I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, October 6, 2006


Walking Alone

Neither sin nor holy deed,

Can unchain me from my need,

To hear your voice,

To feel your touch,

I never would have thought,

I'd miss you this much.

From the moment we parted,

I began wandering the uncharted,

To have truly loved,

And truly lost,

I stole a piece of heaven,

And must now pay the cost.

The world seems so void,

And I am terribly annoyed,

That no matter what I say,

No matter what I do,

No matter what the time,

I still think of you.

The hardest thing is not to call,

To sit and do nothing at all,

To agonize in solitude,

Over my terrible fate,

To walk into the future,

Without my ¿perfect mate? It Would Have To Be With You

If I were to fall in love,

It would have to be with you.
Your eyes,
your smile,
the way you laugh,
and the things you say and do.
Take me to the places,
My heart never knew.
So, if I were to fall in love,
It would have to be with you.
If I were to give my heart,
It would have to be to you,
For you bring things into my life,
So beautiful and new.
Love, so soft and warm beside me,
That I know it’s true,
If I were to give my heart,
It would have to be to you.
I was looking for an answer.
I was looking for a way.
To keep the magic that you bring,
To each and every day.
To live our lives together,
As only lovers do.

It started with a feeling,
And every day it grew,
So, when I knew I was in love,
It had to be with you.


Tell me your dreams,

what you and your subconscious mind share

We will find a doorway at the end of the stairs

Nay don't feel upset

Nay don't stare into space oblivious of the world without a care

Why are you just unaware

About the objectivity of life's true meaning that one should bear

Maybe you're lacking the warmth and care

Maybe you should not compare

Or maybe one should impregnate you with Love,

Solace and CareI don't know about tomorrow

So just forget about your sorrows

That makes you feel so furrowed

As tomorrows are never seen

Until it is shared


God took you away.

It doesn't seem fair,

but in the back of my mind,

you will always be there

You were more than a close friend,

our paths did cross,

and your absence in my world,

is to me a great loss.

You were too young to die,

and too innocent to feel that pain.

Only heaven benefits,

because you it has now gained.

I may think of you a little less

with each passing day,

but your strength is something I won't forget,

you have changed me in a way.

I wish for you eternal peace;

that's what you deserve.

BUT TELL ME...Why do you miss out on so much of life in an attempt to maintain a sense of comfort and security? DO YOU KNOW THAT...The real security comes from being willing and able to gracefully handle all of life's ups and downs as they come your way. AND YET I WONDER...Why do you let your fears stop you from living the rich and full life you were created to experience? I THINK YOU SHOULD...Step back, look at those fears, accept them and then move confidently forward. I WILL BET MY LIFE THAT YOU DON'T KNOW...Why do you sit so long and wonder what is to be done? WHEN YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT...Your most treasured dreams are ready, right now, to be lived.


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