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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Global Fund – leading the fight against these three deadly diseases – is the world’s war chest to achieve this extraordinary goal.
This fall, global leaders will meet to decide how much money to allocate to the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria through the Global Fund. It is estimated that $15 billion in funding for the next three years is needed to make a transformative difference against the three diseases. By fully funding the Global Fund, we can strive to free the world from these killer infections, and create a world where no baby is born with HIV, no parent loses a child to malaria, and every TB ward is empty.

We need to let our leaders know that we can make a difference. Many people  saying the same thing at the exact same time. On September 24, world leaders who will decide on funding for the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria will gather in New York for meetings on critical issues. We need to let them know how important it is to support the Global Fund and defeat these diseases. We can be the generation that does it.

What You Can Do

1.   At the top of the page join our Thunderclap via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or all three, and get the word out to your friends and followers to do the same.

2.   On September 24, watch as everyone’s messages are blasted out simultaneously!




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