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Sunday, November 8, 2015


There is a misconception within many westernized communities on the meaning of the word "surrender" and how it applies to us as gay men. It is thrown around and used as a divine form of submission, especially as a proof of how much a  gay man that is a 'bottom' trusts his man; to surrender to his divinely masculine love and heart. 

Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a duality consciousness attempt to understand a unity consciousness concept, it just doesn't translate well at all.

Surrender has nothing to do with submission, and certainly isn't needed for trust, it is instead a state of being, a profound acceptance, not to a person, but to the reality found in each given moment. Since it is a state of being, there is no "doing" in it, it cannot be legislated, nor can it be coerced; any and all doing is just a reflection of the state of being, nothing more.

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  1. A very compelling perspective, my blogging brother. Thank you for offering this. As you stated, "surrender" is accepting what is considered inevitable. "Giving" is voluntary. "Trust" isn't a part of the equation. Love and naked hugs, man!