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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Do you remember reading in Genesis that Eve ate the apple first? Do you remember what God told Eve would happen because she ate that apple? You probably do, because it has become common knowledge that God cursed women to have pain in birth because Eve sinned. Today I saw an old classmate of mine, she was at Wendy's and I was quite surprise to see her there because she was in training to work there. Imagine she had the net on her hair as to not get anything in the food and she had on a white shirt and black pants. This made it all so real for me, she was such a go getter; not that she might not be anymore, but she wanted so much for herself. She was the eldest of six (6) siblings and she made it known that she wasn't going to have any kids, especially for a BAHAMIAN MAN! So it finally hit me, she is her mother now, the life she wanted is but a distant dream...SHE HAS FOUR (4) KIDS OF HER OWN! SHE HAS BECOME HER MOTHER, SHE HAS FALLEN PREY TO THE CURSE OF EVE. Being a single mother has to, by far, be the single most stressful challenge of being a Black woman. The evidence is there in outrageous numbers that Black women are raising our Black children alone. Parenting is, without a doubt, THE single most stressful, emotionally draining, demanding, challenging job ever. To do it alone, without a support system, or a support system that only shows up every other weekend, is damaging the entire race. The financial, emotional, and physical responsibility of rearing children is too much for one person to do alone yet Black women do it alone so much, that it’s seen as the standard. Every mother wants to provide for their child, to give them more opportunities, to protect them but it’s virtually impossible to do without a partner. At least not effectively. So when I think of her, I remember a young girl that wanted to grab life by the horns and take charge; now I feel as if she has been devoured by life. I honestly feel that the contract she signed gave her more than she bargained for, this isn't the life she wanted, this is what she came her for or so she thinks. She didn't read the fine print, she didn't see the claus in her contract for what kind of life she will live on this earth. I pray that GOD touches her soul everyday and ease the pressure a little, I know that he won't put anything on her that she cannot bear. I only hope and pray that she has learned her lesson that life is teaching her, I hope she is owning the contract she signed before starting this life. It's my personal belief that when one misses the lesson, one has to live it again. I only hope and pray she instills in her very own daughter the things she wanted for herself, I HOPE SHE PRAYS TO GOD THAT THEY DON'T FALL PREY TO HER MOTHER'S CURSE!
Oh! Don’t you see yonder?
A pretty girl on that shore..
Sitting there by her self,
Lost, Alone, Sad….beautiful.
Her wet lashes look up now and then
Seeking out onto the sea,
Searching beyond the horizon far
For when her sailor come back for her
Upon the rock she sat
As the waves beat across that
A wild beat that only the sea knew
Her sad heart swayed to the beat
Tears trickled down her face
Tiny salty drops fell into the water
Her hopes, her dreams, her life
Washed away with the huge waves
She knew he wouldn’t come back
Back from the world so far
So far behind he left her
She couldn’t follow him there Oh!
There she sits by herself
On that rock waiting
For her beloved to return
From the world unknown……


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