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Friday, July 1, 2022


Kamala Harris loves Shangie!

Shangela is halleloo-ing her way to Washington, D.C.!

First introduced as a “baby queen” on seasons two and three of RuPaul’s Drag Race and then seen as a frontrunner on All Stars 3, Shangela has come a long way in her extraordinary drag career.

On Tuesday, Kamala Harris threw an event at the U.S. Vice President's residence to celebrate Pride Month. Shangela was invited not only to go to the event but also to be a speaker – becoming the first-ever drag performer to attend an event held at the U.S. Vice President’s residence.

Shangie shared an Instagram video of her speech and wrote in the caption:

“Last night I had the honor of becoming the first drag queen in drag to ever attend an event at the residence of the Vice President of America. It was also the first time that an LGBTQ Pride Event had been held at the residence. MAJOR. Thank you [Madam Vice President] for being an authentic ally and for not only holding this LGBTQ event at your residence, but for also inviting me to make a few welcoming remarks. Wow. After laughing and sobbing on the phone with my Mom this morning, I took a sec to take this in. Me - the little, country gay kid from Paris, TX just helped introduce the highest-ranking female leader ever elected in our Country. And I did it standing in my Truth. Proudly representing my community. Here’s to all the dreamers. I’m doing it, and so can YOU. I might not have ever won a crown, but that has never stopped me from being a Queen. HALLELOO!”

Shangie said during her speech at the event:

“Tonight, I am so thrilled to join the Madam Vice President in welcoming each of you to this momentous occasion. This is a celebration of who we are, as LGBTQIA+ people and allies. It’s so important to celebrate because, all across the country, there are so many things [that] need to be fixed. That’s why I’m dressed as Olivia Pope. Women’s rights are under attack. In Florida, you can’t say ‘gay.’ Across the country, there’s anti-trans legislation. In my home state of Texas, there are different conversations about trying to ban drag queens [from performing] in front of children. And I’m an uncle, I’m a proud Black person from Texas, and I’m a proud drag queen. I like to say that drag queens belong everywhere – especially in the residence of the Vice President.”

She then thanked Harris for inviting her to speak at the event and praised the Vice President for supporting LGBTQ+ visibility.

The Drag Race alum and A Star Is Born actress also shared a selfie with Vice President Harris on Instagram, writing:

“Celebrating LGBTQ Pride tonight alongside our Madame Vice President at her and the Second Gentleman’s residence in DC. Thank you for your words about activism and your commitment to standing together for Equality for all.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 is now streaming on Paramount+.


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