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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Humans are far outnumbered by other species, yet as of that small population, we are the only ones with a mind that agrees in a God that is defined by everyone somewhat differently, or as a word that has no definition because of the ‘belief’ that there is not one to define. Both are correct, in that there is no definition that can be put into a ‘box’ for everyone to agree on, even as more than 99%+ of life doesn't have a mind to pose the question.

Now, in recent times, there seems to be a lot of questioning as to whether there is a ‘father god’, or is god a ‘she’, or even both, or...? The question among some is why the questions? Certainly a God wouldn't need to believe in his or her existence! Why should there be so much squabbling over the whole idea of ‘is or isn't ? The reality is when walking this road of life floating in space among millions of galaxies; mother earth is just another spec in space where we were born at this time to be in awe that we are here through thick and thin experiencing every possibility from life to death. Not to forget the in between challenges from suffering to differing realizations of an emotion we identify as love.

Whichever way you go, there is one thing for certain and that is ‘love rules’, but only if you create the harmony for it. God can be undefined, or if you choose, define it as you believe, but love is easier to find and experience! All life on earth knows the feeling of love whether we can hear their expression or not. Everything in life to flourish must find a ‘position of harmony’ be it with existence and/or with someone you feel grateful for having in your life. Seek love, and finders will be keepers!


Being a Gay man in this world is like having another job.


About The Movie:

The film tells the story of Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) and, under the guidance of team executive Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), Robinson's signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers to become the first African-American player to break the baseball color barrier. The story focuses mostly on the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers season and somewhat on the 1946 season with theMontreal Royals. Jackie Robinson and his team stop by a gas station. Robinson is refused entry to the washroom but the team says they'll find another gas station so the attendant allows Robinson to use it. As Robinson comes out, a scout for the Dodgers approaches him and sends him to Brooklyn. He is offered a $600 contract and $3,500 signing bonus which Robinson accepts but he is told to control his temper if he wants to play. Robinson proposes to his girlfriend by phone. She accepts.

During Dodgers spring training, Robinson successfully makes it to the franchise farm team in Montreal. After a great season there and spring training in Panama, he advances to the Dodgers. Most of the team soon signs a petition stating they refuse to play with Robinson, but manager Leo Durocher (Christopher Meloni) insists the rookie will play for his team. Durocher is then suspended over an affair with a celebrity, leaving the Dodgers without a manager.

In a game against the Philadelphia Phillies, manager Ben Chapman taunts Robinson, causing him to go back to the dugout and smash his bat. He then returns to the field and hits a single, steals second and third base, and scores the winning run. When Chapman is later asked if he wants to show the world that he has "changed" his attitude towards Jackie, he requests to pose with Robinson for newspapers and magazine photos.

Robinson's home run against a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher who had earlier hit him in the head helps clinch the National League pennant for the Dodgers, sending them to the World Series, where they would lose in seven games to the New York Yankees.

What Is Good/Bad About The Movie:


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