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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


AS A ‘HOMOSEXUAL’ MAN I JUST THINK NOT TO THINK, BUT THE THOUGHT ITSELF GETS SO OCCUPYING THAT IT KEEPS ME THINKING ALL THE TIME...sounds like a confusing thought huh? Well if you are a SGLM then you would understand what I mean. You would know that I am referring to the one body part that mystifies mankind, the organ that no one knows everything about. I am talking about the brain and not just any brain, I referring to the brain of a HOMOSEXUAL, but this isn’t just any ordinary brain; this is ‘THE “HYBRID” BRAIN.’ As I have mentioned before we HOMOSEXUALS are a special breed, we are unlike any other and regardless of what others think of us; there is no denying that most if not all of us have to do a lot of SOUL SEARCHING. The COMING-OUT process is such an emotional and psychological wringer that one has to elevate to a higher level of thought process enabling us to tap into certain parts of the brain that others don’t seem to have access to. That part of the brain is called the anterior commeasure, that's bigger in a gay's brains than in those of heterosexuals. A homosexual’s brain has more connections between the opposite emotional centers than other brains. My guess is that it’s important in seeing potential mates, and so, it’s the part that knows who you're attracted to, gay, straight, transsexual, bisexual or whatever. When we select another person of the same gender as the focus for sexual feelings, it gives us the same set of concerns and needs that the heterosexuals have. With GAY MEN, men become object of our affection giving all of our time and attention to this part of ourselves that become the object of identification, at least in some ways. How at the same time we ARE men and we still have to identify there, too. This is vice-versa for women as well. Because we both gay males and lesbians still possess our male and female brains, being gay makes our cognitive processes are more focused allowing us the advantage that heterosexuals don’t possess. This special intuition can only be hosted by persons that have ‘THE “HYBRID” BRAIN’ making our intuition a channeled voice. We, all other conditions being equal, was more able to go from a sense-that-something-is-wrong to seeing and describing a specific danger. We are better able to find ways to improve things, be more comfortable, and stay healthy. Hence most evolutionary biologists will agree that if a species preserves a trait, it’s because that trait helps that species survive, or at least did so when it first emerged. And we HOMOSEXUALS are the next chain in evolution and mankind needs us. How we not be appreciated for ‘OUR “HYBRID” BRAIN? Consider the stereotype about us – we are gourmets when eating, film critics when seeing movies, interior designers at home, and fashion and grooming experts in front of mirrors. Nothing but the best. Now, imagine that same trait 100,000 years ago, and add to it the caveat that people acted for their tribe as much as for themselves, there being little one could claim as one's own. Nothing but the best and most sheltered campsite. Nothing but the clearest water. Everyone should be clean and attractive (by whatever standard his nation held) - as much as possible. With ‘OUR “HYBRID” BRAIN’ we exhibit an extra emotional sensitivity that would encourage people to be nice to one another and further, freedom from many of the usual social obligations. I know I'm making many generalizations here, and many SGLP do not fit the stereotype, but my point is that the traits, though held by only a few, can benefit many. Nevertheless, due to ‘OUR “HYBRID” BRAIN’ I think that we were the first spiritual leaders. In that social position, we would have been free to expect that our words would be heard, we would have been able to exploit our cognitive skills to the maximum, and we would have been able to access many altered states of consciousness that would've been unavailable to others. We could lead people spirituality, soothed interpersonal conflicts, and help anticipate and avoid threats to their survival. Who knows? Perhaps our sexual preference is a by-product of a specific group of cognitive and emotional skills that helped us survive - skills that is expensive for us, but essential for the population as a whole.


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