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Monday, April 26, 2010


The following article is taken from the local Bahamian site called Bahamas Press. I posted this because I wanted to share the way the ignorant society in the Bahamas see gay men and women. We are NOT people that living and co-existing with each other, we nothing other than SISSIES! I mean a young lady lost her life and that was TOTALLY overlooked and the story was sensationalized to get attention. I know it got mine and this type of journalism isn't anything new, but I had to post this nonetheless...

Nassau, Bahamas — A sissy women brawl last night had turned deadly and now police are investigating an apparent vehicular homicide, which we classify as murder #114 since 2009.

BP has learned that sometime around 4:20 a.m. into the wee hours of this morning, police were called to Gladstone Road in the area of a known sissy joint called, the ‘Garage Night Club’ where they were told a major fight to the death had erupted.  Police were told the fight concluded when a vehicle, which was driven by another sissy woman who fled the scene of the rock and bottle session, as she struck the female.

Our deep throat on the RBPF said, “We have located a blue 2008 Toyota Corolla, which is believed to be the vehicle involved in this incident. And is now questioning at least one person believed to be the owner of the car. What a sad and terrible way to die BP.”

Investigators who responded also said the scene was bloody as the young girl’s lifeless body was clad in blue short pants; white T-Shirt and a green shirt. She had just exited the place with her new lover about to engage in session fun and frolic, eyewitnesses said.

We are told the male sissies were too afraid to join the fight and protect the deceased woman. We are also told many of them were too busy snatched up with their own partners despite the serious situation at hand.

My goodness, what wutlessness! They have no shame.


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