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Monday, May 16, 2022


In most cases, how an individual approaches a romantic relationship is deeply rooted in how they were raised. It’s grounded in what they grew up seeing, feeling, believing, or experiencing.

Some may take their positive experiences and hold on to them, while others may remember bad experiences and try to avoid making those same mistakes.

On the other hand, some people may take it to the extreme. For instance, if a person never received love and affection while young it may be something they crave and will do anything to get – which may be the start of a toxic relationship.

Think you’ve had some bad romances in your life? Check out these 7 signs of a toxic romantic relationship:

1. Control

This sign might not be as obvious to some because it is often disguised as “caring.” In reality, it is manipulation. Some examples include one person making all the decisions and telling their partner what to do, what to wear, or who to spend time with.

They are usually unreasonably jealous and may try to isolate their partner from his or her friends and family.

2. Hostility

Now, this one may be a little bit more subtle at first. You may dismiss it, initially, but pay attention to the signs. Examples of this include picking fights or antagonizing their partner. This may lead to the victim changing their behavior in order to avoid upsetting the offender.

3. Dishonesty

Lying, stealing, or keeping information from the other comes along with a lot of other factors. Some examples of this could be drug abuse, infidelity, or illegal activity.

4. Disrespect

This can come in the form of one partner criticizing the opinions and interests of the other.  Another example of this is destroying something that belongs to the victim.

5. Dependence

An example of this includes a person expressing that they “cannot live without” their partner. They may even threaten to do something drastic to their partner or themselves if the relationship ends.

6. Intimidation

Intimidation in a relationship is when a person tries to control aspects of their partner’s life by making the other partner fearful or timid.

One partner may attempt to keep his or her partner from friends and family or threaten violence or even a break-up.

7. Physical/Sexual Violence

Physical abuse in a relationship is when one uses force to get his or her way (such as hitting, slapping, grabbing, or shoving). They may also pressure or force their partner into sexual activity against their will or without consent.

If you feel you are in a toxic romantic relationship, it’s important to know that you can end things on your terms with the help of others if needed.


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