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Friday, December 23, 2022


This may be the last of my drag race journey, but it’s not the end.

Ra'Jah O'Hara is simply the best!

Ahead of the grand finale of Canada's Drag Race: Canada vs the World, O'Hara handed out some thank yous to the competition series that changed her life.

O'Hara says that she "had to take a break from social to reconnect to myself! I was getting lost in the noise… in Montreal to celebrate the closing of this chapter with my sisters! I have so many thoughts but pride is the main feeling!"

Then she rewinds a bit. "Started my Drag Race journey knowing I had what it took but the outcome wasn’t in my favor but here we are three seasons later and I’m waiting to see if this time will be the moment! Win lose or draw I know that I’m enough without a doubt."

O'Hara thanked RuPaul and the Drag Race franchise "for the growing pains, breaking my hard shell and allowing me to truly show myself in a way that was authentic" and "for allowing me to take on the world." 

"This may be the last of my drag race journey but it’s not the end of my journey so stay tuned and thank you for the love, the hate, for doubting me, allowing me to prove the world wrong and for the memories," she said.

The All Stars 6 star then addressed her top four sisters from Canada vs the World. "Y’all mean so much to me and I’m so proud of all of us! We put our ART where our HEART is and have made yet another wonderful season! Without y’all it wouldn’t be the same so take pride in the journey."

She then tagged Victoria Scone, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, and Rita Baga. "We did it y’all! We cried, laughed, sang and left a piece of us in that werq room What an honor to be counted amongst your talents - sisters for life."

She specifically thanks Ganache, her "bday twin, sister from another mister I’m not gonna cry again but what can I say! Every step of the way you’ve been there. On/off the stage/tv the way you’ve held me down and lifted me up I don’t take for granted!"

"Thanks for being a real sister, praying for me, celebrating, encouraging me and pulling me back off the ledge! Having three times competing together has just solidified our bond in herstory! #teamusa now let’s give 'em a show and show them who tf WE ARE!"

The grand finale of Canada's Drag Race: Canada vs The World airs Friday, December 23 on WOW Presents Plus.


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