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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


If you are in a relationship you must know that you cannot settle for a monotonous life. Your partner is not only your best friend but also the person who is sharing a life with you. That takes honesty and in some cases more effort than others.

That means improving your sex life as well. After five years in a relationship, for example, sex is something that constantly needs fresh ideas. Your partner may seem totally committed to you in every other way besides sex.

How can you improve your sex life then?

A little spark in your love life is the answer. But of course your partner's a man and doesn't know how to communicate that. Don't blame him, blame the human genome.

These easy steps can help you reclaim your sex drive:

Most important: don’t panic! 5 gay years equals about 25 and you can both go through a mid-relationship crisis. Although you realise that your perfect for each other, the crises may tend to reflect on your sex life. No worries though, this is an easy fix.

It's time for action! Go to your local sex shop (if there isn't one close by, search for one on the net). Time for some raunchy role-play. Buy a few extremely freaky items from the kinky store. Think outside of your comfort level (i.e. swings, penis rings, flavored lubricants, maybe even chaps).

Plan a surprise romantic night. Prepare dinner by candlelight, but this time the menu should consist of chocolates, strawberries, honey or even whipped cream. Instead of sitting at the table in your normal gear, wear some of the new sexy clothing you got from the sex shop.

Sit him down and ask him not to move, this is your show! Feed him the goodies. Eat the whip cream off his chest or any other creative spot. Work him into a frenzy and then move the party to the floor or even the table top (Don't worry, you can clean it later!). Take control and give him the wildest night of his life.

Try a little role play. It's embarrassing at first, but make up a scenario (you're his sex-crazed waiter, a kinky sex-god or another character that finds him irresistible). Ravish him and don't hold back. Whisper softly in his ear that you are his man and it's your job to fulfill his every fantasy. Just be creative. You will have to read his mind and see what actions excite him the most.

If the taste fest goes well, you should spontaneously plan other exciting sexual events. Let him know you want to be with him and only him. Try some private outdoor action or interrupt his shower with a cleaning session of your own. In other words, keep it exciting and spontaneous.

Your mission from this point on (if you choose to accept it) is to outdo and outperform any potential trick he may find on the net. If your man wants raunch, give it to him. Then, after the spark has been reunited, let him know it's your turn to check into the fantasy hotel!

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  1. Great recommendations! Love and naked hugs, my blogging buddy!