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Tuesday, April 26, 2022


With sorry being thrown around all over the place, how do you distinguish the genuine ones from the half-hearted statements. What happened to the good ole times when apologies could build bridges and mend relationships?

Even when an apology comes from a good place, sometimes anger is still there. Want to figure out why? From, getting over *that* kind of apology to exploring where your anger comes from, here’s everything you need to know.

If there’s ever a time to use the clichΓ© “Actions speak louder than words,” it’s with apologies. Someone can apologize until they’re blue in the face but if you’re noticing it’s not backed up by their actions moving forward, it’s meaningless.

Sometimes, apologies aren’t legit and if you’re still reeling after a sorry, ask yourself: Does this person use sorry as an escape? Have they said sorry before, only to not change a thing?

Maybe they did apologize properly and changed their actions, yet you still feel angry. In that case, maybe what’s bothering you isn’t the issue apologized for. It could be a much bigger, pent-up problem.

In fact, your frustration might come from a deeply ingrained issue that requires time to deal with and process.

I know that sorry isn’t a magic word — you still need to process it, so seek clarity before you break off ties unless it’s a very cut and dry situation.

Always remember that if f you still feel angry, it’s completely okay and valid to be even after someone says sorry. Don’t let anyone guilt you into thinking anger isn’t acceptable.

You don’t have to get over it for anyone else except yourself. Feel how you feel and then, when you’re ready, move on for you. 

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