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Wednesday, November 17, 2021



Okay, listen up bottoms: we've noticed a trend recently of ya'll skipping lunch and dinner as an attempt to to keep your bowels pristine for your tops. The thinking goes, if you don't eat all day, then there will be none of that brown stuff in your pipes to take up space that otherwise could be filled with a cock. This technique of starving yourself, either of your volition or because some hunky masc top told you to do it, is dumb and pointless for several reasons. Allow me to explain.

First of all, quick biology lesson: the digestion cycle is closer to a 24 or 36 hour shindig. Skipping dinner before your evening lay may make you feel less bloated, but it's not going to clean you out like some of ya'll are imagining. The only and best way to do that, my friends, is to douche. Any skilled bottom should be able to complete this process easily in less than a hour, or even faster if you're a pro. So eat as you like and clean everything out when it comes time to fuck.

More importantly though, starving yourself just is not healthy and can easily turn into an eating disorder if you're not careful. Sure, there are some health benefits to intermittent fasting, but let's not kid ourselves: if you're skipping a meal at the behest of a daddy dom who is toxically manipulating into losing a couple pounds and having less poop in your colon, that's not a diet hon, that's abuse!

And worst of all, the odds that you skip two meals and then texts you at 9 PM to reschedule are pretty high. Tops who don't care about your health probably also don't care about your time. Don't plan your whole day around a hookup that may or may not even be happening. If you think someone is going to fuck your ass in the evening, that can be good motivation to eat a healthy, balanced or even light meal, but not justification to go insane with fasting.

Ultimately, your sex will be better if you're not lightheaded, hangry and unhealthy. Pay attention to your gut before you get topped, yes, but after you've been creampied, any top worth his cum will happily buy you a greasy chicken sandwich with waffle fries!

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