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Tuesday, January 4, 2022


The holiday season may be over but the special feelings and sparkle can live on throughout the year.

For many people, the act of packing away the holiday decorations, opening the last gift, or parting with visiting loved ones evokes feelings of sadness. The busyness associated with the holidays that distracted us from life subsides, and we are left wondering why life seems a bit empty. Yet we need not give ourselves over entirely to the blues we feel when the celebrations end. And this post-holiday period of mellowness should not be viewed as a sign that your festivities were less than fulfilling. To feel a few pangs of gloom as the decorations come down and guests return to their homes is natural. Your physical and mental selves, which existed in a state of arousal as you immerse yourself in the magic of the holiday season, need time to adjust as you settle back into your usual routine. Rest assured that which warmed your heart and fulfilled you in previous days will satisfy you

There are many ways you can gently smooth the transition between the holidays and the pleasures of everyday existence. In the midst of your yearly celebrations, strive to achieve balance and acknowledge that holidays are special, precisely because they represent a short time of your life. If you minimize the impact the festivities have on your personal and professional schedules, reverting to these timetables will not shock your system. Once the holidays are over, try to keep a small spark of celebration aglow in your heart. Accomplishing this can be as easy as treating yourself well and integrating holiday values such as forgiveness, generosity, and gratitude into your day-to-day existence. Stay in touch with relatives who you traditionally only see once per year, and spread goodwill by volunteering or hosting a post-celebration celebration, just for the fun of it. Even leaving one decoration unpacked and displayed can help you stay cheerful in the days that follow the holidays.

Consider that all of the virtues that touch you deeply as you celebrate the holiday season--charity, togetherness, magic, beauty, etc.--exist year-round. With a little effort, you can carry the celebratory spirit in your heart always. The post-holiday blues will soon pass, leaving you feeling as happy and buoyant as you did just weeks before.

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