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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


An African gay rights group has won a global sexual health award for helping to eliminate the stigma attached to HIV.

Abbey Kiwanuka, the chief executive of the African LGBTI Out and Proud Diamond Group, took home the award at the event hosted by NAZ in London.

Tortured in Uganda, Abby fled to the UK and chose to dedicate his life to campaigning against homophobic laws and the persecution and discrimination of LGBTI people.

He has helped set up a campaign, Let’s Talk! Stop UK, that works with black and minority ethnic groups in the LGBTI community.

‘I come from a continent where LGBTI people in most countries are denied access to sexual health in the mainstream medical centers,’ Abbey said in his acceptance speech.

‘This is because of the prevailing anti-gay laws and the stigma attached to HIV and LGBTI community. We have also seen government like Uganda closing closing some HIV centers. alleging that they are promoting homosexuality. Other medical professionals fear to offer sexual health services to LGBTI people in fear of being labelled as promoters of homosexuality.’

He added there has been some changes, with more people of African origin feeling more capable of going to go get tested.

‘I dedicate this award to all those LGBTI people living in countries in communities which outlaws homosexuality and also those facing the stigma attached to HIV and LGBTI people. My message is be strong: change is coming.’


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  1. Congratulation to Mr. Kiwanuka for both his courage and initiative. This is indeed good news! Thank you, my blogging brother, for promoting this! Much love and many naked hugs!