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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Do you know that the societal practice of teaching the roles of masculinity, femininity AND gender is an act that is dangerous? Male and female are two of the sexes and scientists have confirmed that it’s quite natural and healthy to be both male and female. As far as I know, we come from both a male and female combination, so it’s not surprising to find some who exemplify strong characteristics of both in their thinking and behavior. In fact, it seems far healthier than being ‘too male or too female’. However, the world is out of balance in that males are too male and females too female. Females, sadly, likely confirm to male domination and suggestion.

But how did it come to this when you think about it, there is NO such thing as a man? What SOCIETY does is put people into one of two categories and ascribe certain roles to them. These roles aren't natural, they are social constructions; and we do a GREAT DANGER to ourselves by holding men AND women to such strict AND impossible social roles. Look at the hyper masculinity in Hip Hop, which is the extreme version of how men are expected to behave. It’s hard for women to find a man who is actually worth having around because in her eyes "soft” men are not "real" men. So when one looks @ a homosexual relationship, one then blurs the roles of men and women. It has NOTHING to do with sex! What are same-sex individuals to do when the ‘man’ LOVES cooking and cleaning and taking care of the home and turns around to top his partner? Or when a female gets outside and fixes her partner’s car and then penetrates her partner? I get that a "male" and a “female” by so-called traditional standards aren’t supposed to do those things, (except the fucking part), but doesn’t that show us why so many gay relationships don’t work out?  We want our partners to fit strict roles that are basically obliterated the second we put two dicks OR two pussies into the picture.

These roles don't naturally exist. There is and never has been a universal traditional role of how a "man" or "woman" should behave. Just assumptions and expectations that are extremely dangerous and are worsening with a snow ball effect. It is important to stress that men can be WHO they are regardless! Men who act out being masculine in deference to owning their feminine side are a large part of the reason for the world being filled with violence and disorder. Females in general, are still very much submitting to male domination and control for fear and ignorance of owning their position as an equal but different person. Females and males need to exercise their equality without manipulation of the other, particularly male domination.  Males who exhibit domination over females still haven’t let go of their cave man mentality and are insecure about their identity.  A real healthy man accepts and acts out his sensitive female side without any issues.

The FACT that GENDER IS an ACT shows us how control is ‘out of control’ with the heart and awareness of moving in higher consciousness. Low self esteem is common among the ‘deniers’ of being just human with little internal attachment to having to be ‘male’ or ‘female.’ Women no longer need men who ‘need to be men’.  Because @ the end of the day it all comes down  to us accepting that we are CONSCIOUS BEINGS who are above thinking and feeling and being identified with old stereotypes of what the world erroneously think we should be…THE ACT STOPS WHEN ONE IS THE BEST HUMAN HE/SHE CAN BE!


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