I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


Earth is the battle ground for good and evil; roses and weeds, the generation of the righteous and unrighteous. When my Father comes back he shall separate the real from the fake and the entire world will see that I AM THE GAY GENIUS. I am the blue print to LIFE, a RIGHTEOUS LIFE, A GOOD LIFE, and THE REAL WORLD IN GOD'S EYES. At birth I was nothing more you see than just a sapling of a tree; a tree that sprouts up in the spring to show new life to everything. As the twig is bent so grows the tree, it's much the same for me. Later in life when in my teens, if I should act like the King I am meant to be the value of my fruit will be that equal to the great oak tree. The color of my hair is like the leaves the tree will wear. And all too soon, in life I find the summer time I’ve left behind. Thus in the fall the leaves turn just as in life for youth I yearn for in the fall of life I see. The tree must show in colors bright that soon the wind will chill the night. This is the time I am just past my prime to settle down for winter time. In wintertime, the tree is bare with nests, where robins struggled there. When in this life of me I know I am what I should be there is no place for deep regret for, like the tree, I still live yet…And every instance I’ve fallen still filled with hope and still I feel as if life has not turned away hard the visions. I close my eyes only for a minute try to not live in fantasy, my soul cannot bare the harm that come from the illusions. This life throws me in fires that burn here and there but I refuse fade. I am absorbed in my own world, the grey sky and howling wind mirroring my thoughts. I feel all dark and twisty, the emotions inside me like tangled wire hangers or last year's Christmas lights. I have so many secrets wound up inside but I am too tired to care. It would take too much effort to untangle the mess. Its like life came alive inside me, this roiling mass of emotions, these secrets that threaten to crawl right out of my mouth and throw themselves into face of man…a ghost, an empty shell. Full of knowledge, I cannot pretend. I am living for you, my life hangs in the balance like a leaf falling through the air from the time it leaves the branch of the tree to the time it touches the ground I will have thought of you. My hand resting against jagged rock life's nest nettled above velvet clouds shadow of softness, my mind touching earth's diverse reflection whispered words of love your image witness to my soul. I hope you can feel the unalloyed love I possess for you. I gained when I held God's heart in my hands. He knew my time on earth is oppressed limited to the demons I am among. My bones will still beat drums for all to dance the phoenix will still rise from the ashes with hope in my womb…He made me a GODDESS, the legend; where 'shade' is a shadow you walk in to avoid the light. If you waste your time trying to be a false prophet robed in attitude and labels you may fail to recognize my divinity…WATCH ME CAREFULLY AND SAY YOUR PRAYERS, SEE THIS GOD DREAM, GIVE, LIVE...I EXIST IN THE PLACE THAT REPRESENTS PURITY, I WILL NOT DO BATTLE TO YOUR RHYTHMS & BEATS; U WANT REALNESS...LOOK @ ME!


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