I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Saturday, May 23, 2009


BRING ME TO LIFE is the first single from Evanescence's multi-platinum debut album Fallen. At the 2004 Grammy Awards the song was honored with the award for Best Hard Rock Performance. When I hear this song I think about open-mindedness and how we need to wake up to all the things you've been missing for so long. And this song is all about how life can elude us as we struggle to move past the distractions that are keeping us from examining the deepest reaches of our soul. However, I don’t believe that all is lost because I feel that this song is encouraging us to turn inward so we can focus our attention on that which is truly important.


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