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Wednesday, August 17, 2022


 A myth that porn has propagate is how much semen an orgasm is going to produce. Because porn is a visual medium, you want to see everything in an over-the-top way — and ejaculate is no exception. 

From bukkake porn to genres where fake cum is dumped on people by the bucketload to pornstars forgoing orgasms before a shoot in order to increase their on-camera loads, porn teaches viewers that more cum is sexier than less cum. 

But cum is a physical reality that’s tied to things like diet, length of time since last ejaculation, and, as Shaw notes, age. 

Ejaculatory function starts in your teens, with maximum ejaculatory function occurring in your twenties and thirties, thereafter, ejaculatory function gradually reduces with age, sometimes with very little ejaculatory fluid in later ages. Force and volume both decrease with time.

Does the amount of cum matter to you when you have sex?

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