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Friday, September 13, 2013


The ONLY movie that is opening this weekend that is on my radar is Insidious Chapter 2, are you going to join me?

Insidious Chapter 2


- The original 2011 film posted some excellent legs for the horror genre, grossing more than four times its opening weekend take.
- Director James Wan has continued to build a strong resume since thanks to the success of The Conjuring and his selection as director for 2014's Fast & Furious 7.
- The horror genre, with the right film, has consistently proven a big draw for audiences in recent years.
- Online tracking metrics, including Twitter, Facebook, and Flixster, have been steadily impressive for weeks.
- The Friday the 13th release tie-in.
- The PG-13 rating ensures teens will be able to check out the flick in theaters.


-  Opening the second weekend of September and relatively far away from Halloween could prevent the big numbers seen by the likes of the Paranormal Activity franchise.
- While unlikely, it's possible that the viral nature of the trailer's "He's got your baby!" shot could be skewing online data.

- Aside from Paranormal Activity, most films in the horror genre have opened to more modest numbers. Sequels in particular have faltered.

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