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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Monday, June 11, 2007


I am ANGRY at the way OUR WOMEN are too often at the receiving end of violent acts from OUR MEN. I AM ANGRY at a system that pays lip service to women's rights but remains powerless to do anything about it, a system that turns away women who report that men threaten them and attempts to trivialize it. A system that is reluctant to involve itself in what is perceived as a lovers quarrel or a system that does nothing when there is a threat in the work place. Whey do we seek to justify how women are treated by theorizing that it must have been a romantic situation gone sour for a man to do abuse and or take her life? Why do we seek to justify how women are treated by accepting the thought that if a woman is working among men that she has herself to blame if she is sexually attacked or harassed? Why do men think that they have the right to whatever they feel to a woman? What gives them the inclination that this is ok and the norm? These MEN and their EGOS get the better part of them and just continuously feed it with NEGATIVITY and SH!T. and everyone knows that is a combination for disaster and nothing good can come from such elements. Yet still women are afraid of being women and have to exist in such a world with these fools; talk about THE JOYS OF BEING A WOMAN…But truth be told, women are not really afraid of anything, but pretend to be. Think about it, if women were actually afraid of serpents, would the Tempter have chosen that form to entice her in the garden of eden? But men would rather see a woman as fearful of him because it affords him the opportunity to seem superior at her expense. However there are few women out that doesn’t partake in this notion and challenge men on what they think is their turf. These women would rather not surpress themselves and meet these men head on. But I try to understand why women would suppress herslef in the frist place? I can help but to wonder if on some level women to this for the same reason they surpress their physical powers? Nonetheless, whatever the reason she it makes difficult for women that want to take their rightful place in society. They made sure that MEN felt that his brain is inferior and not even equal, to a woman's. with this notion he now believes that that ALL WOMEN want to be MEN; but why would any woman want that for herself? I am a MAN and I know that we MEN are self-distrutive creatures, who would never have discovered OUR so-called powers if not stimulated by woman's weakness. We think that WOMEN are better suited to be fitted with jewels and alike because of her so-call DELICATE PHYSIQUE. And this whole situation actually shows that women are superior. Do you think that MEN realize that they they mostly get their knowledge from their mother as little boys? Do you think he understands that he employs her genius to secure his growth and development? I guess he doesn’t know that she conceals his education from him as the only practical way of developing his self-esteem? With this notion WOMEN keep MEN guessing, making sure she is always one step ahead of him. In this vain showing that MEN always take themselves seriously as children, growing up to be frighten MEN. A man never wishes to be a woman; if he did who would he take advantage of? Maybe if he did he wouldn’t be such an ASS to the ones he meets that refuse to be what he wants them to be. Sadly he loves knowing he is the nightmare in the little girl’s dream; he loves knowing that he is taunghting her and preying on her innocence; magnifying that into adulthood. He especially LOVES that he turns out to be the man that lurks in every darkened doorway, or the man that follows her in an uncrowded parking lot…TRULY BECOMING THE DEMON IN HER DREAMS. A MAN KNOWS THAT A WOMAN’S INTELLECT FAR EXCEED HIS. HE KNOWS THAT NO WOMAN WOULD PUT UP WITH HIS CLUMSY BRAIN, KNOWING SO THE SUPEREXCELLENCE OF HER OWN. WHY SHOULD WOMEN BE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS TO BEINGS THAT FEAR THEM? WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE THE POWER? WHY SHOULD HAVE THE CONTROL AND CALL THE SHOTS?


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