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Wednesday, August 11, 2021


If you’ve been jerking off for years and years and your technique is getting a bit stale, allow me to introduce you to the end-all be-all method of masturbation. There is one technique so powerful that it practically stumbles into the realm of tantra. That’s right, I’m talking about edging. Learn it, love it. Live life on the edge, baby.

So if you don’t know, edging is a type of masturbation that goes like this: you continually bring yourself as close as possible to orgasm, but then cease stimulation. Then once you’ve settled down for a few moments, you start strokin’ again. Rinse and repeat this cycle as many times as possible. Inevitably, you’ll get to the point where you can no longer control the urge to not cum and you’ll have the best explosive jizz storm you’ve had in a while.

Some of you veteran gays may be thinking, isn’t this common knowledge? And sure, there’s a good chance you practice edging already, even if you didn’t know the term existed. Teasing and denying ourselves of orgasm is something we do naturally without even thinking about it. You’ve probably been having anal sex and and automatically slowed down the pumping a bit when you feel yourself close to cumming but want to keep going. The logic of edging is that you harness this impulse to its most extreme potential by delaying the orgasm as long as you can.

There seems to almost be a direct ratio between how long you build up to and how badly you want it, and how amazing the orgasm is. Good things come to those who wait. This type of patience and foresight will get you far in life--whether you’re just jerking off or planning for you future, delaying your sense of immediate gratification is a useful skill to learn. So, the next time you jerk off, try to edge yourself a few times before you cum and see what it can do for you life!

Of course now, some of you may be thinking, well isn’t the logical conclusion of this all that the best way to masturbate is to just keep edging forever and literally never cum? To be in a perpetual state of arousal, riding the wave pleasure through life? And to that I’d say, maybe you’re on to something


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