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Sunday, August 23, 2020


Keep the sun inside of you, when you are missing it on the outside, is a way to say hello to the sun and let it warm your soul.

Anyone who has endured a long, dark winter can attest to the power the sun has to both invigorate and relax body, mind, and soul. It can be daunting to begin the months of winter, knowing that we may not see as much of the beautiful sun for quite some time. But it is important to remember that even during the darker days, the sun is still there shining, as beautiful as ever. Just because it is hidden behind clouds or setting early in our part of the world, does not mean that we cannot access its power, beauty, and warmth. 

One way to do this is to find a warm spot in our community where we can sit or lie down in peace. Closing our eyes, we allow our breath to come and go easily, progressively lengthening each inhale and exhale until we feel very relaxed, peaceful, and warm. We imagine that it is a very warm summer day and that the sun is shining on us, allowing it to warm our body. In particular, we may feel as if a small sun has taken up residence in the area of our solar plexus or our heart. We do not need to think about which one too much and can simply trust our body to let us know where it is. Spend some time just experiencing this sensation, allowing the heat to radiate from inside your body. 

Keeping the sun inside of you when you are missing it on the outside is a way to say hello to the sun and let the community warm your soul.

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  1. I am so sad that autumn is fast approaching. My summer was so different this year... I couldn't go to the prairie because I didn't trust myself and some of the behavior going on there was not Covid 19 smart. I did garden more than usual. But I still didn't get enough. Well, we do what we can. But Covid sure put a damper on my sun time.