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Monday, March 27, 2023


Are you ready for a recap?

The mini-challenge

It was a “vote for each other in various categories” kind of quiz which was entertaining to watch.

Loosey won.

Do mini-challenges count as wins? It appears not.

The maxi-challenge

This week was the make-over challenge.

The make-over subjects were teachers.

As the winner of the mini-challenge, Loosey got to match up the pairs.

The challenge was to create a family resemblance and deliver a runway presentation that demonstrated confidence and connection.

I’m not clear how much time was involved in this challenge – the suggestion seemed to be that everyone pretty much made outfits from scratch for this challenge – and all the outfits looked great. But, if that’s the case, it seems weird not to sort of make more of that – they did a full make-over and made outfits in how long? These queens are phenomenal.

No one messed up this challenge – everyone delivered a great result and a great performance. The judging comes down to storylines, but we are making a TV show – that’s how it goes.

·         Sasha: Sasha gave us two Hawaiian MILFS, with exaggerated padding and big hair. Job done.

·         Loosey: Loosey said she was giving us Aunt and Neice at the beach. I’m not sure that that’s exactly what translated on stage but the outfits were cute. Job don.

·         Luxx: Luxx was criticised for not achieving family resemblance. Given the physical differences between her and her assigned teacher, it was never going to be easy. The dress she constructed for her teacher was fantastic. Luxx also looked gorgeous but it was clear she didn’t have a lot of time to construct her own outfit.

·         Mistress: Mistress successfully created a mini-me. Job done.

·         Anetra: Anetra created one-legged bodysuits in ying/yang colour contrasts. One-legged bodysuits are normally a curse in this competition, but Anetra has broken that..

The Judging

Sasha and Mistress were declared safe, and Anetra was declared the winner. No arguments there. I’ve lost track of the wins but if we’re spreading the wins around the finalists, I think you would have given this win to Mistress? I’m not clear what the plan is.

That left us with a Bottom 2 of Luxx and Loosey.

This was satisfying – from an audience perspective – in that this confrontation was heavily flagged in last-week’s episode when Luxx made it clear why she thought Loosey should be sent home.

The Lip-sync

The song was Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko.

This is a cute song, upbeat with a bit of angsty energy but not the easiest to perform.

We got quite different styles from Loosey and Luxx. Neither felt hugely connected to the track, but the song has a difficult energy to convey on stage.

Loosey gave us musical theatre, whereas Luxx gave us a club performance working for tips. Both approaches were valid but Luxx was a lot more dynamic, using all of the stage, delivering lots of variation of moves. Head to head on the stage, it was impossible not to focus on Luxx.

Luxx stays, Loosey goes home. That feels correct.

Top 4?

So, we’ve got a Top 4. Normally, we’d expect a Top 4 to go through to the grand finale and battle it out for the crown.

However, in the preview for next week, we get a clip saying that someone is going to be eliminated because only three are going to the finale. That seems (deliberately) confusing.

I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out what it’s all about.

Episode 13, done!


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