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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Saturday, October 20, 2007


We are TARGETS for NEGATIVITY and ALL that is WRONG with the world. I sat and thought LONG and HARD about this entry, I wanted to include the ENTIRE HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNITY but realized that I could not because WE MEN ARE THE MOST FEARED. LESBIANS ARE STILL TO SOME DEGREE ACCEPTED BY SOCIETY, WHERE WE GAY MEN ARE JUST SIMPLY DROWNING IN OUR OWN GREATNESS. Because of OUR struggle, I feel that we are beyond a shadow of doubt the next change in HUMAN EVOLUTION. OUR EVOLUTION is a MAJOR puzzle in modern world. Many of us just sit idly by and allow OUR TRUE PURPOSE to waste away. I FIRMLY believe that OUR SEXUAL CYCLE has been maintained because WE are the IMPROVE THE QUALITY of OUR PARENTS. I know that most, if not ALL would think that for SEX to be EVOLUTIONARY ADVANTAGEOUS, it must be associated with a significant increase in the fitness of offspring. However, I STRONGLY disagree because there are VAST amounts of hetero MEN and WOMEN out there that CANNOT produce an offspring. Nonetheless, society does NOT see them as something NEGATIVE or USELESS; they are given PITY and COMPASSION. Most scientists agree that WE are the result of a complex interaction of ENVIRONMENTAL, COGNITIVE and BIOLOGICAL factors. Although there is no adaptation from an EVOLUTIONARY standpoint, because WE do NOT produce children, there is evidence that WE have EXISTED and are KNOWN to ALL HUMAN CULTURES and CIVILIZATIONS. Despite the PROTEST and HOSTILITYWE have ADAPTED in NON-OBVIOUS WAYS and they know that we CANNOT be ignored. This took place because I feel that when MAN tries to EXPLAIN that which he has no TRUE knowledge of, it creates PROBLEMS. Thus, MISUNDERSTANDINGS and MAYHEM are the order of the day and their theory introduces the demon called GENDER IDENTITY. This arguable concept tries to confirm that WE are HOMOSEXUAL because of incline biological factors that are more than likely TRIGGERED in OUR upbringing, but this valid notion does NOT speak for us all. I for one do NOT believe that ADOPTING a GENDER IDENTITY forges the establishment of SEXUALITY. Most scientists agree that it is unlikely to find a single GAY GENE that determines something this complex. Nevertheless, I hope THIS ENTRY rid the GAY MALE COMMUNITY of those BITTER clichΓ©s that forces us to think WE CANNOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. OUR DIVINE retribution for being who WE are lies within and WE should NOT want to LIVE a LIFE of ABANDONMENT and DESERTION. WE know that every time WE CONNECT with another male on an intimate level, it feels RIGHT and COMFORTING; instead, we develop relationships that say WE are FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG for one another. WE ARE HAVING SEX & DECLARE OURSELVES UNFIT BASED ON HOW MANY TIMES WE CAN GET HORIZONTAL FOR THE F&CK OF IT. I HATE THIS & FEEL THAT OUR OPERATING UNDER THE FALSE PRETENSE OF LONELINESS AS A MOTIVATOR HAS ALTERED OUR DNA WHEN WE ARE OTHERWISE GENETICALLY CONFIGURED FOR A LIFE OF PROSPERITY. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST TWO or MORE BODIES COMING TOGETHER WITH PASSION & ECSTASY THAT DOES NOT PERPETUATE THE SPECIES. IT IS MY THOUGHT THAT WE WERE CREATED FOR THE POPULATION TO PROTECT ITSELF BY PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT & DECREASING OVERPOPULATION. WE BY NATURE ARE NON-REPRODUCTIVE & ARE THE NEXT PHASE OF EVOLUTION BECAUSE GOD PLACED IT IN THE THING THAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE, SO HOW CAN ANYONE ARGUE WITH THAT?


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