves. I find it so hard to deal with, I feel as if I am here in an empty room full of people. THEY REAP THE REWARDS & BENEFITS, BUT DON’T WANT ANY OF THE PAIN & SCARS. It’s so crazy that these MEN want to F&CK other MEN but can’t deal with their own SEXUALITY. How can you like being something you HATE? How does that compute or make sense to you? If the life is wrong leave it be, stay away from it…STOP BRINGING THE COMMUNITY DOWN! Tell me…Is this Life? Is this what it’s all about? Should we enjoy life and ignore the thing that pricks like a knife? Is this LIFE all about our NEEDS and not our DEEDS? Why do we find it so hard to walk upon God's Earth and squish its mud between our toes? Why can’t we walk around with HUMAN feet touching the ground? Why can’t we show the rest of the world that we are just as important as they are? This hurts my HEART so much, yet still I hold onto OUR COMMUNITY as it slips away. It’s like I am in plain sight and no one can see me. I am that picture they keep in their pocket that got lost in their dreams when they wake up. I am desperately trying to be remembered racing through empty highways and byways seeking something, anything…anyone that could make me see that there is HOPE that I don’t need to be living on a PRAYER. I only wish that I was a drug that they took because they would use me more. I can get in their SOUL and spread my message of ACCEPTANCE (SELF), LOVE & PEACE. I want to make them see that this is who we are and this life we are meant to live. But alas all get is how this LIFE is an illusion and how it will be over soon. I hope that someday all will be explained to ME when this will happen because I lost that notion, that way of thinking…maybe I lost it in a bottle or it left to find the truth. Every time I get up, every time I breathe I stumble and fall and all I can do is look at the sky and hold on to my DREAM. I want us to own who are, let us make this community what it should be. I want us to release blame, guilt, and shame. We are caught up in a knot of pain. I want us to LOVE ourselves, appreciate, and believe we are the best of who we are. I want us to understand that WE can’t give up and let the world crush and destroy us. We are compassionate people, we need to nourish, support, sustain and protect who we are as a community. I want us to practice listening for the deep truth that resides in our HEARTS, if we don’t we are depleted and off center. Hence if we are depleted and off center, we will be unable to care for ourselves in a healthy manner. As I practicing truly loving myself, I am better able to love and understand you. Can’t you do the same for you, for me…for our community? I BELIEVE DO U? Tell me that you don’t know that seeing is believing and hearing is seeing and feeling is knowing; you know that I am here fighting this fight. I know that when it rains it pours, but know that the sunshine will give me relief. Just look into my eyes see my lust for our freedom, feel the pain I have in my heart. Touch my HEART, caress my MIND, fondle and manipulate my SOUL. Come closer and feel the wetness of my face and my heart that beats for YOU, ignore the raindrops that falls in your space, beneath your waist…at your place. Come share my umbrella, my world, and MY story while these raindrops keep falling…

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


At night, Jesus and I would have good conversations. Sometimes they were just me talking. Sometimes I visited Jesus in my dreams…The Jesus I talked to and loved wasn't the on-the-cross Jesus, or the water-to-wine Jesus. The Jesus I loved was a compassionate man, a man with a pure heart. It was clear to me from these regular conversations that Jesus and I understood each other. So I had no problems accepting myself, living with myself…LOVING myself. But sometime in the last 10 years or so, Jesus and I seem to have parted ways. I think it is partly due to the rise in CHRISTIANITY in this country. I don't know their Jesus. My Jesus, for example, would never have condemned gays and lesbians. HE WOULDN’T WANT TO BURN OUR FLESH FOR ALL ENTERNITY. They try to make us feel as if we’ve failed the Jesus whom loved us so much. The funny thing is that I feel that we should have been burned for not fighting the battle to win respect and equal treatment for ourselves. I think that by leaving, we help them win. We are not equipped to fight this sort of battle, for Jesus only armed us with kindness and compassion. So to them I say, JUDGE NOT Lest Ye Yourself Be Judged. If you are judging, you are not aware of what is REALLY GOING ON with me. If you judge me, how can you understand my point of view or experience? I will release your judgment and cultivate LOVE….Honoring ALL of us. Before you burn our flesh, how about you…WALK A MILE IN our shoes? Take the time to shift perspective around to have empathy and understanding for another person. Often you will find that something NEW will arise, something you missed, something that your eyes didn’t allow your HEART to see. From this new found awareness, new choices, new words and new actions can arise. Thus HEALING can take place. Please know that, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS AND NEEDS. We all have the Same CORE UNIVERSAL NEEDS. . . like food, water, love, respect etc. So why strip us of those needs just because you can’t deal with GOD allowed to happen? I can’t understand why WE are HATED so much, why do wish such a fate on US. We are after all GOD’s CHILDREN we want the same things you want, we want to know that we are living in a world where we leave things that we don’t know anything about alone. WE NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN SHOW US LOVE IN ANOTHER FORM, CAN YOU? WILL YOU? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO?

