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Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Have you ever fantasized about watching your boyfriend or partner or husband have sex with another man? If so, have you and your partner ever explored this fantasy of yours?

If you get turned on by the idea of your partner having sex with another, maybe you even want to watch them, then you may be into cuckolding. 

This fetish, according to Healthline, is “closely tied to BDSM with overlaps like domination, submission and humiliation — minus the gear and spanking ร  la Fifty Shades.” In addition, they explained that cuckolding historically “refers to a man who was unknowingly cheated on by his wife.”

Today, though, the desire to be cucked on is popular among couples of any sexual orientation and gender. Cuckolding is also on the rise, if the increase on Google searches for the phrase “gay cuck Twitter” is anything to go by.  Further, cuckolding is also increasingly becoming popular in porn, as “gay searches for ‘cuckold’ average around 200,000 per month” on a porn site, a research finds.   

How true is this study for you, guys? Are you one of those who love watching cuckold gay porn videos? Have any of you ever had sex with someone else watching? What was the experience like?

All that being said, have you ever engaged in cuckolding? If not yet, would you ever try it?

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