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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, August 9, 2009



How many of us grew up as innocent, happy and intelligent little boys with an obedient AND gentle spirit, only to grow into adolescence and discover that we are attracted to other boys and NOT girls? So many of us are raised in Christian homes which causes us to believed that we are defective and we will burn in Hell for eternity because we are unworthy of God’s love for having such feelings. Here in the Bahamas we have many names for the vagina AND bread is one of them. And it is MY belief that that men such as myself that don’t want a life with a female feel that those who feel otherwise ONLY serve to detach us from the natural world and likewise each other. Hence we are FORCED to live a lie AND support a blind submission to their authority. How can a group of persons reduce human responsibility to the effect that GOD wants them to control everything? Talk about criminal acts against man being justified in the name of divine pursuit…But if we think about homosexuality, we notice that our sexual behavior is prone to expressions that make no obvious sense to the outside world and I can’t help but wonder if we should try and make them see what we are feeling? We see that DESPITE the many theories, scientific, genetic, sociological and name game (i.e., unisexual, bisexual, etc.) justifications for homosexuality, the church REFUSES to accept who we are as people worthy of living a valid life. Personally I don’t feel like we need them, but there are others out there that feel differently and have a genuine struggle with this issue and I write this hoping that it would/could give them some clarity. So it is my hope that they’d see that the church just sees HOMOSEXUALITY in terms of sexual activity AND it is this notion that lends itself to the belief that we are living a LIFESTYLE. Which in turns gives the bible its supposed strength AND truth…But aren’t we more complex than that? And to compound matters, we have mentally adopted the BROKEN MALE syndrome like it is merely a dress code for the life we live…Funny how HOMOSEXUALITY facilitates AND encourages them to treat us spiritually as the ones that are not worthy and that would be fine with me, but it affects us politically, socially, economically AND culturally…It is my belief that the creator is NOT gender-confused and he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he gave each and everyone of us our individual paths on this planet. Hence doesn’t it stand to reason that our MISGUIDED church folks are WRONG to equate oneness/wholeness with sexuality? Moreover, isn’t inhumane of them to assume that because I am man that I should want a woman by my side? I am quite sure that when they become anything remotely near their creator's equal, they won’t even know because they can’t seem to recognize that we are as well…SO TO THEM I WOULD SAY, IF YOUR RELIGION CANNOT SERVE YOU TO A POINT THAT YOU CANNOT HAVE RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE NOT TO FOLLOW IT THEN IT IS NOT SERVING YOU OR THE COMMON GOOD OF THE WORLD!


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