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Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Anal sex is increasingly common today, partly due to the lack of over standing (and understanding) of its ramifications and partly because of the contemporary tendency to do everything that was once considered taboo. First of all, let's consider the divine function of the anus. Yes, the anus has a divine function (just like every other organ in or on the human body), and it also has a beauty and sensitivity of its own. The only part of the human body that is considered unclean. The anus is the - excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canalThe feces from the colon makes it way from the intestines to the rectum and out via the anus.Therefore, the anus is an excretory organ or an "eliminative" channel (being an extension of the colon). Its divine function is to release "waste" from the body.

Science, nature, and common sense tells us that the anus is an eliminative organ and not a penetrative organ, unlike the female vagina, which is undoubtedly penetrative in nature. Unlike the female vagina (yoni), the anus cannot stretch in size without tearing the skin, cannot naturally and conveniently accommodate any size penis, and does not naturally lubricate itself to accommodate and facilitate a stroking penis. The female vagina has three layers of skin to accommodate stretching and to prevent itself from tearing, and has muscles that contract allowing pleasure and orgasm. unlike the anus which only has one layer of skin, which when torn due to being stretched (from constant penetration) , releases bacteria, bleeds and cannot experience an orgasm.

Anal intercourse tends to stretch and greatly weaken the anal sphincter muscles, producing energy loss. Anal penetration greatly disturbs the balance of vital forces in the body. The downward-moving vital principle of the anus is greatly reversed due to penetration and can lead to seriousdigestive problems, constipation, irregularity (of bowel movements),clots (causing strokes) and ultimately to cancer of the rectum. Many homosexual men over 40 who constantly take it or get it "up the butt" have to wear diaper-like products or plugs (tampons) to catch their fecal waste liquids that drip from their loose and weakened anus.

As an organ of excretion, the anus and rectal passage always contain traces of bacterial waste. A person is in danger of infection through anal insertion and can also suffer severe tissue damage, bacteria or strokes. If a man is on the DL and engages in NORMAL sex afterward, the dangerous possibility exists that bacteria will be transferred from the anus to the innermost part of the vagina (yoni) of the woman.(even after washing with soap and water bacteria and fecal waste is still present). Bleach and Hand Sanitizer is the only way of getting rid of fecal waste and bacteria. Many men engage in licking of the anus and then sucking of the penis and or kissing. 

Many people are curious as to why many black men engage in anal intercourse today. Well, for most of these men, they find it necessary to offer every bodily orifice to their lover as a symbol of their complete surrender and commitment. Curiosity, wanting to engage in a new sexual experience and the psychological desire to be punished are also variables to be considered.

Many men want to perform anal intercourse on another man as a sign of domination. You will find that most men who want to engage in anal intercourse have either a sexual deficiency complex, low self-esteem, male domination complex, demeaning attitude towards women; are incapable of loving, and/or feel weak as males in society. And I'm quite sure for many males that curiosity and wanting to experience a new sexual experience is involved. These kinds of males operate on a very low frequency and most are unconscious pertaining to universal consciousness.


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