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Monday, July 8, 2013


There's nothing worse than anticipating a play session and then having to make excuses because you can't keep it up. You may be pleased to know there is plenty that can be done to help resolve the issue of impotence. By trying some of the following methods, you can learn how to avoid the loss of erection and gain more sexual confidence.

Get Fit

Living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to keep you rock hard. This includes eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, fiber and grains. Get plenty of regular exercise and physical activity support a strong libido.

Be Drug Free

Don’t engage in excessive smoking or alcohol. Eliminating these habits will contribute to your overall good health. Heavy drinking, smoking and even certain medications are known to cause impotence. Prolonged use of alcohol can irreversibly damage nerves found in the penis.

 Seek Therapy

Sometimes a good therapist can provide suggestions on how to avoid the loss of erection during sex. If there are underlying psychological reasons for impotence, the therapist can help uncover them. Stress can be a major hinderance to your erection. Therapy can also assist with eliminating performance anxiety.

 Do Kegel

Kegel exercise involves the tightening and release of the muscle which controls urine flow. Simply doing a few exercises a day with help. Kegel is another effective method of increasing blood flow to the penis. Studies have shown that men suffering from impotence showed significant improvement after doing Kegel exercises, over those who did not.

 Practice Makes Perfect

Remain sexually active. Engaging in sexual relations with your partner on a frequent basis can prevent impotence from ever occurring. If you want to know how to avoid the loss of erection during sex, remember that frequent erections stimulate blood flowing to the penis. A masturbation toy can provide the opportunity if you are single or are without a partner for frequent experiences. Choose a device that feels like the real thing. The Super Sucker is soft and has an internal texture that gives a realistic oral experience.


There are a number of natural herbs that have been used for centuries that can ensure your erection is strong. Yohimbe, Arganine and Zinc are a few ingredients that have been researched for your safety. It is always good to speak with your health care provider before taking any supplement. Xplozion is an all natural climax enhancer that has been well reviewed for its support of harder erections and more intense orgasms.

As you can see, there are some very encouraging and effective ways of learning how to avoid loss of erection during sex. You don't have to spend money to get results. Changes in lifestyle can keep you rock hard. With time and diligence, you will have gained the knowledge and ability to have more confidence during sex.



There has never been an openly gay male country music star but Steve Grand hopes to change that.

The singer released his song, All-American Boy, on Facebook this week and the song has quickly caught on with more than 75,000 views in less than two days.

He wrote on his Facebook page: 'This is my story, my song, my dream.’

The song is about a gay man (Grand) who bonds over drinking with one of his buddies. They laugh, they touch, they skinny dip.

But when the gay man goes in for the kiss, things become more clear.

All American Boy


Ripped Jeans, only drinks whiskey
I find him by the fire while his girl was getting friskey, ohh
I say we go this road tonight

He smiles, his arms around her
but his eyes are holdin me, just a captive to his wonder, ohh
I say we go this road tonight


now I know that that's your girl, I mean no disrespect
The way that shirt hugs you chest boy, I just won't forget
I'll be sittin her, drinking my whiskey
I won't say goodnight unless I think ya might miss me, ohh


Be my All-American boy tonight
where everyday's the 4th of July
and its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
and you can hold me deep in your eyes
and its alright, alright
be my, be my
my All-American boy


Ripped jeans, tight shirt
he lights a cigarette you know I'm glad that she can't stand it, ohh
I drink the moonlight from his eyes

Now hold there, just a moment
I want to take this in now we don't need no photo of it, no
we should go this road tonight


now I know that that's your girl, and I don't give a damn
she's been cusin and cryin, she don't know what she has
so I'll be, sittin here, tryin hold down my whiskey,
you tell your girl good night cause somebody'd like to kiss me, ohh


Be my All-American boy tonight
where everyday's the 4th of July
and its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
and you can hold me deep in your eyes
and its alright, alright
be my, be my
my All-American boy


Of all the girls and boys to look my way
Ain't no body ever hit me this way
so won't you come back with me
and lay with me a while

I'm gonna wrestle you out of them clothes,
leave that beautiful body exposed,
and you can have my heart and my soul and my body...
just be mine



Be my All-American boy tonight
baby you light my fire
its gonna be alright, alright!


