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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sunday is considered a HOLY DAY in most COUNTRIES, this is the day set aside to WORSHIP @ the CHURCH of YOUR choice in the name of GOD. However, this HOLY DAY is also a SEGREGATED one and this DETACHMENT makes me wonder WWJD? I LOVE SUNDAYS, this is the day of RELAXATION and PEACE strengthening one’s relationship with GOD. However a day such as this holds such SIGNIFICANCE that they do NOT see it is destroying them as they try to live up to it’s meaning. I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO STAND ON ANY ALTER & ADMIT THAT I DO NOT DO CHURCH or PARTICIPATE IN ORGANIZED RELIGION. You and I know that every single person with those four walls of that building would gasp and think of me as a HEATHEN and BLASPHEMER. Nonetheless, this is SO far from the truth, I DO believe in GOD and what he represents; I just do NOT go about it how the CHRISTIAN community expects me to. If the SOURCE of RELIGION is GOD, why does society look to RELIGION for ETERNAL SALVATION? One would think that comes from GOD and NOT the RITUALISTIC participation that is conducted EVERY Sunday. The OPIATE of the masses TOTALLY MYSTIFIES the MYSTICS and makes everyone feel GOOD. However, this mechanism of control is ABUSED and can ONLY EXPLOIT those that directly misusing it. I wish that the RELIGIOUS community would take notice of how the world is living in a state of peril because of over zealous RELIGIOUS beliefs. RELIGIOUS SEGREGATION runs deep, this has sparks many known wars and destroyed many lives. I can see how SEGREGATION works in the mind of those involved because they allow themselves to be MISLED into thinking that they are on the track that is ALL GOD. Now how can one think that any rational human would try to deter another from a RIGHTEOUS relationship with the maker? The TRUE purpose of RELIGION should mirror GOD’s teachings. I would ACCEPT SEGREGATION if I felt that GOD’s son did not come to this planet and kept his teachings to himself. As a matter of BIBLICAL fact, he spread the message everywhere. Which leads me to think that those that follow the teachings the BIBLE do NOT BELIEVE or can COMPREHEND what Jesus did because they seem to miss that IMPORTANT part? Therefore, this SEGREGATION makes no sense @ all because they are ALL lost and refuse to acknowledge their SHORT COMINGS. Rather these PRIMITIVE acting folks under LEADERSHIP of BISHOP, PASTOR, REVEREND, DECON & APOSTLE who ever have their own ideas about what kind of life GOD wants US to live. Therefore, they each in THEIR church SCREAM out sermons that makes the members feel as if HE is the TRUTH and LIGHT. The weird thing is that MOST of the congregation that craves this type of message is the ones being torn down. Nonetheless, what is even CRAZIER is that this supposingly OPERATIVE of GOD seems to feel that HIS RELIGION is the only that matters because he seems to believe the SH!T that he spews on such a HOLY DAY. I guess it is okay to step on the TOES connected to the body of the HOMOSEXUAL or LOOSE WOMAN who will COMPELLING become the ORIFICE for SEXUAL gratification in the name of the LORD. I find it FUNNY how they try so HARD to SEPARATE themselves that they STILL follow the same patterns. Every one of them seems to think that they have the SOLE pattern on GOD as if he is some PRODUCT or MERCHANDISE. It is as if GOD is for sale because HE is the reason for THEIR riches and OUR poverty. They have TOTAL autonomy in the MIRACLE department because WE are NOT HOLY enough to converse with GOD ourselves. This SEGREGATION TOTALLY F&CKS up our world and WE are made to believe that WITHOUT RELIGION, everything from families to whole societies will fall apart. In separation RELIGION is regarded as the key to social and personal survival ignoring, the fact that even though RELIGION may help at times, it can harm just as much. THIS IS WHY I DO NOT LOOK TO RELIGION FOR SALVATION or SOLUTIONS. There are many CORRUPT things in this world that originated from RELIGION and it prevents us from building a society. I KNOW THAT IT DOES NOT MATTER TO THE MASSES IF I WORSHIP or NOT, I AM JUST A MAN THAT IS NOT LOST IN THEIR WAY OF THINKING and WORSHIPING. I AM SINCERE and COMPASSIONATE, IT IS JUST THAT WILL NOT INSULT GOD BY CLAIMING TO BE A CHRIST~IAN instead OF BEING CHRISTIAN. HOW CAN WE TRULY SEE GOD’s FACE WHEN WE ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE IN WORSHIP? I AM VERY MUCH AWARE THAT WE CAN WORSHIP WHERE WE PLEASE, BUT WE MUST BE MINDFUL OF THE FACT THAT THERE IS JUST ONE TRUE GOD. HENCE IT DOES NOT MATTER THE BUILDING or THE BIG HATS THAT ARE BEING WORN and PASTOR’S COLLECTION; ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT @ THE END OF IT ALL WE CAN TRULY SAY WE ALL ARE ONE. IT IS VERY SAD THAT TOO MANY OF US ARE WRAPPED UP IN OUR OWN LITTLE CHURCHES TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE REST OF THE WORLD. IT IS VERY SAD WHEN WE HAVE LOST THE REAL MEANING OF WORSHIP & PRETEND THAT THE UNORGANIZATION OF ORGANIZED RELIGION IS OKAY.


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