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Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Last year, Lil Nas X celebrated the release of his then-upcoming album, Monterowith a baby registry, asking fans to donate to an LGBTQ+ organization of their choosing. That registry garnered almost $500,000 and now, those seeds are bearing fruit. 

Almost half of a million dollars went to Gilead Sciences' COMPASS grantees, which includes organizations that are addressing the growing HIV epidemic in the Southern U.S. on the frontlines.

“Communities all across the South, like my home state of Georgia, are being transformed by the work of COMPASS grantees,” said the Grammy-winner in a statement. “The Montero baby registry was created to send resources to grassroots groups serving the most vulnerable. Funds raised will go to people living with HIV and inspire a new generation of leaders who will keep pushing for HIV education and one day, a cure.”

One of the grantees is Houston’s Normal Anomaly, an organization that "supports its community by providing HIV tests, at-home tests, transportation for appointments and job interviews, employment assistance opportunities, sexual education classes, sex positive, liberation and LGBTQ+ affirming trainings, and events to uplift Black, queer+ persons and their culture."

"Lil Nas X has allowed our organization to dream big!" said Ian L. Haddock, Executive Director, The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Inc. "Through these funds, we are not only able to create a brave space for community, celebrate entrepreneurship and have queer musical artists headline a festival, but we are able to continue to raise money through ticket sales to impact necessary programming including our community burial fund, transgender services and programs that directly impact people living with and impacted by HIV."

On April 30th, the Normal Anomaly is hosting the Black Queer+ Advancement Festival (BQ+AF) in Houston, which will provide "a safe space to celebrate being Black and LGBTQIA+."

Read more about the festival here.

We're so proud to see all the good Lil Nas X is doing with his platform!


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