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Wednesday, July 6, 2022


When it comes to short men, the internet has jokes for days, but no one is laughing here! There are plenty of people in this world  who would love to get laid out by a man who wouldn’t be able to put his carry-on in the overhead compartment, and we applaud those people. There ain’t nothing wrong with a shorter man because anyone who’s been with um...a lot of men of various heights knows that height has nothing to do with, well...their cocks. Yes, short men’s cocks can be just as fabulously impressive in size as a man who could play professional basketball. With that said, let’s take a look at the best sex positions for short men and those who are fucking them.


Those who are taller than their partner can usually pick them up. While they may not like that when you’re out and about running errands, they will thank you for it in the bedroom when you give them some afternoon delight. For this one, you’re going to pick them up so that their back is to a sturdy wall or even on the ledge of the kitchen counter. Then you’re going to give it to them up the ass so good they’ll ask for seconds come the evening.


With some short men having a bit of a complex, I wouldn’t recommend calling this position by its name. It may make them feel a little weird. Instead, tell them to get into a sort of squat position in front of you. This is a more active anal position that has you thrusting while they’re more so backing that thang up like they’re in a BeyoncΓ© video.


This is in the same family as Booster Seat only your partner isn’t practicing to be a video vixen. Instead, they’re more straight up, and you’re embracing them in a way where their back is to your chest. This is more on the romantic side of things, like if ‘The Notebook’ had a twist and Ryan Gosling got with James Marsden instead, they would have ended in this position after that whole caught in the rain scene.


Those who live to eat a fine ass but also like to stroke the goods at the same time will enjoy this one. Which is a great position for anyone who is practically any size.


This is a versatile one that can have either of you on top, but we’d recommend letting your partner take that position. So once they’re positioned on top of you, facing away, and your dick is well inside of them and they’re humping you like it’s their day job - what they’re going to do is go in a motion that then makes their dick wave around like a helicopter blade. The faster you go, the harder that dick of his will work to take flight!


Who has time to lay down and 69 when you can stand the hell up and do it? Defy gravity by turning your man upside down while they’re in your arms and do what you would normally do but with them suspended in midair. Well, not suspended, you’ll be holding them tight.


For those interested in adding a third person into the mix, may we suggest the spit roast? One person goes in the middle and sucks the dick of one guy while taking it from behind by another. What makes this great for a short middle man is that the other two people in this act aren’t that far apart and can interact more so than if they were with a tall ass guy that had then stretching to their limit.


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