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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, August 5, 2012


An agenda leaving out important
truths, and affecting others adversely, is filled with the spin of deception,
or in other words ‘lies’; spinning
the truth that is really not the truth, is ‘karmic’,
and has consequences for those unquestioning for the seeking of the whole ‘truth’. The consequences of such action
may be less impactful on society than say a government that ‘creates a ‘Hollywood illusion’ for a
national threat that is, frankly filled with suppositions covering ill

Case in point, when a husband who
tells his wife what she wants to hear with any covert excuse to himself why he
is not being truthful, is showing conditional, low level love covering up
deception, and reasons for lack of trust. One lie require another, and another
lie to cover up the original one, until you’ve painted yourself in a corner
with potential consequences of being exposed, not to mention the hidden effect
of what the lies had on you, and another’s behavior.

Life has become more of a fantasy than
ever before somewhat do to the complexity of everyday living, and the infinite
choices, from the deceptions in food, medical/pharmaceutical cures, insurance,
investments, news media, weight loss programs, religion, technological advances
and gadgets, the list seems endless. Where ever you look, if something isn’t
complex to understand, it’s filled with omissions to convince you what you want
to hear, regardless of the ‘truths’. 

The ‘road most traveled’ is overflowing with people ‘gridlocked’ in their minds and hearts.
Easy answers are ‘peddled’ by
career/corporate types to support their houses, cars, entertainment, traveling,
and any new ‘pleasers’ the shysters
can pawn off onto the ‘gluttonous in
. The ‘road to hell’ is ‘here and now’ today for those not in
their hearts and awareness. The ‘ultimate
omission of deception’
is to become identified with the many masks that you
wear to avoid what’s really inside that is likely layered with masks avoiding
the letting go of the pasts suppressed concepts, precepts, and turmoils. Reach
out, but reach in first and drop the facade. Go underground to bring up the
divine pearls of who you really are. Seek the real substance within. 


the weekly Pride events list for August 5, 2012- August 14, 2012. Find your
city and mark the date down. All cities should have active links to each
Pride's website for more info.


Eugene, OR - Eugene Springfield Pride Festival - August 11, 2012



Vancouver, British Columbia - Vancouver Pride Parade & Festival - August 5,


MontrΓ©al - MontrΓ©al Pride Celebrations - August 14 - 19, 2012

Don't forget to have a PRIDEFUL time! 


About The Movie:

Douglas Quaid (presently played by Colin Ferrell)
is the average factory worker, a blue-collar dude who married his high school
sweetheart Lori (Kate Beckinsale)
and lives day to day within the confines of the world’s limited inhabitable
space – most of the planet was decimated by nuclear warfare, you see, and the
only places left to live are the ultra-posh United Federation of Britain (the
British Isles and most of main land Europe) or the dreg-ridden The Colony
(Australia). Unhappy with his seemingly happenstance existence, Quaid gets the
itch to get away and decides to go to Rekall, a company that implants your
brain with memories. When he does go, he is interrupted by the cops and
unwittingly yet quite efficiently kills them all. He runs home to tell his
wife, who tries to kill him. And so starts the journey of Quaid figuring out
that he is really an intelligence operative who had his mind wiped to eliminate
him as a threat. With the help of his former partner (Jessica Biel) Quaid tries
to restore himself to his former glory a freedom fighter against the big baddie
capitalist Cohaagen (the incomparable 
Bryan Cranston).

What Is Good About The Movie:

The best thing that can be said about this movie is that it was kind of
cool. There’s a pretty cool chase scene that involves plausibly futuristic
magnetically levitated cars and a handful of crafty and hard-hitting
hand-to-hand combat bits. 

There is actually a pretty clever gag, involving Obama.

The cars can fly.

What Is Bad About The Movie:

As Hollywood
seems less and less willing to craft fresh and unique ideas to entertain its
massive audience, the word “remake” has become increasingly dreaded especially
as even the effort to make such movies any good wanes exponentially; and I was
VERY excited for this movie but it didn’t deliver.

Besides the fact that the movie dragged on for TOO long (it was 2hr 1 min long to be exact) I have a few issues with this movie and they are:

doesn't come into play at all. Instead, Earth's air supply has gotten so toxic
that there are only two remaining inhabitable places: the United Federation of
Britain and the Colony. The Colony is basically treated like Mars though;
they're on the verge of being wiped out by the Federation, who are desperate to
steal the Colony's real estate.

There are no mutants. Everyone is just boring, ordinary-looking humans... well,
ordinary in the sense that when Quaid and Lori wake up in the morning, they are
the chiseled, perfectly-styled Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale.

Since there are no mutants, that means there is no Kuato. Instead, the leader
of the Resistance is some guy named Matthias, who's just a regular human
without psychic powers.

Remember Quaid's friend Harry, the fat, bald, blue-collar guy who tells him not
to go to Rekall? That part is played by the handsome, buff Bokeem Woodbine.
Remember Dr. Edgemar, the fat, wormy spokesman for Rekall who messes with
Quaid's mind by telling him that its all a dream? That part is also played by
the handsome, buff Bokeem Woodbine.

Remember Michael Ironside's character of Richter, the right-hand man to
Cohaagen, who has a personal axe to grind with Quaid and would rather kill him
than capture him? That part is gone. Instead, Kate Beckinsale basically acts
like Michael Ironside -- instead of Sharon Stone -- as she just keeps trying to
kill Quaid.

Quaid doesn't use a hologram duplicate to trick people who are shooting at him.

There is no character of Benny, the wise-cracking, two-timing taxi driver.

There are no make-up or animatronic effects; instead there is a lot of CGI.

Replace all the fistfights with flying car pursuits and elevator shaft chases.

The tracking bug is in Quaid's hand, not his head, so we don't get to see Colin
Farrell grimace as he pulls
a weird, futuristic gadget out of his nose.

There is a lot more jumping.

They don't
use the phrase "total recall" at all during the film.

Unlike the original, you know what's going to happen in each scene.

This new Recall is
dull and dragging and hapless and offensive to it predecessor. A remake was NOT needed! 

Overall Grade:



Like chased animals frantically running to escape the visible
corrals, we have been chased away from our haven, our freedom. In fearful
flight, we have run in every direction left open to us, not knowing that each
direction, each escape route, carried us even more deeply and securely into the
clutches of their madness. Each "escape" has been nothing but a
delusion, enabling the hunter's noose to pull itself ever more tightly around
all memory of who we are as spiritually-grounded homosexuals. Because we
thought they were sure escapes, with each misguided flight we became more
comfortable with our distance from self and our transmogrification into an
inferiorized alien being.


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