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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Pope Francis has stunned Catholics and gay people around the world alike by reportedly calling a gay student to tell him his sexuality does not matter.

Christophe Trutino, 25 from Toulouse in France, had written to the head of the Catholic Church as he was terrified he was going to hell for being gay.

He said, in the uproar over France’s battle over same-sex marriage, he was struggling to stay a believer in the Catholic faith.

On Thursday afternoon, he received a shocking response.

‘I received the letter that you sent me. You need to remain courageous and continue to believe and pray and stay good,’ the Pope reportedly told him.

‘Your homosexuality. It doesn’t matter.’

The French student said the phone call concluded with the Pope asking the student to pray for him and he would do the same in return.

‘When I hung up the phone, I was completely filled with emotion,’ the student told Midi Libre, as reported by The Local.

‘I was shaking. At the same time, the conversation was very relaxed. It was like a call from a friend, nice, very human.’

He said: ‘If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?’

It is not the first time the Pope has picked up the phone to talk to his faithful. In August, he called a woman who had been raped and had written to the Pontiff for help.

Francis' predecessor Benedict XVI was an extreme opponent of gay rights, once describing homosexuality as a 'defection of human nature'.

UPDATE: The Vatican is now denying the phone call ever took place.

Father Lombardi, a spokesman for the Vatican 'firmly denied' the claims.

'The only time the Pope has called France was to speak to Cardinal Barbarin. I absolutely deny this information,' he told Le Figaro newspaper.

'There is always the risk that people pretend to be the pope over the phone.'



  1. I appreciate a lot Francesco, but we don't know yet what he really thinks about homosexuality. For me it's not a problem because I don't believe in any positive revelated religion (but I believe in God). We'll wait and see. Problem are for Christians and Catholics!

    My last post:

    1. you and I are in the same camp when it comes to religion

  2. Neverless let's remain watchful with popes, churches and religions. Religions are deeply homophobic. The heterosexual couple is their stock-in-trade. Pope Francis seems very nice, closer to people than his hideous predecessor but he is a pope and gay people don't have to expect amiracle !

    1. you are right about where we stand with the church

  3. The phone call was a joke. The Vatican has just denied...

    1. I wonder if they are just saying that? hmmmmmm

  4. Replies
    1. yeah I know what you mean

  5. Throughout my life I looked for God, asked him into my life and never did he respond or make me like he existed. My family feels the connection. I also separate the God from the godless religious structures.

    I must admit that I felt hopeful and happy as I read this but I also doubted it and then I got to the end. If the Pope had the faintest inkling of what a letter, a call or the acceptance could do for people (not just catholics and or gays) he'd do it.

    Maybe when hell freezes over or the cockroaches and cher rule.

  6. Good golly, whether it's true or not, a gay can hope, can't he? Granted, I'm sure if this was a real event, it would've been plastered all over CNN and relating stations...

    1. yep CNN would have been all over this one



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