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Monday, July 20, 2009


On last night’s episode of TRUE BLOOD, Jason continues to impress his brainwashers with his promise, most significantly the delightful Sarah Newlin. Lafayette is back at Merlotte's, which Maryann has turned into a wasp's nest of discord in an effort to get back in Tara's good graces. In Dallas, Sookie hopes that fellow telepath Barry will help her in her plan to find the 2,000-year-old vampire Godric — a plan that will unwittingly reunite her with her brother.

@ JESUS CAMP: Jason starts boot camp for the Soldiers of the Sun, and quickly becomes Luke’s ally when he couldn’t climb over the fence and he begins to cry; which pleases Sarah in ways that will she will take in hand later (especially since her husband dismisses her in front of Jason)….The Newlin are hatching some evil plan that Sarah thinks "goes too far." It's looking like Sookie and her brother are going to cross paths soon, so it's a fair assumption that it has something to do with the missing vampire Godric.

For some odd reason women don’t take humiliation too well and Sarah being Sarah recovers by washing Jason while he's in the bathtub. She offers him a VERY thorough bath AND a little story about Mary Magdalene bathing Jesus as a sign of her devotion. "Let me reward you, Jason," she says. "Let me help you find your way back to joy." But! Instead of drying his feet with her hair or whatever, she gives Jason a hand job in the tub…SWEET JESUS!

@ MERLOTTE'S: So this week we found out that Daphne is a shape-shifter and her animal of choice: a doe…The trusting Sam appears to dig their new secret kinship, which only makes me more suspicious that Daphne is actually a plant, sent to Merlotte's by Maryann to keep an eye on Sam. Am I crazy? She does have the scratches on her back that says so…

Lafayette is back! He remains mum on the details of his disappearance, but it's clear that he is a changed man. So for like 30 minutes or so, everything is hunky-dory at Merlotte's. That is, until Maryann and Eggs pull up outside the bar. Maryann stays in the car and did her thing which causes problems for Tara. As the insults, accusations and judgments fly, it's clear that Maryann is able to spread discord as well as euphoria. Also, did anyone notice that whatever Maryann was doing to Tara, Sam, Arlene and Terry appeared to have no effect whatsoever on Lafayette?

Later that evening Sam and Daphne had their way with each other on the pool table…guess he should enjoy himself a bit.

@ SOOKIE'S: Maryann, Karl and Eggs have moved into Sookie's house, uninvited. Apparently, Maryann’s home was just a loaner, and now the trio is homeless. Naturally, Tara shoots down the idea, as she herself is a guest in casa Stackhouse.

After having a really bad night at Merlotte's, Tara comes home and tells Maryann, who is now wearing an apron and dressing the part of the mother Tara so desperately needs, that she and her merry men can stay for now.

IN DALLAS: After her accidental meeting with also-telepathic Barry the bellman at the vampire hotel, Sookie is excited to meet someone who shares her gift. Barry is not as chuffed, as he sees it as a burden. In fact, he's had to surround himself with vampires to silence the voices in his head. Sookie so spooks him that we find out later that he quit his job at the hotel, and is now missing.

Bill is (what else is new?) upset that Sookie has revealed her gift to someone else, as her safety is vital. He's also cranky about Jessica having ordered a man on which to feed from room service. His mood is momentarily lifted as Sookie suggests they have sex. With Fake Mommy and Vampire Daddy off fang-banging in the other room, Jessica calls Hoyt, and they have a sweet conversation in which he tells her about the comic book he's reading.

Sookie, Bill and Eric meet with Isabel and Stan, high-ranking officials in the Dallas vampire hierarchy. Sookie points out that only Isabel and Stan knew that Sookie, Bill and Jessica were coming to Dallas, so there must be a traitor within their organization.

I like seeing the interaction among Isabel, Stan, Eric and Bill, as it underscores the fact that some vampires are good and some vampires are not. And just like humans, their relative merits and drawbacks all exist in shades of gray. Eric is visibly incensed that their squabbling is distracting them from their mission: finding Godric. Bill picks up on his excessive concern, which propels us into a 1,000-year-old flashback, in which we learn that a young Godric was Eric's maker.

Sookie volunteers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun to find out if they're involved in Godric's disappearance. Bill (what else is new?) resists the idea, but eventually agrees to it. While Bill and Sookie have sex Bill’s maker comes traipsing down the hotel hallway, listens in at the door, and exposes her fangs.

So, what did you think? Again, what is Maryann's endgame? And does Daphne have anything to do with it? What's up with Lafayette? And how will Sookie's mission be compromised once she discovers that Jason is the Fellowship's head vamp staker?


Today the beauty of both the universe AND man have met @ an intersection and I give myself PERMISSION to bask in its loveliness as I lose myself to the grandeur AND beauty of FATE! Today I fulfill the intense desire that will consequently change my life in SO many ways…NO longer will the world see me through lens…Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know of the struggles I’ve had with seeking employment that NOT only gives me something to live off, but that drives me to be the best that I can. So as I put on my shirt N’ tie and head into my future, I will walk knowing that the disappointment of jobs past has prepared me for today. This is one endeavor I consciously plan to pursue because for far too long I knew my purpose, but never had the chance to professionally make it real…So I am sending all the POSITIVE energy in the universe ahead into my day despite the FACT that human tendency is for us to focus on what we fear OR dislike…I REFUSE to miss out on the joy AND richness of this moment because I have cast off the fog of the past, taken several deep, grounding breaths and reaffirm the LOVE I have for myself…I don’t know about you, but I am EAGER to receive the blessings the universe has set aside for me…SO WATCH ME AS I GRADUALLY WIDEN THE CIRCLE OF THIS LIGHT UNTIL IT COVERS EVERYTHING & EVERYONE THAT READS THIS BLOG…WATCH ME TRUST THAT OPEN DOOR FOR THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR ME TO ENTER A NEW SPACE…AS I CROSS THE THRESHOLD INTO A NEW LIFE, BUT HOW ABOUT YOU MEET ME CAREER DRIVE N’ OPPORTUNITY BOULEVARD FIRST?


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