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Thursday, April 21, 2022


X joins the Disney+ series as a shirtless, guitar-playing cowboy!

He’s gonna take his horse to the Disney+ road and ride 'til he can’t no more!

Lil Nas X is making his Proud Family debut today, bringing the yeehaw agenda to another platform!

Lil Nas isn’t letting his five recent Grammy losses keep him down (plus, we’re sure he’ll win plenty more in his career), and is moving to TV next. The star will be making his debut in the new episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder being released today titled “Old Towne Road.” 

The episode follows the Proud family traveling to Oklahoma to track down Suga Mama's roots. It looks like a great celebration of Black cowboys and how so much of country culture comes from Black culture.

While in Oklahoma, Bobby sees a band performing and wants to join in. He hops on stage, where he’s met by June Bug, complete with a cowboy hat, no shirt, and gold tooth, who tells him he’s the only guitar-player in the band, and hands Bobby a washboard.

“Give this a try, cuz, I love that for you,” he says.” The band then starts in on Nas’ first number one hit, “Old Town Road.”

Honestly, we’re still never getting tired of this song, and seeing it in a new format with a bunch of Black cowboys and cowgirls square dancing to it is yet another great way to hear it. Lil Nas X keeps on winning!!!

When the Proud family said “Louder and Prouder” they really meant it! In the new rebooted series for Disney+, Penny, Oscar, and the other Prouds have been hanging out with nonstop queer guest stars and characters.

Not only were new queer characters introduced like EJ Johnson’s Michael Collins, a new, fashion-forward gender-nonconforming friend of Penny’s crew, and Barry and Randall Leibowitz-Jenkins, the two gay dads of a teen played by Keke Palmer. But other queer stars like Lizzo, Jane Lynch, Bretman Rock, Lena Waithe, and Princess Nokia have all voiced characters as well.

You can watch The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder on Disney+ now.


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