I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Lord my heart is tired; I’ve loved and lost; now I hurt. My mind is in pain and the battle scars I wear on soul is weighing me down. I can only ask that you release my spirit, I no longer want to be MAN that watches over the flock. Give me wings to fly into your waiting arms. I feel that I’ve served a lifetime in HELL! I no longer want to be one that saves MAN, I am not SUPERMAN. I want to run like a child again and find the one who adores me; who thinks the world of me…LOVE ME AS AN EQUAL…AS ONE…AS ALL. Now all I have are hallowed dreams…My heart doesn’t speak anymore, my tears once fell in joy now are dry as the desert floor and my mind is free to see the things that were hidden from me. I move on to life all my own I drove myself in a hole now I’m coming out not wanting to wait for you. I have no time to turn around; not going to fix what you messed up you free to be…I won’t look back so please don’t hope that I’ll be there to pick you up. I’m shutting the door I’m on my way to being long gone good bye so long the last of a heartbeat you will ever feel. I’ll wonder though how many lies you had to tell yourself before I stop filling the pain, how many times you cry yourself to sleep because you were living a counterfeit life? What I would give to see the picture you paint of your dreams when you close your eyes but I guess this is our last goodbyes don’t think I want to see you again don’t think you would ever be trusted with my heart rather hear you say you never loved me then to hear that your sorry for your good times. I be deft to your voice and blind to your smile because you have always lived in denial of what real love was you wave if you see me some day chances are I’ll be gone before you can raise your hand I got a new life and a new plan without you around no one to shoot me down or to stop me from getting started without you maybe now me and my life can go on in peace. Funny how I can smile now know that every single day when the world’s bright I will look for the meaning of life. The sun shines bright over this place I live. You didn’t want this SUPERMAN to save you, you were to busy wining the race that gives you a booby prize. In the end, you’ll learn that all that matters is the journey and not the prize. Your world grows hot and so very dry; the only healing water is the tears that I cry for and since I am no longer around… I know you wonder what happened to the paradise, what happened to all the things happy and nice feeling you had? Now you struggle and fight, searching for survival under the scorching sun. And the world grows cold and forsaken, all hope and joy are taken. The wind blows cold through the trees and soon there will be no more leaves of hope and healing, love and caring. We are as far apart as the stars and death comes over this stark cold land strangely enough I wish I could hate you. Oddly enough I don’t feel incline to take you by the hand, there’s ice in my chest and snow’s on the ground. I know that we could have lived before this death was found. Now my love is so frozen, trapped in a tomb, the icy cold shadow that looms over it knows that there is no hope for the ice to melt. But I know that I cannot waste away in hatred I want happiness once more, I want the bright green signs of life, not a life with you though, and our time has come and gone. I know that you are wondering what life means you will never know what is real…you will never know if the darkness is over…you will never know if things are on the mend…you will always live your life in this endless cycle if you don’t be authentically realistic…but the one I am sure you know is that superman is dead!


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