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Friday, May 23, 2008


The youth of today are out of control AND their behavior is detrimental to us all. It is my belief that if we are to eliminate the plague that is destroying our world, we need to take a deep look within our society for the cure. It so sad to see that as we advance within the world, we have lost ourselves AND the ways of old seem to be a distant memory. I can remember the days when it was NOT ok to do certain things AND act in certain ways. Now it is almost impossible to find a young male OR female that live their lives in a RESPECTABLE manner. HOW IT THAT WE SEE THAT GROWING UP IS IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE & DO NOTHING ABOUT IT? I REALLY feel that those of us that were born from as far as the 1980’s must have caught the last of the goodness that this world had to offer. Now we have this travesty call LIFE! I REMEMBER WHEN it literally took a village to raise a child, now the neighborhood is NO more. All the yes SIRS AND MA’AMS NO longer exist AND it seems as if those that grew up my generation don’t have the time OR energy to help the youth of today nor do I feel that it is their responsibility. I feel that they have done their job AND now it is OUR time to impart KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING to those that come from us. However, it seems that somehow…someway we have lost the know how; hence the world is in chaos. We have lost that SHARED sense of sacred that keeps our world healthy AND good and we do not find someway to revive the elements that are needed to fix things life will get worse. We will have to be proactive AND attack this ENEMY in the same way that the medical community would handle an epidemic. WE need to take preventive measures while simultaneously treating the ailments of society if we hope to repair things. I read somewhere that within the scientific community there is a premise dubbed THE LAW OF PARSIMONY, which emphasizes that the simplest possible explanation or the shortest possible answer is the best one. In this light, I suggest we keep the solutions simple because has ran out AND it just might be too late to fix things. The concept that I have in mind to aid us in this plight is simple because it merely calls on each person in the community to regard each other in the same vain as they see their mothers. Now a few of you would raise your eyebrows AND think that I am crazy; but if one considers it, they would see that it makes a lot of sense. The quality of relationships that can come from this concept will NO doubt aid us in the fight against the things that are wrong with this world. HOW COULD IT NOT? The type of love AND respect a person has developed for their own mother forms the basis of the type of love AND respect that they can develop for you! If we think of the LOYALTY TO, THE HONOR FOR & THE TREATMENT given to one’s own mother how can it not work? If we could universally get the young people to live up to and honor this concept, I think we would make a major step in the rehabilitation of our communities. Younger people tend to look up to older people for guidance even when it seems as if they do not need OR want it. IN TIMES LIKE THESE WHEN THE WORLD SEEMS AS IF IT IS GETTING WORSE BY THE MINUTE & THINGS ARE OUT OF CONTROL I SIT & PONDER LIFE. IN THE BACK OF MY MIND I CANNOT HELP BUT TO ASK HOW DID THINGS GET LIKE THIS? HOW DID THE COMMUNITY LOOSE ITS WAY? HENCE, HOW CAN I NOT ASK WHAT HAPPEN TO THE PASTORS THAT LIVED IN THE COMMUNITY WITH THE PEOPLE THAT HE PREACHES TO ON A WEEKLY BASES? WHAT HAPPEN TO THE TIME WHEN COMMITTING A CRIME WAS BAD? WHAT HAPPEN TO THE DAYS WHEN WE DID NOT ENGAGE IN CERTAIN BEHAVIOR BECAUSE WE DID NOT WANT TO BRING SHAME TO OUR FAMILIES? WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO OUR PRIDE? WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO THE BLOOD OF OUR ANCESTORS THAT FLOWS THROUGH OUR VEINS, THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONGEST THAT BROUGHT US TO WHERE WE ARE TODAY? NO LONGER SHOULD WE HIDE IN OUR HOMES & PRETEND AS IF WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. NO LONGER SHOULD LIVE AS IF WE HAVE NO POWER TO MAKE CHANGE. WE MUST STAND TODAY! WE MUST PROTECT OUR COUNTRIES…OUR LIVES…OUR FUTURE. FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH I AM GLAD THAT I GOT A CHANCE TO LIVE IN THE ERA THAT PRECEDED THIS ONE. I FEEL SAD FOR THE YOUNGER GENERATIONS FOLLOWING US THAT WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT LIFE IS REALLY ALL ABOUT. THE HUMAN ELEMENTS OF MAN INTERACTING WITH THE WORLD IS GONE & IT IS TIME THAT WE GOT IT BACK…DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN?


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