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Monday, January 23, 2023


The fever-dream continues. We’re up to Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Are you ready for Episode 4?

The Main Challenge

This week, it’s Snatch Game! *gay gasp – so early!*

To manage the logistics of this, they split the cast into two groups and essentially ran Snatch Game twice.

I’m not sure of the logic of this. I guess it gives more queens the chance to tackle Snatch Game, and it also gives the producers more options to try and ensure that this is entertaining to watch.

The highlight was the use of the Pit Crew as the “guests” and the way that their manspread was showcased. Finally, someone in production is thinking!

Although we had a lot of queens to try and showcase, we still got a good sense of how successful (or not) everyone was in embodying their characters.

Loosey probably took the biggest risk with Joan Rivers. She essentially just did the jokes of Joan Rivers, but it was done well enough that it worked in this context. Mistress was also very strong as Rosie O’Donnell. Marcia’s Tim Gunn was also very solid.

Sugar and Spice both got a lot of screen time not getting laughs, but that just seemed to fit the storyline of the episode – that treatment could probably have been given to anyone.

The Runway

This week’s category was Beautiful Nightmare.

This is a solid category – encouraging some theatrical over-the-top outfits while still serving glamour.

We got a lot of spiders. I lost count eventually, but a gorgeous spider seemed to be the default option for a lot of the queens.

No one really bombed the category, although Marcia was underwhelming. Aura looked gorgeous, and Sasha probably had the best look of the night.

The Judging

In the top were Loosey, Marcia, and Mistress. Loosey was declared the winner, which made sense.

In the bottom were Aura, Sugar, and Spice.

Given that it was inevitable that we were going to get a Sugar versus Spice lip-sync at some point in this series, it was no surprise when Aura was safe – leaving Sugar and Spice as the Bottom 2.

The lip-sync

The track was You Better Run by Pat Benatar.

This was a bit of a left-field song choice for the twin-sync.

Predictably, the twins had rehearsed their lip-sync performance – which could have been really entertaining but ended up just feeling messy and chaotic.

Honestly, given the reaction shots we were given of the judges, I was expecting a double-elimination. There really wasn’t anything to distinguish one from the other.

However, it was Sugar that was eliminated, leaving Spice in the competition.

Episode 4, done!

The Ranking

1.      SASHA COLBY: The iconic queen of the House of Colby has arrived! Known worldwide for her memorable reign as Miss Continental, and as Kerri Colby’s drag mother, Sasha is a queen to be reckoned with. This Hawaiian-born goddess has been slaying drag stages for 20 years, so she’s got to live up to her legendary reputation. Serving body, beauty and bodacious all-around talent, Sasha is fierce. Officially. Give. Sasha. Her. Crown.

2.      ANETRA: She may seem low-key at times, but still waters run deep. Plus, with serious taekwondo skills, she’s ready to take all the other queens out, one by one. Chop ’til ya drop! She won the first episode and the talent show was awesome. Love her. She’s giving Top 4 energy.

3.      LUXX NOIR LONDON: Who ordered the diva-licious dazzler? Luxx Noir London is an effervescent ingΓ©nue whose stunning style is matched only by her no-holds-barred attitude. She’s always ready to tell it like it “t-i-s!” And while Luxx may be this season’s youngest queen, she’s got the confidence to take her all the way. Just ask her! She’s not lacking in confidence and she’s giving good TV. Luxx has all the elements required to be a successful entertainer but she doesn’t have a huge amount of performance experience – that might be her downfall.

4.      LOOSEY LADUCA: Construction worker by day, singing-and-dancing drag diva by night… Loosey LaDuca is ready to use all her tools to make it to the top! A perfectionist, powerhouse performer with killer curves and 12 years in the Connecticut drag scene, Loosey’s the ultimate mix of showgirl sass and campy charisma. She’s a queen who has it all… Now, she just needs a crown. Not a great start, but she’s bounced back and clearly has a lot to offer.

5.      AURA MAYARI: This high-kicking, high-energy Filipina goddess is known for slaying the stages in Nashville. And watch out – because she brings a little sexy swagger to her drag. She gives GREAT TV, we love the confidence and the biceps. Aura can serve looks and performance, but the jury is probably still out on the acting and comedy side of things.

6.      JAX: The self-described Simone Biles of drag grew up doing gymnastics and competitive cheer, and now she’s ready to go for the gold in the Olympics of drag! Her personality is a bit more low-key but she’s clearly a great performer. It will be interesting to see how she navigates this competition.

7.      MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA: OMG, she’s the most popular girl in school – and mom’s favorite! It’s Marcia Marcia Marcia! This NYC ingΓ©nue sings, dances, and brings Broadway chops to the mainstage. And she’s got much more than a hunch – she’s ready to go all the way! She’s a white twink from NYC who’s weaponised her BFA. She’s not here to mess around.


8.      SPICE: Making herstory as one-half of Drag Race’s first-ever identical twin contestants, Spice has arrived with her TikTok superstar sister, Sugar! These living dolls may be new to performing, but they’re ready to double the fun and the drama this season. Take note: Spice is the edgier diva of the duo, and she’s ready to prove that she’s got plenty of flavor to stand on her own! Spice is as equally talented as sugar and I look forward to great things from her.

9.      MALAYSIA BABYDOLL FOXX: Believe it or not, the sensational and motivational Malaysia Babydoll Foxx is the first-ever Miami queen to grace the Drag Race mainstage! A professional makeup artist and hair stylist to the stars, this opinionated foxy mama is bringing veteran skills and thrills to the competition, and she is not afraid to show these younger queens what real drag is! An experienced queen who knows her craft.

10. MISTRESS ISABELLE BROOKS: Houston we do not have a problem! Hailing from the great state of Texas, Mistress Isabelle Brooks is the epitome of classic Southern drag! She calls herself “Houston’s Heavyweight Champ” and trust, she came to pack a punch. Gutsy, glamorous, and full of attitude, our Miss Brooks was raised in the spangled world of Texas drag, and now she’s ready to rule the school. She’s serving Drag with a capital D and a 1-inch heel. Obsessed.

11. ROBIN FIERCE: Make way for Connecticut’s grand diva, the Robin Fierce! A mix of Beyonce sass and Diahann Carroll class, this proudly bougie beauty is ready to shine her light for the world! She may sometimes have a chill vibe, but when she hits the stage, expect kicks and cartwheels for days! She’s an accomplished queen but her personality is struggling to break through in a room full of big characters.

12. SALINA ESTITTIES: ¡Hola! Salina EsTitties is a brassy, sassy Latinx diva repping L.A, baby! A fiery self-described combo of chola street style and campy comedy, Salina is a take-no-prisoners performer. From the bar scene to TV, film and commercial work, this saucy sister stays booked and busy! She’s got a mouth, big drag, and big plans to win. She’s a big personality. The confidence is not misplaced.

13.  AMETHYST: She’s likeable but it hasn’t been the strongest of starts. She’s had to lip-sync twice. Sure, she’s one both lip-syncs but it’s hard to see how she’s going to survive any slip-ups from here.


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