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Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Telling the Truth Is Crucial

If you want a healthy two-way relationship where you both get what you want, the biggest thing you can do is tell the truth.

It seems simple, sure. But when you think about it, your partner can’t possibly know your needs, wants, feelings, etcetera unless you are truthful about them. Stifling your thoughts and desires leads to unhappiness, but truth-telling leads to freedom.

Before you can tell your partner the truth, it’s imperative you tell yourself the truth. You might try to convince yourself you love skiing, for example, but if you truly don’t, it makes things worse for yourself and for the relationship if you’re dishonest about it.

Expressing yourself freely is vital to getting what you want—because you want to feel that your relationship is a safe place to do that. You want to be assured that you can speak your truth, even if it means getting upset, and have your partner stick by you and learn more about you from the experience. You want to feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts—and you want to know that your partner has a desire to discover how you tick and what it takes to help you share your truth.

Telling the truth about your feelings and thoughts needs to be mutual for both partners to be happy in a relationship. So remember to be truthful with yourself, be honest with your partner, and encourage your partner to do the same with you.

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