Monday, January 8, 2007


You are the artist in your life. You create the images and colors on the canvas called your life. Are you creating the picture you want? Does your canvas convey a life of fulfillment and growth? Or does your canvas convey chaos and despair? Sometimes we don't like what we see in our lives. And I ask who is responsible for the likeness reflecting back? Some would say outside forces, such as inadequate parents, poverty, addiction, rotten breaks, racism, homophobia, a disability, incest, and any number of other things. No doubt, outside forces can and do influence our life canvas. But I invite you to consider that, more often than not, we allow outside forces to color and define our lives. You are the artist; God is your co-creator. Together all things are possible. But when we mistakenly believe that other people control our destiny, we end up feeling bitter and hopeless. Consider a different perspective. This may not be easy to swallow if you are a struggling single parent, someone who has just lost a job, or someone facing other tough circumstances. You're invited to first see whether you played a part in where you are. And the best news you can give yourself is to say yes, because if you played even a small part, there is something you can do to change that canvas of your life. But if you played no part whatsoever, then you may be waiting forever for someone to change the course of your life. And that could be a very long wait. Even if you played no part, what can you do today to re-create your life? What action can you take to create a more appealing image? You are the artist in your life.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


How much time have you browsed the various sites that are geared towards SGLM and came across profiles that said that the person is...STRAIGHT acting...MASCULINE... looking. Immediately you know that these are code words that reflect how these men want to be perceived. They think that by placing such information out there somehow makes them SUPERIOR and those that are the total opposite they class as INFERIOR. Isn’t it amazing how FEMOPHOBIC gay men are to other gay MEN? Most of the masculine men in are looking for an equal…a buddy, not a male who wants to be a wife and cared for like a woman. I can understand how these men would feel that way because MOST effeminate men show their narrow view when it comes to homosexuality, thus placing them in the same box as the RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS of the world. I acknowledge that FEMOPHOBIC means different things to different people. But for me it means that there are MEN in this community that just expresses themselves differently, these MEN deserve to be treated with RESPECT & ADMIRATION. These men are the bold ones facing the RAW fact about HOMOSEXUALITY, they are what society thinks is the EPTIOME of a HOMOSEXUAL. I understand that FEMOPHOBIC men have a right to not want to subscribe to that way of life and that’s fine, but think of it like this…There are already a limited amount of MEN out there…So consider the fact that YOUR SOUL MATE could be one of those MEN you HATE! WE already have a difficult time trying to navigate through this LIFE, being a GAY MAN in this world is hard enough. We all know how society has this ask don’t tell policy about sex; and in most peoples mind we do not exist! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we should embrace all the colors that make up OUR rainbow. When we demean each other I say that WE LIVE & ACT as if the FEMININE HOMOSEXUAL is the product of LOVELESS sex, we act as if LOVE abandoned them. This shows that not only society believe that we have a CHARACTER or EMOTIONAL BIRTH DEFECTWhy are we allowing societal pressure to play a role in inhibiting who we are? Why are do we shun another because he is ‘different acting? I will tell you why, because many of us feel less than HUMAN and more than a MAN and many haven't evolved to the point of knowing who we really are. If the MASCULINE MAN is secure within himself, would find a need to show hatred to a FEMININE MAN? Do you think WE need to focus more on breaking down the myths and stereotypes of ALL MEN in this COMMUNITY? This is the only way for US to start UNITING as one MAN. We all need to remember that no matter where in the world we live, what culture we come from, what beliefs we have, what language we speak, WE ARE ALL ONE IN THE SAME...