Be my All-American boy tonight
where everyday's the 4th of July
and its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
and you can hold me deep in your eyes
and its alright, alright
be my, be my...
just, be my, be my...
my All-American boy

released 04 July 2013
"All American Boy"
Words and Music by Steve Grand
© 2013 Grand Nation Music, LLC (BMI)
Steve Grand: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Max Steger: Recording and Mix Engineer; Bass Guitar 
Sammy Del Real: Drums


In Sunday’s episode of True Blood, the plot/plots thickens/thicken like a good remoulade sauce. (And yes, I did ask someone who can cook for help in writing the preceding sentence. I’m putting the “investigative” in “investigative reporter,” yo!) Not only do we get a new vampire, a new couple and a big, albeit temporary, casualty, Warlow’s identity (as well as quite a bit of his surprisingly toned physique!) is — as the title, “At Last,” foretells —revealed. Want the deets? Keep reading!
NO SUNNY, MO PROBLEMS | No sooner has Nora explained to Niall a) who Lilith is and b) that only her progeny — Warlow — can lead her to the sun, thereby defeating her, than the old coot has fairy-zapped her a block away — where she’s summarily shot and apprehended by the authorities. (Apparently, someone in the writers’ room is as fond of her as I am.) Elsewhere, Billith and Jessica abduct Andy’s daughters — now a girl group made up of mouthy teenage Mini-Arlenes — and begin delivering their blood samples to Takahashi for synthesizing. Unfortunately, he’s nowhere near a breakthrough when Jessica loses control and binges on the youngsters. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” she doesn’t say but is clearly thinking.
TWISTS OF FAE | After Ben secretly sprouts fangs and feeds his blood to an unconscious Jason, the himbo and Niall deduce that he is actually Warlow. But, before they can get the drop on the crafty vampie (faimpire?), he kills Gramps, then — explaining in a suddenly British accent that good and evil battle within him — he revives Niall, crazy Nick Nolte hair and all, and banishes him to the same netherworld from whence he came. (Whew! Exhausting!) Meanwhile, Sookie, too, has come to the conclusion that Ben is Warlow. However, rather than confront, stake, report or shun him, she cooks him fried chicken laced with colloidal silver (unfazed, he refrains from saying, “Tastes like chicken!”), puts on some Etta James and lets him think he’s gonna get lucky… for about a hot minute. Then, she flares up her magical fairy ball and reveals that, in spite of the fact that she let him get to second base, he doesn’t have her fooled.
THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER RETURNS | After forcing Tara to tell him where she’s stashed Willa, Eric turns their hostage — making her only the second vampire he’s ever created (aw!). But then, to her horror, he sends her immediately home to explain to the Governor that fangers are people, too. (But… but… she’d already picked out the wedding dress, you could just tell!) At first, Eric’s scheme appears to be working — Daddy can’t deny his little girl. (Daddy’s strumpet, Sarah, on the other hand, wants her sent immediately to the torture chamber… er, lab.) Alas, the new vamp gets a whiff of Pop’s bloody hand and goes into a feeding frenzy, giving her would-be stepmonster the perfect excuse to shoot her. “What about Pam and Tara?” you ask. They just bicker like mother and daughter (or lovers, take your pick), then Pam’s shot and captured by the authorities.
A HAIRY SITUATION | While the wolf pack sets off in hot pursuit of Emma, Nicole has a bigger meltdown over her devoured friends than Sam was afforded after Luna died in his arms. (Hello, drama queen!) Later — perhaps remembering her rescuer’s stint as a horse — she lets him comfort her with a make-out session (that presumably doesn’t stop at a make-out session).
Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? I know some of you suspected that Ben was Warlow. Was the reveal still satisfying? How funny was Jason’s homoerotic dream about Ben? (“Do it like you do it to yourself,” indeed!) And Andy trying to put out an APB on girls who could be between 7 and 70 years old? Lastly, how worried/hopeful are you that Eric’s line about death not being the end is foreshadowing?



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