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Thursday, September 29, 2022


A lot of gay culture surrounds itself around the male anatomy, and what said intentions are with those anatomical parts. But where has the anonymity of it all gone? Where’s the mystery? Or the build-up. Before we get down to the downright nasty, aren’t there things to discover? Just on a basic sexual level, don’t you love that feeling of seeing a bulge grow in underwear before you whip that motherfucker out?

That brings us to an important adult, underlying topic — though the two aren’t mutually exclusive. What type of underwear — as an adult, do you have in your drawer? Is it basic? Will it excite anyone? Does it even excite you? Are they even practical? Since Anna Wintour has never expressed her opinion on what type of underwear gay men should wear, I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to suggest to every gay man what type of underwear we should all own.


Probably the most popular style of underwear worn on a daily basis by gay men. The form-fitting, thigh exposing style allows not only support for the “boys” but it also doesn’t overwhelm you in material. It also can accentuate your bulge and ass in the most obvious and blatant of ways.


Let’s just be clear, no gay man should be wearing straight up BOXERS! Those big, boxy and flappy boxers with no structure should not be in your dresser-drawer. But boxer-briefs, absolutely. The perfect hybrid of the brief and the boxer, this style and cut allows plenty of stylish support. For those who feel a bit too vulnerable in briefs, the hybrid boxer-brief provides a bit more coverage but doesn’t leave you looking like you’re wearing parachute pants for underwear. It’s also usually still sleek enough to not leave obnoxious bulging marks under your pants.


Turns out, women aren’t the only ones that are concerned about “panty lines”. Sometimes, the outfit doesn’t call for briefs. We want the silhouette of a smooth ass, up under those skinny jeans — and nothing else. But clothing excuses aside, a sexy thong just spices up those nude selfies a bit more.


These are an absolute must have! For starters, it just makes everything look better. It rounds out that bulge and pulls up those ass cheeks. Depending on what you’re wearing, a jockstrap can really make that ass sit. Then there’s the whole easy access argument. Sometimes a Top just wants that hole exposed and lubed with the dick covered — and jockstraps are the perfect garment for this. More than any other type of underwear, I truly believe a jockstrap adds a boost of confidence to any gay man and any body type.


We all need swimwear, and not just for the summer — we need it year round. Don’t just restrict yourself to summertime swimwear, there are pools and spas and beaches all over the country. We won’t be too judgmental on the type of swimwear you get, as long as they come up above your mid-thigh. But if we’re being honest; bikinis, trunks, thigh high shorts and even a thong are all acceptable choices. Solid colors, bold colors, army fatigue and other fun designs are all acceptable. They can be casual or even a bit more designer-ish. You can’t go wrong (again, as long as they aren’t trunks that are knee length).


You don’t have to overthink this one. It isn’t exclusive to a gender, personality or a sexual position,. Everyone should have something mesh, lace or see-through. It doesn’t have to be a huge collection either. Just something that makes the evening a bit more romantic and steamy, be it for romance or just you strolling in your apartment solo and feeling particularly sexy that night. Or maybe you’re just feeling extra sexy that day, no matter the occasion. The great thing about mesh is that they come in just about every style of underwear, especially briefs, boxer-briefs and swimwear.


I’m just saying, don’t knock it until you try it. This one isn’t a hard must-have, just a recommendation. I’ve heard from so many friends about how much usage they’ve gotten out of their singlets — from attending sex parties to role playing with FWBs, to even just lounging around in the house with a glass of wine. And I know we’ve all drooled over seeing a stud in a singlet before, I don’t know I personally think this recommendation is a no brainer.

When all else fails, rock out with your cock out. Free balling ain’t never hurt nobody (except for those that get caught in their zipper). But one thing all gay men can appreciate, is a man that goes commando — I know we won’t complain seeing you walk down the street. But even then, you should probably have some type of underwear for when you go back to visit your family during the holidays.


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