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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Monday, March 12, 2012


Do you know anyone that
is constantly on the hunt for evidence that their partner is cheating on them?
You know the ones that hack Facebook
and Twitter accounts, check cell phones, break into voicemails, check receipts
and piece together intricate timelines based on answers received from the
lengthy questioning of their partner. If you ask any of these people why they
do it they’ll tell you it’s because “men
or because they want to make sure they aren’t getting “played.” They’ll tell you they’re
justified in their actions and that they wouldn’t mind if their partner checked
their phone, etc because they have nothing to hide.

think they’re all nuts. I come from the train of thought that says what’s done
in the dark always comes to light. I don’t have to snoop or look for evidence
because your foolishness will catch up with you sooner or later. I just live my
life and keep my eyes and ears open, but snoop, never, and just like I thought,
everything came to life. Besides, if you feel so strongly in your gut that
something is going on then something usually is. Your instincts are usually all
the evidence you need that something might not be right. The problem is most of
us ignore our guts in favor of finding physical proof to substantiate what
we’ve known all along.

I think most
people snoop because of insecurity. They have been hurt before, lied to and
cheated on so their trust has been damaged, maybe not by the present person,
but you know what they say, the son will pay for the sins of the father…the
same goes for new partners paying for the sins of the ex. Most of us never
start a new relationship with a truly clean slate, we carry residual baggage
from the previous relationships with us, often whether we realize it or not and
that causes us to look for trouble where there might not be any. I don’t think
it’s ever a good idea to snoop on your partner. The mature thing to do would be
to have a discussion with them about how you’re feeling (notice I said discuss, not confront. People naturally get defensive
when confronted which only raises more suspicion)
and if you still feel
like something is going on, then take a step back and reevaluate the situation.
You don’t want to go around snooping only to find nothing in the end. The
snooping will only cause the lack of trust between you two to deepen and
without trust any relationship will be destined to fail.

¿Have you ever snooped? 

¿Is it ever okay to snoop on your partner?


"Think Like a Man" is a single
by Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo featuring Rick Ross. It is the lead
single from the movie of the same name.

You gotta act like a woman
And think like a a man

[Jennifer Hudson]
Why you call me your dream bed
And foolish of me I believe that
You said every king needs his queen babe
That's why you needed me baby
Right in between lost and love
You go and mess things up
Now there's no we babe
There's just you and there's me baby

There was us, there was trust
There was happen and change, I know
Silly you, silly me, silly us, what a waste

But in love, love, love
You gotta act like a woman and think like a man
But in love, love, love
You gotta act like a woman and think like a man

Now I'm gonna keep it realer with you now than I ever
We should of never been, girl we was better friends
You didn't have to tell me what, where, why or when
Um why I didn't need it,
Cause you wasn't my girlfriend, we had a good thing
You were a come by and kick it, ooh give me that
good thang
Then after we were finished,
You go your way, I go my way, it was whatever
Tell me what ever happens
Think this wanna gonna be better
And now i'm telling you lies,
All because I hate to see the tears in your eyes
Of course I want my cake, and eat it too, i'm a guy
And of course, you don't understand,
But you would if you thought like a man in love

But in love, love, love
You gotta act like a woman and think like a man
But in love, love, love
You gotta act like a woman and think like a man

[Rick Ross]
Time cost money and it's so expensive
Versace, lenny got these women blowing kisses
Leaning on my auto, she's so photogenic
Can I take a picture, she's my mona lisa
Living like a princess in a fairy tale
You know them people up in barney show and tell
Bentley black and not a ninja see no poney tail
5 karat yellow diamond you don't know me well
Penthouse, set the drunks, it don't call and sell
She called the night at twom I had to call the cab
You don't understand it's altitude i'm balling at
I'm at the game on the wood where the owner at

So different but the same,
Boy you taught me everything
Yeah you show me how you think,
You're the only one to blame
It's such a shame,
Yeah you lost the game, but you taught me how to

In love, love, love
You gotta act like a woman, and think like a man
But in love, love, love
You gotta act like a woman and think like a man
Act like a woman, act like a woman
Gotta act like a woman

Think Like A Man lyrics


Yeah, that wasn’t the title of the episode but I thought it
was WAY more fitting due to the Wet T Shirt contest and Pride (“Let’s
Get Soakin Wet” is one of the biggest pride songs ever!)

We had a lot in this episode: A lot about the history of
pride, a lot of Willam being absolutely brilliant (YES! I said it, so
there), a lot of Jiggly’s forehead and a lot of shade from dearly
departed Kenya Michaels.

The mini challenge this week was awesome! Wet T-Shirt
contest. Each of the queens had to wear new tits courtesy of Those
boobs are so expensive – have you BEEN to that site? Almost $1000 –
HELLEAU! After watching the girls get drenched, my money was on DiDa and
Willam. Willam mainly because well let’s face it, he’s a big ho (said with love
gir), and Dida cause those tits were bouncing all over the place.

Sidenote: WTF was up with Phi Phi in this
challenge. What a f*cking mess. So Willam won and it was time for the main
challenge, pride floats.

The main challenge this week had to do with creating a pride
float and a matching look. While the queens were creating their
floats, the subject of the history of Stonewall came up. I was incredibly
surprised to hear Willam speak about it, and he knew quite a bit. I have to say
I think there is a lot more to Willam than just her name-dropping label
whore exterior. Not to mention she wasso funny this episode. While some
queens found her too much, my girl Latrice gets it…and so do I now.
Willam is brilliant TV. Witty, funny can cut a bitch. I respect that. What I
don’t respect is whiney, Jiggly. First of all, I always find it incredibly
disrespectful not even having any idea about the Stonewall Riots. She even
said she performs at the bar and has never read the plaque. SHAME ON YOU! I’m
done with Jiggly, and her 7 head. I know SO SHADY but honestly did you see?
Poor thing, that’s why she always had a hat or bandana on. Ouch, but my pity
for her will not save her my opinion. She’s a mess, her float is a mess, her
outfits are a mess, and she needs. to. go.

At the runway we saw the floats. My girl Latrice was serving
you MEDUSA honey, her makeup and hair is always SO fierce. She got
clocked for her boots which…ok. Latrice is a big girl, it’s hard to get shoes
or boots for someone that big so I’m gonna cut her some slack. The best
boat and presentation was definitely Willam. The wig-head on the mast
was BRILLIANT, and she looked incredible, and the judges agreed! Bottom
two this week were Milan (AGAIN!) and Jiggly. This one was
annoying because I wanted them both to go. Michelle said it best, if Milan
takes that wig off one more time she’s going home. Well, guess who took
their wig off!!!

So Jiggly got to stay… but not because she is good… because
Milan is worse, so don’t get that twisted. Next week, Jiggly better go.



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