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Monday, September 19, 2022


What do you think about Prince Albert piercing, guys? Do you have one? More importantly, do you find it hot or not? And why or why not?

First off, Prince Albert (PA) piercing “is a type of genital piercing in which a ring or barbell jewelry is inserted through the opening (urethral opening) at the end of the penis, and it comes out through the undersurface of the penis.” It is reportedly named after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, who had this penile piercing. Read more about it here.

Having said all that, why do some men choose to wear a Prince Albert piercing?

There are a number of reasons, aesthetics being one of them, sexual pleasure for tops is another, and also because it enhances sexual stimulation for bottoms. Those who are thinking of getting a Prince Albert piercing can check this link for every piece of information that you need to know before getting it.

What about you, guys? Did you ever bottom for someone with Prince Albert? How is sex with guys who wear Prince Albert piercing any different from those who have no genital piercings? What about for tops out there, how does having Prince Albert piercing feel whenever you are having sex? Is it true that it increases your sexual pleasure?

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