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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I found this article and thought it was interesting so I thought I’d share it with you guys and find out your opinion…I change a few things here and there because the author that wrote the entry did it from a female perspective…Is anyone else out there that think GAY porn could teach “STRAIGHT” men a thing or two? Isn’t this link naturally obvious? It actually makes perfect sense to me…Let me explain, research shows that online porn is the single largest source of sexual information for young men. They watch it alone, and they also watch it in groups with other guys as a bonding activity. Can someone tell what happens in a room full of “STRAIGHT” with erections? What goes on in their brains as the porn they are watching influence their sexual behavior? I don’t know about you guys, but I find straight porn all TOO predictable, repulsive, unbearable, phony AND mechanical. Moreover, it is EXTREMELY DEMEANING to women and I feel sorry for straight women because most men get their techniques from straight porn. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man watching what gets him off, as long as he watches what gets a woman off and that’s GAY PORN! Think I am crazy? Consider this for a moment…kissing during sex is normal. Gay porn has kissing during sex whereas straight porn has eliminated kissing almost entirely. Occasionally you’ll see the “PORN KISS,” which would cause most of us to throw up. I suppose they feel like throwing up themselves because there seems to be an unspoken agreement between women and men to connect at the genitals, but never the face….Now let’s talk about the passion…The gay porn is generally more passionate. Though they are all actors, the gay porn showcases both men getting off…something that is rarely seen in straight porn. It’s all about the guy…SO HERE ARE A FEW THINGS “STRAIGHT” MEN LEARN FROM WATCHING GAY PORN:  
  • CARESSING: The O is gonna be a hell of a lot better if there is some real touching and foreplay first. Gay men touch each other’s torsos and breasts quite a bit. Very few breasts get touched in straight flicks. They seem irrelevant. Just think of all the money wasted on those implants! 

  • VOCAL EXPRESSION: The gay men make completely normal and natural sounds, for the most part. A slight vocalization when something feels just right, a soft moan, is soooo much more interesting than a vocal freak show. Normal women do not squawk like seagulls during intercourse. Normal men don’t grunt “FUCK YEAH!” in a scary voice every time they cum. The “DIALOG” in straight porn is ridiculous and embarrassing. 

  • ROLE EQUITY: The notion of gay men being either Pitcher or Catcher is a myth, at least in porn. They tend to take turns, or reciprocate in most cases…Either way there is some equality between the partners. In straight porn, the guy is usually some creepy character who is bossy and demeaning. The women usually play the role of a submissive, sex-starved character who wants nothing more than to please this stranger.  

  • EJACULATION NONSENSE: The face ejaculation is the straight porn flick money shot. The woman is usually pretending she desperately wants it, often using baby talk to beg for it. You see it in gay porn, but not that much. Gay men ejaculate wherever, as long as the camera can see it. It looks pleasurable for both parties.

From a GAY man’s perspective, “STRAIGHT” men are NOT going to learn anything useful from straight porn. In fact, the notion is downright frightening. If only they could take a walk on the wild side…I guess I am naΓ―ve to think that they will accept this crazy notion. In fact, I’m sure most find the idea TOO threatening and alien. And that makes sense because we are the SEXUAL deviants on this planet…


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